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    Knight 38 PKQ
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    Ashland, Oregon

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    2010 Hyatt Prairie Rd, Ashland, Oregon, 97520
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    Living the dream. Lumber Re-manufacturing Plant maintenance and grinding room supervisor. Jack of all trades, master of none. Especially since the gray matter between my ears is aging rapidly. Son and father of US Marines!!

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  1. I bought half of my 30+ led’s from cabin bright as a test as the 30+ I bought from Amazon died within two months. Its been over a year now and only two have failed. 100% guaranteed so soon I will test that and buy the rest.
  2. So Ray Are the drawings in our files for the 03 accurate to your coach? So maybe the 03 Windsor,03 Camelot and 03 Scepter are close for that year?
  3. Your Scepter floorplan is just like the 03 Camelot PST. Unfortunately there is no 03 Windsor brochure to look at on REV’s website. Hopefully someone out there has drawings for your coach or the 03 Camelot. The Camelot may be your better choice. Ill keep my eye out for one.
  4. Well in our files there is a 2004 Imperial, Scepter, Camelot wiring diagram. Also 2003 Windsor/ Imperial diagram.
  5. Going thru the Nada site 03 is first year for Camelot. So for that year what is Scepter equal too? Windsor or Camelot for David to try for schematics?
  6. Yes but I see no windsor in monaco site for 2003 only. Not sure of REV accuracy and that shows Camelot first year.
  7. 2003 shows a Camelot but no Windsor till 2004. But Ive seen 02 and 03 Windsor diagrams, so clueless.
  8. According to the list I found Camelot and Scepter are similar.
  9. Ok sent first 24 drawings
  10. 10-4 Ill give it a shot.
  11. Im green at this but just your email where to send. Ill try a small amount to see how they travel to u. If files are too big Ill try to give u access to the file in Drive, then when you've downloaded what u want, let me know and Ill close out the share with you.
  12. I can try thru my phone as I don’t have my laptop with me and wont be back till next weekend. They are in my Drive file if emails fail. Could try to share file with u that way u could download what or all and discard what not pertinent to u. Remember these are from REV and dated from 05 to 09. There is a guy on ebay selling OEM CD’s of 08 models @ $125 each.
  13. My 09 Knight has some SKQ, DFT and SFT drawings. Some say Knight/Ambassador. Got them from REV last year.
  14. I have drawings for my 09 Knight 38PKQ. Not sure how close they are to your coach.
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