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  1. Thanks all. Guess I will have to figure something else. The switch I am looking for has 5 terminals and 2 bulbs. When the headlights are on the top bulb lights but the tag does not lift. When the switch is turned on the tag should lift and the bottom bulb is lit. Everything works fine but the tag does not lift. There is continuity across terminals 7 and 8 that light the top bulb when the headlights are on. There is continuity across terminals 5 an 6 when the switch is turned on. This lights the bottom bulb to indicate the tag is in the lift position. There is no continuity across terminals 3
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/14RctaAQmhcyYBxs7 2004 Monaco Dynasty. Thus us under the dash, has an inline fuse, a reset button and an antenna. Could be for the FOB?
  3. Anyone know where to get the tag switch located on the drivers armrest on a 2004 Dynasty? Have tried Nw rv supply, Rev group and veurinks. All say it is not available. Thanks
  4. Talked with Paul at azpete. Sent him pictures yesterday. Hopefully will hear back today. Will update when I hear back.
  5. Waiting for a callback from HWH but thought I would ask the collective knowledge. 2004 Dynasty with air level only. HWH keypad has power. When pressing the air button twice it shows front and drivers side low and in a matter of seconds shows ride height even though it is not in ride height. No manual controls(dump, raise any up or down controls) work at all. Both air tanks are full. Any thoughts are appreciated. Have checked the cable to the pad Have reset the pad Have checked all fuses in the control box Thanks Mike
  6. Upgraded to state of the art camera system and Bluefire glass dash engine monitoring system.
  7. Thanks, I found them in my Schematics Manual but with entirely different Drawing numbers. Ours is 2004 Dynasty Wiring diagram Manual Drawing Numbers 38040068 (pgs 1 and 2). I have Replaced most of the Aladdin components with state if the art replacements.
  8. I replaced most of the features with newer state of the art components. Yes I marked and left all connectors in place. I actually have removed the components and labeled and left connectors intact. I am appropriately reprimanded thanks all for the responses.
  9. Want to keep the connector ends. Thanks for the file but I already have that. Looking for a more detailed schematic that shows where all the connections are made.
  10. The monitor in our Aladdin died. I have installed Bluefire, and a new camera system to replace the Aladdin. Will be removing all of the Aladdin components. Do you think it is ok to just cut all connections to the Aladdin controller and sensor boards? I know I will have to cap(or find and disconnect from the source) the hot AC and DC connections. Have a fellow Monaco owner who ask asked for the parts. Does anyone have the Aladdin electrical diagrams? Any other thoughts or suggestions. Thanks Mike 2004 Dynasty
  11. Where is the download you are referring to for the wiring diagrams. The link provided only give the owners manual. Thanks
  12. Found a bad housing. It was shorting out when a bulb was inserted. Ordered a new one from NW rv supply. Thanks for the help. Mike
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