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  1. Thanks for response. After doing the usual what did I do to screw it up I looked around back since I had backed out of a tight spot and thought I heard a scrap. Sure as poop connector to toad was mangled and hot wire was feeding back into parking light system. Am I the only one that does self inflected wounds to there old girl.
  2. 2004 Monaco Windsor. After a drive turned parking lights off but they continue to stay lit. Have replaced headlight switch with new Delco, also disconnected switch completely with same result. Have a Smart wheel. Thanks
  3. Do you recall the brand. Looked at Accuride catalog and I can't find a match. Might need bathing suit model number.
  4. Do you have a part number for those wheels. Was looking at powder coating mine but price wise new might be best way to go.
  5. Had some slide work and bedroom Guardian Plates installed in May. Very pleased with work. Was given a estimate before starting and price came in less that stated. Guys also went over proper caulk procedure . Stayed a few nights in there lot, nice walking park across street. Also had windshield installed at Glass Solutions in Lakeland. Called ahead and they took care of insurance and when we got there got right to us and were able to leave early next morning. Also had 50 amp hookup. They required you to stay at least 6 hours to let sealant set up. Unbelievable to great places in one week.
  6. wbdave54@yahoo.com


    Any thoughts or opinions on Yokohama tires. Shop near me that also powder coats inner steel wheels only sells Yokohamas and Continental tires. He prefers Yokohamas.Thanks
  7. Thanks guys. Relay started working after jumping across. Will be removing this afternoon since I never use.
  8. Guessing front run compartment is the one on outside below drivers seat. Whats best way to identify relay.
  9. Water pump had been running about 5 minutes and lost power. Fuse good in bedroom but 12 volt lost everywhere. Alladin shows 00 volts on house batteries. Batteries good. Where do I look. Hooked to shore power. Thanks
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