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  1. We loved the museum and it's worth the trip. Tricia Neuzil
  2. Our windshield cracked repeatedly so we wanted it fixed properly by RV Glass in Coburg since they would dry-fit the new one and find out what was causing the cracks. (It turned out that our front cap was a little skewed so a fiberglass shop removed fiberglass from one corner and added fiberglass to the opposite corner) We spent the winter in Arizona and didn't go to Oregon until the late spring and we didn't tape the windshield at all even though the crack was top to bottom. When they removed the windshield the whole thing was still in one piece so I wouldn't worry about it. RV Glass did an amazing job! Tricia Neuzil '06 Diplomat
  3. Lackey, I'll let you know if David changes his mind. I'm glad people can use them.
  4. We just replaced all of our brushed nickel cabinet pulls and handles in our coach so we have 63 pulls and 3 handles available just for the cost of shipping. Tricia Neuzil '06 Diplomat
  5. My husband stuck the phone up there and took a few pictures and saw that one of the wires had gotten crimped so he re-wired it and now it works great. It was replaced last year and apparently the installer was a little careless. I want to thank everyone for the suggestions.
  6. We have a 2006 Monaco Diplomat. Last April we got a new Brisk front roof A/C. It worked fine for a couple of months but then started to have what my husband calls a ''Sometimer Issue". It comes on but won't stay at the set temperature. Sometimes we have to set the control clear down to 50f before it starts and it may stay at 72-76 but it's not consistent. He has opened the breaker panel and the hard start box and checked all the wiring but can't find anything wrong. The back A/C works fine. Can someone help? Patricia Neuzil '06 Diplomat
  7. I use AllStays, campgroundreviews.com, RVParky.com, OvernightRVParking.com among others. If you're an Elk or Moose member RVillage has great databases for these that allow RV parking. Tricia Neuzil
  8. My husband used Contractor's Solvent and it worked great with no need for any repainting after. Tricia N. '06 Diplomat
  9. We have an '06 Diplomat and had replaced 3 windshields in 4 years and the last one cracked again only two weeks after we had it replaced. We used RV Glass in Coburg (but they also have a shop in Phoenix) to dry fit a windshield to find out why it kept cracking. A fiberglass shop ended up removing some fiberglass in one upper corner and adding fiberglass in the opposite upper corner. It took 4 tries before the windshield fit correctly and it's been fine ever since. We were really impressed with the RV Glass technicians.
  10. We replaced ours with a double induction cooktop five years ago and it's worked great. He used an extension cord to plug into the washer/dryer outlet and we had a granite piece installed to cover the area now vacant so everything lays flat. One bonus is that we now have space underneath to hold the stove and sink covers. Tricia N. '06 Diplomat
  11. We just replaced our front A/C with a Brisk Air II 15000 unit and still use our old thermostat and we didn't change the bedroom A/C.
  12. We switched to Dish last December and have had no problems with changing our service address or getting new local channels.
  13. Our coach didn't need the kit to strengthen the front cap so yours might not either. Our cabinets also didn't have to be removed. Check with your insurance company because ours picked up the cost of the windshield except for our deductible. We did have to pay for the fiberglass work. Tricia Neuzil
  14. We also have an '06 Monaco with a 1-piece windshield. We had 4 windshields crack in 5 years in the same corner and last year had fiberglass work done to permanently fix the issue. They removed fiberglass in one corner and added more on the other side. I would suggest you have a windshield dry-fit before being replaced and they can tell you if it's a problem with the end cap. Good Luck! It was not a cheap fix and Monaco will be no help to you. Tricia Neuzil '06 Diplomat
  15. We also use the TSD card and Passport America as much as we can. Tricia N '06 Diplomat
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