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  1. I also built a similar test to what you have Dennis. I keep it mounted in the wet bay on the wall close to the cord reel so I don’t forget to use it every time. A couple differences that I thought were worth sharing is that I used digital volt meters on both legs/outlets and I also wired in a 220volt tester and wired it across the legs to assure the pedestal is not a cheater 50 AMP. Sorry that I am not near the Coach to provide a photo of the completed tester. Here’s a similar digital readout that I used and the tester also. I know had to put the digital readers at opposite ends of each outlet
  2. Roger Burke offers a filler neck repair kit on his site. His site is: rvhydronicheaterrepair.com and the part is called “no-solder-filler neck kit”
  3. Thanks again Richard! I think mine has the external loop and wish I would have found Roger before I changed my fluid. 😳. He is a great guy!
  4. Thanks Richard, I thought that propylene glycol was the only approved fluid due to the toxicity of ethylene glycol. I am clear that fresh water loop and the closed part of the system are separate. Is there any risk with the use of ethylene products?
  5. Sorry, I was wrong in my statement in regards to my unit. I do not have a 450. Mine is a 100 series. My apologies, don’t know what I was thinking.
  6. I recall when changing my fluid in my 450 that I ended up putting in somewhere close to 14 gallons of fluid.
  7. Agree that this is a fragile mount. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! or the tab will break off. Don’t ask me how I know 🤬
  8. If you have a situation where there are short sections, maybe 5 bulbs or so that are out try this prior to replacing. With the lights on put your fingers together and rap on the light hard. You hopefully will be pleasantly surprised that they come on. I had a few areas like this and it worked for me. good luck
  9. I did Rustoleum Deck Over Paint. Two coats. It’s a great product and 4 years later it looks like I just put it on. Prep is key. It is applied with a roller and brush. Thorough cleaning, assuring all chalking/ sealing is in good condition and masking the paint line. I overlapped the old paint line by 1/4” or so to assure the edge was sealed. I now wash my roof once or twice a year with a mild soap and a soft brush.
  10. Thanks Ivan. Will do Have a healthy and happier year ahead!!
  11. Paul and Dennis Yes mine are the same as yours. Unfortunately, I just don’t care for the “European” look of the original ones. I was hoping to find red lens LEDs but no luck. I will be going with the original 98-02 Navigator taillights which have red lens and will install LED bulbs in them.
  12. Those are not a match to mine. Thank you though!! These are mine. Not exact in the layout of the chrome but very close. So ugly to me 2002 lincoln navigator tail lights - Google Search.pdf
  13. Eddy Just wondering how you are making out with your tire rubbing issue?
  14. I would like to replace the original ones because I really dislike the look of the original ones. They look like they belong on a rice burner low rider. I was hoping to go to a red lens LED if they are available. I have found that the origami application for my 2006 Executive are from a 1998-2002 Lincoln Navigator. The ones Monaco used were made for this application by an aftermarket manufacturer in Taiwan and are no longer available. I will purchase a set of stock red ones that were originally used on the Navigator and use LED bulbs
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