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  1. Read pages 7-9 and try the suggestions for hard reset and Calibrate El. Have used the calibrate El several times and Travler started working correctly. TRAVLER Antennas Module.pdf
  2. Read this: https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/entry-door-awning-parts-218274.html
  3. Was able to find dip switches from this post, filp furnace on reset thermostat now both furnaces appear in thermo and both work. Do not know why switch was not right but it is now. Thanks to everyone that posted help
  4. Climbed on roof removed cover on front AC and what I thought was the opening on pass side to control board. Found capacitors but no control board with dip switches. All that was in the opening was part nos. 36,43,& 44 This is the model of Duo-Therm 630035.331
  5. Exchanged circuit board, the zone 2 where the new unit is installed shows the furnace under the fridge. Zone 1 where old unit is does not show furnace that is under the kitchen cabinet. Have not check the dip switchs on old unit yet will get to that tomorrow.
  6. This is first time I have checked this furnace to try to use since owning coach for three years. First trip in cold weather. The rear AC was replaced fifteen months ago, front AC is original as far as I know. Where would I find info on t he dip switch settings? Will do more research
  7. I googled the reset procedure yesterday and reset the thermostat twice, still have the same problem. Am thinking will go on roof and check if wireing is still intact. When on zone 2 (bedroom) when switching between modes, cool, HP, furnace and fan appear. On zone 1 (living room) just cool, HP, and fan appear furnace does not appear in display. Hope this explains without pics, but if neccessary will include pics in the future posts
  8. Thanks for the info, sorry if sounded ungrateful just a OEM kinda of guy, if possible
  9. What is the two blue wires attached to at the ac? I would prefer to determine why it is not being displayed on current thermostat.
  10. I think I have seen how to reset the thermostat, but have forgotten how and where to find instructions.
  11. Have two furnaces, the one under the frig works good and is controlled by zone two or bedroom side of thermostat. The other furnace under kitchen cabinet does not appear on zone one of thermostat, so unable to turn on. Any help? Barry
  12. Maybe this is what you are looking for: http://www.rv-project.com/projects/ems.php
  13. Stephen A I am 6'4" am wondering how this double recliner would fit me??
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