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  1. Another Wash WaxAll fan here. Have been using it for about 5 yrs now. There double sided microfiber head with their awesome extending pole is also highly recommended and a must have in my opinion.
  2. A friend of mine is an Executive at Enterprise. The. Big issue they currently have is that they cannot get new cars because of the chip issue. They are waiting on 200k cars and he doesn’t see it really freeing up before 2022
  3. Nice work! It’s coming along great!
  4. Chargerman

    Cab AC

    Thanks Tim. Now that you have mentioned it, that is what I always run mine on.
  5. Chargerman

    Cab AC

    There is not a cover. I added 1/4” screening to keep Kritters out. Will have to remember to shut off the dash A/C when driving in a dusty area.
  6. I would pull the fuel filters on the Cummins and replace. Then cut them open to see how they look. if filters look good I would then pull a line after the filter and run it into a bucket. Then see how/if there’s flow when turning the key
  7. My Aladdin does not have a diagnostic section. You may have to have a Cummins service center plug into your diagnostic port to retrieve the code
  8. Excellent job! Looks so much better. Thanks for sharing your project. A lot of pain and suffering dealing with all of the wiring I’m sure. What’s on that small add on control pad that is attached to the drivers side panel?
  9. I decided to remove mine after pulling the first solenoid and noticing a bit a corrosion on the aluminum body of the manifold. Just didn’t want it to still leak so I milled the face of the manifold just a bit so the surface was clean and like new again. I also had a few of the push fittings that were leaking. This is easily resolved by removing the hose and snipping off about 1/4” from the end and reinstalling. Be sure to cut it squarely. Easy fix. I went over the whole Coach with a soapy water squirt bottle and found others with this issue good luck!
  10. Replacing the o-rings is simple. The most painful part of it is getting that manifolds out. Not a complex project, just in a tough location to get to. Be sure to Mark all of the lines and plugs. Ride height calves are simple but not really needed if they are functioning fine.
  11. At this point in time I can’t imagine anyone keeping Goodyear’s on a Coach. Especially on the steer axle. By far, the majority of blowout failures are with Goodyear tires.
  12. I would check to see if the circulator pump for the problem zone is running when heat is called for.
  13. Sorry I’m not near my Coach but will be by Tuesday. I got the monitor on eBay. Brand doesn’t matter. My monitor is separate and just uses a video cable. My guess is that your radio has a video input. Take a look and if so you can get any monitor with the same cable input type
  14. If the only issue is that it needs a new monitor why not just replace the monitor? That’s what I did at a cost of about $50
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