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    Living the dream. Lumber Re-manufacturing Plant maintenance and grinding room supervisor. Jack of all trades, master of none. Especially since the gray matter between my ears is aging rapidly. Son and father of US Marines!!

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  1. Have you used the simple green that is safe for aluminum.
  2. If yours is similar to my coach, open the two side doors next to grill. Then pull grill out. The doors help hold it in.
  3. Replaced all my toppers myself. Ordered from Stone Vos. Plus they instructed me on how to put more tension on the springs if needed.
  4. You might check into a shop that does marine tanks. Maybe West Marine can steer u somewhere!!
  5. Yes if thats the cover u have. I have the cad drawings if u need them.
  6. Im hoping my TSD card shows up before I move on heading east. My first card I guess is on the turtle express. So they are shipping me a second card. They told me if the first shows up along withe the second to just register both, then we’ll have a spare. Now thats customer service for ya!!!
  7. Yes either Source Engineering or Chris Throgmartin I believe has them. Right Chris!!!!! Chime in .
  8. Never have had an issue with tank refill. Maybe it’s an east coast thing. Coming up on 4 months stay and still around 2/3 full. Where I’m at the community (55 and older) homes are all classified as RV’s and only have to deal with DMV and most have propane tanks. Nice community but summers of 120 degrees +, no thankyou.
  9. Already walked Howard thru the process. Sent him pics of mine. Think he’s good to go. Since his geny comes out he plans to put an inspection hole to access the rear where the moror and belt are.
  10. I have removed mine before. It would be easier to just call you if possible.
  11. As far as the chrome goes: https://www.culturehustleusa.com/products/mirror?gclid=Cj0KCQjwl9GCBhDvARIsAFunhsk_F0ceLSRRKw1hiYhCqvvLhns874f2ompJSkr64Rg-3IIhgzGQXyUaAkVEEALw_wcB Or get a professional to spray it.
  12. Its very expensive. U can look it up on their website. I haven’t done it yet but Cummins will do a complete diagnosis with printout for around $95. May be more now.
  13. Glad u remembered my situation. One year before the VGT problem, my DPF plugged up. Wondering if that was the problem as I too had hesitation but was worried my pedal sensor was failing again from previous year when Tom was able to find the part I needed on Ebay.
  14. Wow! Same summit and same issue. Had my radiator thoroughly cleaned and issue went away. Now I do it regularly myself with simple green non corrosive to aluminum.
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