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    Living the dream. Lumber Re-manufacturing Plant maintenance and grinding room supervisor. Jack of all trades, master of none. Especially since the gray matter between my ears is aging rapidly. Son and father of US Marines!!

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  1. Windsor is way above Ambassador
  2. I believe the Ambassador is equal to the Knight. Endeavor and Diplomat are equal. Pretty sure but not positive. Found this on the internet! Only 7 compared to 8 Monaco’s Holiday Rambler Pecking Order Navigator Imperial Scepter Endeavor SE Endeavor Ambassador Neptune Monaco Pecking Order Signature Executive Dynasty Windsor Camelot Diplomat Knight Cayman
  3. You may have done this already but thought I’d post anyway. Walt Ryder KIB Electronics | Service & Warranty 2504 Jeanwood Drive, Elkhart, IN 46514 Office: (574) 262-0518 Fax: (574) 262-5172 ryderw@atcomp.com
  4. I used mineral spirits to get black tar cleaned up then denatured alcohol after that . Mine came off with just a putty knife in one piece and 95 degree weather.
  5. My 09 had similar loss on 12v. Ended up being a 5amp fuse in black box above batteries. Don’t know about your coach though.
  6. I’ve never owned a coach that during a rain storm and bringing in a slide that the wiper removes all of the water from the slide roof. There is always some water that ends up in the coach unless you go outside with a squeegee and mop to remove as much as u can of the water before bringing in the slide. This is my third coach and all the same. If you park with Front or rear slightly down, most will run off. Just part of coach life.
  7. It does and it doesn’t. Technically the wiper should push the water to the farthest edge to and up to the highest point. Technically that is.
  8. I went to https://www.te.com/global-en/plp/amp-circular-power-connectors/Zn60YG2dj.html and you might call them to match up the 5 pin connector.
  9. Im dont know but just looking at mine. You probably need to figure a way to support the side of rivet u cant see and the u need a blunt taper punch to spread the end with a hammer on the end u can see. Spreading that side enough should hold the nylon part in place. If u still have the plastic pcs, put them back on and do your best to spread that end enough to hold the plastic in place. They are probably there for friction purposes.
  10. Wish i took more pics when I had mine out. But it looks and feels like a hollow rivet with a nylon bushing around it. Maybe the nylon acts as a washer.
  11. Probably better connection that way.
  12. Try this! https://highskyrvparts.com/rv-parts/awning-shade/lippert-components-awnings/switches-and-remote-controls/carefree-rv-awning-switch-receptacle-r001147
  13. Take it to Talin RV in Brooksville, FL. 352-942-2653
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