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  1. I think my last post got somewhat hijacked. I was finally able to pull down some speakers and put my phone inside and take some photos. As you can see one of them does have a water spot. Looks old and dry. The rest look like the adhesive is failing. There are quite a bit of areas with no adhesive. All the metal ribs seem to be fine and attached well. This is happing in a large area in the rear of the coach. So I guess my question is why is the roof rising?
  2. By chance would you have any photos?.
  3. Coach was produced in Indiana. It just seems strange that it seem to happen all at once
  4. Hard to see in photos. I can push down on the roof and get about 3/4 in off play.
  5. Looking for information. This is on a 05 Dip. I recently got on the roof and notice some minor concave areas. Upon further inspection, the metal exterior roof and the under styrofoam seem to have a gap ( my limited opinion). Especially closer to the edge. I went ahead and pull the rear air conditioner to try to see between the two. Around that area the metal and styrofoam is glued tightly together. I have done maintenance as necessary. I have no known leaks. The coach has been garaged its entire life. Could this be because of the age of the coach and the styrofoam deteriorating? Any other ide
  6. The moulding seems to be of a hard substance and painted to match the coach. If it is a rubber piece how do you not damage the paint? Ray. Sorry. Went to download and found. Good information. Thank you
  7. Here are a couple of photos with my problem. Molding that the slide topper is attached is pulling away. It seems to be riveted. Any suggestions on how to repair.
  8. Does anybody know the capacity of coolant on a 05 Dip, ISL 400. Need to check levels and add DCA Thank you
  9. I have clean radiator probably about every 3000 miles for the last 3 years. Never a change in the temp. Coach has 45,000 on it.
  10. 05 Dip ISL 400 rear radiator. Unit seem to be running hot. Have clean radiator numerous times. I shift down and run slower and will still creep upwords of 200-205 on short grades. Now running Fleetguard Extended Service and just found out that instead of using regular DCA I should have been using a DCA4 extended service product? If this is the case I need to drain and replace. Thinking of going back to regular anti freeze. Can anyone tell me if this is the case and approximately what the capacity is? Thanks to all.
  11. Looking for some recommendations on quality work to replace broken windshield on a 05 Dip. Live in southern Utah area but willing to travel. ( Vegas, SLC, So Cal) Not very knowledgeable on the process. Must use pliable caulking, sealant ? Thank you in advance.
  12. Does anyone have in there scrap pile a Carefree of Colorado Power Visor? Mine broke free while driving down the road. That will wake you up. Looking for the 2 end mounts for a QF040MA24L. This is a 40 in long with a 24 in drop, left side motor visor. My visor still work fine just broken mounting brackets. Exhausted all sources. Carefree no longer manufactures. Thank you
  13. Just broke the pass thru door latch on a 05 Dip. It is the second horizontal. Picture to follow, hopefully. It is riveted in place. Does anyone know where to get a replacement and has anyone removed and replaced one?
  14. Thanks for the help. Replaced the o rings. The hardest part was removing the unit. Had to completely tear out the wet bay panel. Great site.
  15. Have a Shoreline RVW5003 hose reel on a 05 Dip. Unit is discontinued. Removed unit. It is leaking out of the exit side. Did some reading and maybe able to drill out rivets and replace some O rings ? Has anyone had any experience doing this ? Where the unit is located is very tight. If I have to replace is the replacement model RW40RMK? Has to be near identical. Thank for all replies.
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