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  1. I am getting the same error message despite resizing and saving multiple times. Looks like it saved it though
  2. Looks like a very nice well kept Coach. Best of luck with the sale.
  3. The radiator install is complete. Just waiting on one coolant hose that it supposed to arrive tomorrow. Coach is back on the ground. Wanted to get it down before we escape to Fl for Oct. the startup will have to wait until Nov. how it’s still warm enough when we are back to give the coach a good bath. It’s a mess from all of the grinding and cleaning. So relieved to have these projects behind me. It was a significant endeavor for sure.
  4. The radiator Arrived late yesterday. RSH did a great job. High quality build! Spent the day today assembling the unit and got it back in place. Just have to connect all of the hoses tomorrow and fill the fluids. Sure will be glad to get this one done. Sorry, don’t know why the image is loading upside down
  5. My manual states that Dextron III is to be used for the hydraulic system. Does anyone know if using Dextron 4 is permissible?
  6. There pricing is very close to where I ordered but I found the site a bit sinful to navigate. Radiator arrived today. Assemble starts tomorrow.
  7. Yes. M-147. USA Truck Pipe had the lowest price
  8. So I finished the fabrication of the new exhaust last night. Overall it went well. Had to MIG weld instead of my usual TIG preference due to the aluminized components. Came out good though. In it goes today and hopefully the new radiator shows up tomorrow. It was in NY as of this AM
  9. I would replace it. If it has a pin hole then there are other areas that are very thin. I would buy a used one either because you could be down the same path before long. The tank doesn’t have to be the exact size and make. What about the possibility of using a propane cylinder? You can get new ones fairly cheap and have a local shop weld up brackets for you.
  10. It would be hard to dig a trench in concrete 😂. I will never depend on the suspension. I made blocks some time ago to put between the frame rails once the suspension is at its highest point to secure it. I will add more blocking under the tires first and then raise the suspension if needed when the assembly is ready to be installed. Thanks for the tip and concern!
  11. All of my new exhaust components have arrived so the fabrication of that begins. Meanwhile, the new radiator has been shipped and is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. Weight of the shipment is 352lbs. So that confirms that the radiator is somewhere around 300lbs. Will have to raise the Coach up an additional 12” or so. To get the assembly in without tilting it. I’ve make up a hose to connect to the front air line to raise the suspension when I’m ready. I’ll post a few pics in the next few days
  12. Thanks!!! There was a cap on it but I must have bumped it off
  13. Fan assembly taken apart, cleaned, POR-15 and Rustoleum and reassembled. Need to get a couple new fittings but besides that ready for install. Radiator still not shipped yet. They have been loosing production time due to the Oregon wildfires. Exhaust components arrive tomorrow so that fabrication can begin.
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