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  1. Woody O

    Tire Valve Stems

    I though I would update what I decided to do to get away from tire minders attached to braided hoe on the air stems. I purchase a kit from Your Tire Store part # DL4M Duallyvalve Kit and then I bought a shorty valve stem at the local tire store and had the shorty installed on the tag axle tire and the kit put on the dual tires. The kit includes a stem support in the outer wheel for the inner valve stem. Now, I can remove the tire minder and add a pounds or two of air all from outside the tires. Happy with the results.
  2. MH Rookie, I use my propane for my stove, my BBQ grill, and my Fire pit, which uses a lot of propane. What I do is when I am through for the year, I swing by our local Flying J, top off the fuel tank and then drive over to the propane tank and have them top it off too. It's very convenient and their price is reasonable.
  3. On this trip to FL, dash AC blows cold air, then became warm air, turned AC to Max, blew cold air for maybe 30min., then began to blow warm air, switched back to regular AC, starts to blow cold again for 30min. or so. As long as I continue to switch back and forth, I have cold air. What is defective?
  4. I want to thank everyone who gave me positive advice. This forum is GREAT and you guys have saved me countless times over the years! At this point, I know what to do and will do it when I get back home after this trip as you can't perform these tasks in a resort. Thanks again! Woody O
  5. OK, I finally had a chance to work on the Aqua Hot. First, I gradually removed the engine block hoses from the Aqua Hot one at a time and found that both hoses were full of antifreeze. Then I switched the two hoses and ran the Cummins for 10-15 minutes, getting the engine temp to 160+ and felt the hoses and they were still cold. I even slipped the hose ends back just enough for a slight leak and felt the antifreeze and it was cold. I then went inside and turned the engine off and turn on the engine preheat for 5-10 minutes. I could hear the Aqua Hot pump running, but didn't notice warm hoses
  6. I only had the two hoses replaced. The aqua hot works off 110 and diesel just fine. Its trying to heat coach while using the engine fluid that is not working. I think I it has air trapped in it and therefore fluid is not circulating. I think I will try what Chargerman recommended which was to remove the hoses and fill it with antifreeze and then reattach and try again. Your thoughts?
  7. yes, about 12" from the Aquahot unit itself. I was thinking that when running down the road, you are using the engine water pump. ?????
  8. Yes, and I tried it today and the two hoses were cold when I touched them when I arrived at the campground.
  9. I called them and they said no to installing shut off valves in the lines.
  10. I had my water hoses from the Aqua Hot to the engine block replaced recently. I took an 7 hr drive and noticed no warm air coming from the vents. The fans are working, but no warm air. When I got to the resort, I checked the two hoses from the engine block as they were going into the aqua hot and they were cold. On the way here, I even turned on the aqua hot engine preheat and yet the hoses were still cold. It all worked prior to hose replacement. What is my problem.
  11. Dave, since the dryer is releasing air with the engine off, is there an adjustment or do I replace the dryer? And is it something I must do immediately?
  12. Here is a photo of the item that exhaust a small amount of air about every 20 seconds and yes, the engine is turned off when running this test.
  13. I used 2 4"sq x 1/4"wall steel tubing to block up the coach and also chock the wheels. I ran the engine to get air pressure up to cut off which on my coach is 125 psi. I then released the parking brake and went to the rear of the coach and climbed under at which time my wife applied firm even pressure to the brake pedal. No air hissing except about every 20 seconds, the pressure relief valve would exhaust a short burst of air, which adds up to 6 short burst of air released in the 2 minute test. So, what now?
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