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  1. I used to order filters from Filter Barn, but now was wondering where everyone else buys their filters.
  2. Im keeping the RPM's up, The engine will de rate at 225. A very detailed oriented mechanic.
  3. 212-215, Kenworth Sales in Idaho Falls checked the radiator and it looked okay. Looking at the temps that the Aladdin is posting. I sprayed it and cleaned it before this trip. I'm stopping the coach and fast idealing at 212-215 degrees. This is a 2006 ISL-2 400hp Cummins
  4. Engine getting hot, so I unplugged the fan controller while in Grand Junction. Fan did get louder but not very loud. Ran from there to Monument Valley and everything was great as far as the engine, so thought I had monetary fixed my problem. Left there and ran that 2+ hr. grade to Bryce Canyon and running 50 instead of 65 and dropping down to first gear several times and stopping to cool down. Changed thermostat on way out here and unplugged the fan controller. Not sure if steering wheel is turning any harder. Power of suggestion, I think it is turning just a little harder to steer. So, is it the fan or is it the pump or it something else? Heading to Moab next and then to Grand Canyon where it is triple digit temperature. Hoping to contact a certain mechanic in Moab.
  5. I had some time on my hands yesterday, so I climbed under coach to look for two 1/4" lines and saw none. Then, I went to the rear of coach and started tracing hydraulic lines coming off the fan. Traced one back to hydraulic tank. Traced another to a block {valve} and low and behold, it had an electric wire harness coming out of it. It was the valve I had been looking for. Unplugged the wires as we were getting ready to leave Grand Junction, and wow, I could put the peddle to the metal and run without any worries of overheating. WOW !!!! Thanks to Paul for giving me a link to replace parts when I get home, thanks to Hypoxia and Timaz for telling me how to fix it while on the road.
  6. Could you tell me where those wires are, so I can unplug and see if fan speeds up? I went outside and listened to the the fan at start up and then I went outside and listened to the fan at 210 degrees and the fan is not any louder.
  7. I went to Kenworth Sales in Idaho Falls to see if everything was working as it should on the coach. They plugged their laptop into the diagnostic port and found out that everything was working as it should. The problem was, I went up a too long, too high an inclined and it was too much for my coach. So, in the future, I will check the elevation when scheduling my routes to determine which inclines to tackle. Everything went well going over to Estes Park yesterday. Thanks to everyone who rendered assistance.
  8. We’re is this Intellitec board located.? Where do you get a new board?
  9. Dr 4Film, only certain lights will go out and no appliances have gone out. Jeff, the lights go out and stay out until I turn them back on. The salesman switch is working fine. The ceiling fans stays on. Hypoxia, the intellitec board, is that the board behind the 6 switch pads?
  10. The bedroom ceiling (led) lights started cutting off. Manually turn back on, cut off, manually churn on and after maybe three times would work for couple of days without any further problems. Today, it happened again and this time, the bedroom ceiling lights and the kitchen lights cutoff by itself. Turned back on twice before they stayed on without any further problems. Any ideas of what to do? 2006 Dynasty.
  11. Thanks for all the input. I feel much better. I will give a follow up after my appointment on Thursday.
  12. Traveling over contential divide to reach Grand Tetons, had to drop speed drop down to 35mph and had to stop 4 times to cool down radiator. Got appointment at Kenworth Sales in Idaho Falls this coming Thursday. Over the phone, they are thinking fan control. Not sure if they would have a replacement, so was hoping to find a source here to help out if they don’t. Have a 2006 Dynasty with ISL-2 400 Cummins.
  13. Raised front up to maximum while working on gen exhaust. Worked off and on over several days as I got the parts I needed, so had to raise front up to maximin each time. That’s when my problem started of the driver side dropping after leveling. While checking for leaks, the hwh panel stop operating. No lights on panel coming on. I checked the salesman switch, it is on, but no lights on the hwh. Where is the fuse located for the hwh? What is my next step? Update. Got lights working. Travel height working, dump and raise working. So, problem is, won’t stay level.
  14. Howard, where did you buy the slippers?
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