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  1. Bill, For what it's worth I replaced the poorly performing original gauges with same system as Ken showed pic's of in his Executive .I have had them for probably 10 years;I could not be happier.You'll be very pleased with the quality and performance of these'I also put one in wet bay also,comes in very handy when you want to just check levels and don't have to enter coach to see levels. With out a doubt some of the best money I have spent on this coach...wish I had them for my previous two RV's! Never any more surprises when you need to use the facilities just to be reminded you have to go out
  2. Dennis,thanks for the reply,I did also read the label but was curious as to which mixture you found worked on your radiator? My reason for the question is usually with these chemicals the less you need is better(and cheaper) as this SP isn't cheap,don't want to "overkill the mix",to get the job done thats all! Did not mean to beat this to death was really not aware of this product(PRO-HD) previous to your comments,again thank's! Bruce Crocker 2004 Dip 40'PDQ
  3. This post raises a very important question because I have added freon to my systen 3-4 times in past 14 yearsnever more thana pound or less to complete charge.Could someone please share a particular brand of oil that has been successfully used and how to install to system? I would rather add some oil than new system! Thank's, Bruce Crocker 2004 Diplomat 40' PDQ
  4. Hi Dennis,Thankx for sharing info on Pro HD...This annual project is cumming up and Amazon was kind enough to deliver through Prime account the gallon of HD..Was curious as to what mix ratio have you found works best on radiator? I have the rear rad in my 04 40'Diplomat PDQ. I am anxious to see how this works out! Thank's, Bruce Crocker 04 40' Diplomat PDQ
  5. Thanks for replies...I concidered wd40 but was concerned with it attracts and holds debris possiblyadding to problem,but if you guys have used it w/o incident it obviousky is ok. I'm guessing kLcdenver's suggestion is probably the permanant fix ...I just was hoping to just squirt it and go! Will do a quality one and be done with it ,I was thinking the rubber was the culprit also.BTW David yes I use it for airing up tires ...so far in 15years haven't had a tow...wanna keep it that way! Thank you all for the input. Bruce Crocker 2004 Diplomat 40'PDQ
  6. Does anyone have a suggestion on lubricating the air chuck(female part) that sets beside the Onan 7.5 ,as to what to use ie silicone,dry lube etc. It is getting very difficukt to insert and release.Once it connects ,no leaks etc ...just difficult to manuver.These hands are getting old! Thanks in advance for quick advise.It is still the original chuck. Bruce Crocker 2004Diplomat 40'PDQ
  7. Dwight L., sorry for the delay in getting back to you in referance to to the great help you provided on my RVA Jacks not working. Dwight the document referance you sent me was priceless! Had alot of usefull info to help to one to understant the workings of the system and pic's to identify what it was I was looking for to trace/test etc.Also want to thank all who offered helpfull advise as to how to trace problem,really appreciate the help.Now just for what it is worth I want to report for possible other members bennefit what we did and discovered on our quest to fix it! After much digging and
  8. Am looking for some sage advise as to how to proceed to find cause and fix what is causing my leveling jacks not to desend and level. I have 2004 Doplomat 40'PDQ,with RVA 3 point jack system Manual leveling hydraulic system. With ignition in position to operate jacks the switch panel to operate jacks lights up properly but when I push to operate I do not get the familiar sound of the pump working and nothing happens. I have checked the fuses in FRB with volt meter and all seem to be good. It seems like I am missing a fuse somewhere...is there possibly an "in-line" fuse that I haven't found? I
  9. Mike, Just to add my two-cents worth on tires ,as someone else mentioned in this thread "Lots of varying opinions on this subjec". I many years ago jumped ship from Michelin because of their sidewall cracking an Michlin Rep stating it wasn't tires fault,was ozone. Well apparently other Mfg's figured out the problem and did/does not have cracking. I used to run Michelins on all my vehicles exclusively. Ifeel the Michelins were over priced and over rated for both cars and RV's in my coral...I am currently on my second set of 295X 75X 22.5 Firestone tires on 2004 Diplomat and absolutely love the
  10. Thankx for the imput Ron. How many bags did you replace and what brand were they? I found a place called Truckland Trailer.Parts out of Nebraska for $120.00 for Continental Bags and $153 for Firestone plus shipping. ike stated he's sold more than 50 continental bags since January this year no complaints,he claims quality is comparable so I opted forwo Continentals! According to what I was able to get on web these were the best buy. Bruce Crocker 2004 Diplomat 40'PDQ
  11. Been awhile since I have posted but want to congradulate all who designed this new site,I am on the learning curve! Was wondering if any one has any immediate suggestions on replacing rear air bags on 040'Dip-PDQ,ie best price ,availability,and any comments on preferance of Firestone(originals) or Continentals. This is my first failing bag,is it advisable I would assume to replace in pairs? Please advise,it appears from initial research Continentals are approx $30 lessper bag...any down side been experienced by going to continentals? What is fair price for labor or time to change out? Thanks
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