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  1. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much.
  2. Thanks, how did you verify the temp sensor was bad?
  3. Anyone using Rv Whisper as a monitoring system? Is so what has been your experience with it? Thanks in advance 2004 Dynasty.
  4. Considering the victron shunt with bluefire. How far away are your batteries connected to the victron shunt? I thought Bluetooth only worked within 30 feet and our batteries are further away from the cockpit than that. Thanks on advance for you thoughts. Mike
  5. The desk is a separate piece of furniture The hidden table will rise with a scissor mechanism out of the T drawer.
  6. Completed the build of the couch with the hidden table and a new desk ares.area. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dQzUWSy3CGRdqPKi6
  7. Did pretty much the same. Switches all good. Found a blown fuse and all is well.
  8. We have a set of tire covers made by MCD for our 2004 Dynasty. The covers slide onto a plastic track that is attached inside of the wheel wells. Some of our tracks need replacement. MCD no longer makes/carries either the covers or the tracks. Anyone have an idea where we might be able to find the track? Thanks in advance Mike Mulvenna 04 Dynasty
  9. Sorry, all I saw was that he made multiple tests. Thanks
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