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    I joined Bill D's group the week he created it, a long time ago. I have owned three Dynastys, '04, '05, '08. All were great motor homes. I now have owned three Tiffin Allegro Buses . A 2017 and two 2018s. Sunny and I live on an 185 acre tree farm in SC

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  1. Fellow Campers, Sunny and I will be in the area during the Gathering time period and would like to join you. Bob and Sunny Penland 2018 Allegro Bus 37AP
  2. Paul, I have a number of spare parts from my Dynastys. Joy sticks, all kinds of switches, a complete Aladdin control box, new air bag, and other stuff. I posted pictures and descriptions several years ago. The post must be somewhere on this site. Bob and Sunny Penland
  3. Fellow Campers, We had an '04Dynasty with no roof problems and bought a new '05Dynasty produced in Coberg. Drove it across country to SC and found all three roof ACs had sunk into the roof and water was pounding around them. Took it to Florida for warranty repair and was told by Monaco to bring it back to Coberg. The roof design had been changed for the '05 Monaco's. They added extra roof framing around the ACs to raise them back up. It was NOT an easy job. Good luck, Bob and Sunny Penland
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