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  1. What is this Pro Driver display that you speak of Ernie?
  2. I thought I would pose a question to the group regarding the Economy Mode on Allison Transmissions. A friend of mine always uses it and I never do. I asked him if he was able to tell factually that it was saving him fuel. He did not have any real proof but still “thinks” it’s better because of the lower shift point and less downshifting. To me these things lug the engine and increase stress on the engine and transmission. I am happy how my Coach performs in normal mode and like it to downshift when needed. I also manually select a gear that I want to hold instead of letting it up shift and dow
  3. I know this is not the input you really want to hear but I wouldn’t drive 700 miles with a bad injector. If it’s stuck open it will dump fuel in that cylinder and wash it which could contribute to cylinder damage and also contaminate your oil which could comprise other moving engine parts.
  4. Seems like a big job to move them. If you’re just looking for more capacity what about building a shelve/drawer just above the existing batteries
  5. Yes it could be related. If the hose burst in the bay where the processor is located it may have soaked it or when they snaked in the new hose they could have upset the wiring. The processor is located in the ceiling of one of the basement bays in my Coach
  6. A friend of mine has had one for years. Loves it and it has been problem free
  7. Many tow bars utilize a bolt to provide a pivot point. In this case the bolt was not the cause of failure and rarely is. In the case of this failure it was the metal component that failed due to fatigue or stress
  8. The two plates that broke away are welded to another part and that part goes into the receiver of the Coach.
  9. I wasn’t confident with the construction of my Blue Ox towing my 6500lb pickup so I purchased a NSA Hurcules tow bar rated at 12,000lbs. Been very happy with it. It it very stout and it has a lifetime warranty.
  10. A swedge is a soft metal fitting that you pass the cable though and then back through again making a loop. Then you collapse it in a vise or in some cases a hammer will do. It basically is a simple clamp. A well supplied hardware store will have it next to the cables. Be sure to get the right size for the specific cable.
  11. Easy to get a length of cable and a couple swedges locally and replace it. Lube everything well with a Teflon lube while actuating it several times. You can do the other one on the Coach by squirting the lube down from the top and move the actuator at the bottom using an adjustable wrench.
  12. The units are very simple and very serviceable. What is the issue you are experiencing? Have you taken the plastic cover off yet?
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