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  1. One proud Beaver owner here, glad to see you still have other coaches to work on! One less thing for me to worry about. Oh, and with the Patriot, you could order with or without the 'Thunder' package; in my 2005, that includes an upgrade to a C-13 CAT, 525hp and Allison 4000 tranny.
  2. Costco (USA) has 6v GC2 house batteries. My set of 4 are on year 3, so no complaints. About $95 ea, US.
  3. I wouldn't worry about warranty issues with a chassis battery. My (USA) Cat dealer replaced ours with a CAT branded battery, about a $300 investment. Enjoy your move!
  4. Isnt that how yours was towed? My bad; Lets drop this.
  5. Owners manual says if damage is to rear axle, use a lowboy. Also cautions to turn on air suspension. And if damage is other than to rear axle, use dollys on rear wheels. Don't tow from rear. So has anyone had a tag axle motorcoach towed? (heaven forbid!)
  6. Would someone describe the correct tow procedure for tag axle coaches? I've read that the only way is all wheels on a lowboy, no dolly.
  7. Cruzbill


    I was told by Les Schwab dealer in Junction City Or; Its not so much the date on the sidewall as it is the 'in service' date; the date the tire is installed on the coach. Now to be reasonable, I would try to get tires with sidewall dates within a year of your planned install date, but is there a hard and fast rule? Not to my knowledge https://www.rvtiresafety.net/
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Dometic-3107688-016-Penguin-Conditioner-Drain/dp/B003BIR9VQ
  9. Check w/ Dometic; I think you need two gaskets per unit.
  10. Have you tried resetting the breakers? Forget about if its a GFI or not, just treat as a regular breaker and reset it. Then look for AC voltage on that breaker, in and out. If you find AC voltage on the load (output) side of the breaker, just trace the wire 'till you find the problem. Might be in a J-box somewhere.
  11. New Dometic Penguin II heat pumps come in two ratings, 13,500 and 15,000. We had two new 15k units installed two years ago. They run much quieter, have a staggered start with the compressor coming on after the fan comes on (lower start up amps). Much improved over the old Penguins. You must change your t-stats to the newer CCC2 10 button type. The new Brisk Aire is also much improved, although its a bigger unit and will add 2-3 inches to the height of your rig over the Penguins. Stay cool!
  12. I think some are missing the point: The head guy at HF not only issued the recall, he said they'd reviewed their other stands as well, and (as they say), out of an abundance of caution, they would offer refunds for their 6 and 12T stands as well, although those units are not in the recall. He also issued an apology; When was the last time a corporate CEO issued an apology along with a recall? Good job by HF. The guy at the top actually knows what is going on in his company, and takes responsibility for it. As for me, I don't work on the undercarriage of my MH, as I lack the space and tools to do it safely.
  13. Years ago, not long after we bought our 30' fifth wheel, the dealer called to say they are recalling them due to a possible faulty weld in the goose neck. They made the repair and all was well when we traded in the 5ver on our motorhome 5 years ago. I use HFtools with caution, but have found that, within reason, they are an outstanding value for the money. Do I wish I had a shop full of Snap-On? Yes. I applaud Mr Smidt for the honesty in his post, now I'll have to review my jack stand inventory!
  14. We swapped out our Norcold (was working fine) for a Fisher Paykel. What a difference! Its a fridge that keeps things cold, no matter the temp outside. Quiet, and takes about 1 kwh of power a day. Now, where is that 4th check??
  15. We've received three checks, 1x yr, going back 3 years. Is this a new settlement?
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