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  1. Hi Bill, The blow out happened on the Indiana turnpike. I took the coach to Elkhart Collision for the repairs. Yes, the tires were Goodyear G670 295 and I replaced them with Michelin 295/80R22.5 XZA two weeks later. Yes, I just had the Tyron bands installed three months earlier at Alliance in Wildwood, FL. and was very grateful for having them. Ray
  2. DavidL, Cummins has not been able to start the engine yet. The coach was towed into their shop with a no start condition. They checked the batteries under load and found the voltage dropped to 7 volts during cranking. They put new batteries in and found the engine turned over too slow to start. They surmised the starter was bad and have ordered a new starter. Hopefully, a new starter will resolve the issue. Thank you David
  3. Jim Bob, thank you for your reply. There is no electricity where the coach is stored. However, the solar panel on the roof keeps the batteries charged. Whenever I go out to the coach I check the battery voltages with a volt meter and there always up. Ray
  4. Scotty, thank you for your reply. I will try the Star Tron Enzyme. Sure a lot easier than draining the tank and having it cleaned. Ray
  5. My coach (2009 Dynasty, ISM engine) is at Cummins for a no start condition. Cummins addressed a hard starting condition in February 2020 and found the fuel filter was plugged up. They cut the filter apart and found it was black. Replaced filter and engine started. I have since used a fuel biocide to prevent algae buildup. If they find that the filters are again plugged, what are my options? Can a shock treatment of the biocide get rid of the algae? At what point does the fuel have to be drained and the tank cleaned? Cummins has found the chassis batteries and the starter are bad and are being replaced. Hopefully, those actions will resolve the no start problem. Thank you, Ray Murley 2009 Dynasty
  6. My coach (2009 Dynasty ISM engine) is at Cummins because of a no start condition. Cummins found the batteries under load would drop to 7 volts not enough to start the engine. Under no load conditions the batteries show full charge 13 volts. What causes batteries to lose capacity under load. In the 8 years we have owned the coach we have replaced the chassis batteries five times, normal life is 20 months with longest being 27 months.. Cummins has determined the starter is bad and is in the process of changing it. What may be causing the short battery life? Thank You, Ray Murley 2009 Dynasty
  7. My coach (2009 Dynasty, ISM engine) is at Cummins for repairs. The tech found a bracket in the engine compartment that failed the weld to the chassis. Cummins wants to reweld the bracket to the chassis. What precautions need to be taken to prevent damage to the electrical/electronic systems? Thank You, Ray Murley 2009 Dynasty
  8. The high mount stop light on my 2009 Dynasty burned out and I am looking for a replacement light. The old light bar is 18 inches long, 3/4 inch wide and 3/4 inch high (including mounting pad). I have not found light bars this narrow and shallow online. Any thoughts on finding a replacement light? Thank you, Ray Murley 2009 Dynasty
  9. Richard and Tom, thank you for your replies. I consider the thermostat as an on off switch and the cooling/heating capacity is a function of the compressor size and evaporator/ condenser sizing. Unfortunately, no Idid not get the new ten button board from last summer’s install. The old adage “old too soon and smart too late” applies. I don’t have a problem manually controlling the temperature with the five button thermostat and will probably not upgrade to the ten button in the future. Ray Murley 2009 Dynasty
  10. Hi, I am having a new Penguin AC unit installed and was told if I run the new unit off my old 5 button thermostat that the 15K BTU AC would be derated to 13.5K. I had another 15K AC installed last summer and the Tech used the board from the old AC to be compatible with the 5 button thermostat and the AC functions fine. Any thoughts why a thermostat would derate the cooling/ heat capacity of an AC unit? Thanks, Ray Murley 2009 Dynasty
  11. Will the new key pad fit in the key pad place? Ray Murley 2009 Dynasty
  12. Has anyone repaired the entry door key pad? I have one button that does not respond and wonder if I can take apart the pad and clean contacts. Thanks, Ray Murley 2009 Dynasty
  13. Jim Bob, Veraken has posted two files that might help with your door issue: "Door Adjustment-Entrance" and "Door Bushing Replacement and Latch". Your door maybe out of adjustment causing your issues. Ray Murley 2009 Dynasty
  14. Dead bolt lock update I replaced the dead bolt lock with a new one purchased from Rainer Vilsis and all is well. Someone posted that they were going to replace their dead bolt with a double keyed one (keyed inside and out). PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. If you have seen videos of how quickly a motor home fire spreads you won’t have time to fumble with a key to get out. You can’t have anything so valuable in your coach worth risking your life. Ray Murley 2009 Dunasty
  15. Ivan, No, the tire was so mangled I don’t think one could tell what part of the tire failed. I took pictures but lost them with my last iPhone update. However, I did not try to determine the cause of the blow out. I am very aware of the aging of tires and replace them before seven years. I have Tire Minders and keep the tires inflated to required pressures. Ray Murley 2009 Dynasty
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