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  1. Mike H

    Hold mah beer

    Saw that on my Facebook feed this morning. Takes all kinds. I am just astonished at how many idiots there are hanging all kings of stuff off of the back of their RV's without any concern as to what their RV frames and axles (and load distribution) were designed for but then I see that in the commercial world as well (fork lifts etc. hanging off the ends of flatbed trailers). I always cringe what I see large motorcycles hanging off the back of RV's. Those frames weren't designed for those kinds of loads. Getting away with it doesn't make it right. We used a safety factor of 5 in the aerospace structural designs (flight hardware was different). I guess it all depends how far you want to push the safety factor limits. In the situation in the photo you have to know the axles are overloaded, or really pushing the limits, plus I wouldn't be surprised to see it 'tail wagging' all over the place due to the load distribution. Once it starts there will be no stopping it.
  2. Bradd and Hall is another option or you could just visit one of the top coach builders and find out where they get their chairs and sofas from. ( https://www.braddandhall.com/ProductCart/pc/home.asp )
  3. Unless the drone has been modified with an aftermarket camera I think you will find the cameras provided are for capturing scenic content (think wide angle lens) and won't give you the close up detail you would need.
  4. Chris, I don't think you would get the level of detail, even with my 4K GoPros, to do what you want to do. You might be better off mounting a GoPro on a long pole to get around up there because you could get much closer to the roof for inspecting things. The new Mavic Pro is probably currently the best one to get now and they no longer make the Robotics 3DR SOLO quadcopter that I have. The only Con I have had with the other ones is they have their own self contained cameras and I liked the idea they with mine now basically dead I can still use my cameras by themselves. BTW; If you do get one don't go for one of those 'cheap toys' and get a good one. You'll be much happier as they will fly much much better and are more stable. I was amazed at the quality of the video I was getting with mine.
  5. I'm in the process of doing the same thing. I've gotten quotes for re-upholstery work of $900 - $1,100 each to do the Capt chairs and $2,000 - $2,400 to do the sofa. Basically I'm looking at $4,500. One guy wants 4 days to do the work and the other place wants 10 days.
  6. Well Dang ... Not one of my better days. I actually crashed it into a tree about a week or two earlier trying to record the very same video all by myself, but that's another video 😞 This is the very last time it has flown: This is what happens when you get careless :
  7. I bought a Robotics 3DR SOLO about 4 years ago and 2 years ago I dunked in it a fresh water reservoir. I wasn't able to retrieve it until the following day, 24 hrs later. My GoPro camera and memory card survived but the SOLO ... well not so much. It appears the WiFi card in it crapped out. I just purchased a replacement about 3 weeks ago but haven't worked on it yet. If anyone is interested this is the last video I was able to record from it. Also, as of January 1, 2020 this Fishing Camp has been closed.
  8. I'm pretty sure we have the same exact configuration as what is in your coach Dennis. I'll be very interested in what you decide to do and how it comes out.
  9. Tom, Not sure about the 760 but I know my 770 and later models now update automatically . I never use the radio or CD player (to distracting for me while I'm driving) and have thought about just mounting it in the dash in place of the old built in unit that I basically just use for a clock 😉 .
  10. LOL I try and avoid it as much as possible but we were leaving Rapid City, SD and had to get to Cheyenne, WY. for our next campground. Fortunately we drove out of the rain in about an hour.
  11. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you Dennis. I ended up buying a Garmin 770 and have it on their bean bag mount on the dash. I just use the original in dash unit as a clock or sometimes switch it over to show mileage etc. I also have an older Garmin (Pathfinder I think) on another beanbag mount in front of the wife and it has a remote she can use while sitting back in her seat. Unfortunately it can't be updated and they no longer make a model that has a remote control.
  12. Thank You Dennis. She sent me a text last night and said you dropped them off. She said "Very Nice Man" 🙂 Travel safe.
  13. Thanks Paul. I'm thinking about maybe getting one for a spare. I don't know what I would do if ours died 3,000 miles from home. I'll see if I can figure out how to PM you.
  14. Apparently Northwest RV Supply has quite a mark up on then at $359. Are they still available through Paul for the $125 ?
  15. I sent you a private message with my friend's phone number.
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