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  1. Once the gov gets involved all logic has left the building. Even if Cummins pulls it off, how long for the truck stops to offer the natural gas? Can't use pipelines. New wells will cost too much to install. Not sure if it's true or not, but I heard the saviors of the Earth in this administration are only granting 5 year leases for new drilling. Who in their right mind would sign a 5 year lease on a well? There is plenty of natural gas, it's safe to get it and it burns pretty clean. My money is on the gov creating such a PITA to drill that it will be cheaper to import from our "buddies" in the middle east, or Russia. I'd also wager that Cummins is hoping for gov incentives for this type of power, natural gas vs diesel. Woody Miller
  2. Funny this topic came up. Two days ago we sat and watched, and listened, to another start up in the morning. And he set the idle way up, 1200 to 1500 rpm. A lot of noise. He then proceeds to go through his tasks to leave. 15 minutes into it he shuts the engine off. He still isn't done disconnecting and other stuff. Then the engine gets started again, and again it runs for maybe another 10 minutes. I mentioned to the wife that is what folks are complaining about, a rig sitting there idling for 30 minutes for no reason. Maybe some owners just like to listen the diesel engine??? Woody Miller 09 Dynasty
  3. Closure with the Tadi Brothers. Finally all said and done with them. It took quite a while, months. Disputed credit card charges, waiting and waiting to return the 4 cameras. 24/7 customer service????? Good luck. My mind is playing tricks on me right now, I can't remember the name of the company I finally bought the side view cameras from, I think "Rear View Safety" or something like that. Great company, would buy from them again. Just a heads up on Tadi Brothers. Woody Miller
  4. I have the original Frigidaire res. refer. Has the cherry wood door panels to match the cabinets. As far as I know they don't make anything like that now. To say the DW loves the cherry wood drawers is an understatement. Therefore, I will be looking to "rebuild" the guts of this thing at some point. Seems like it will be the compressor or controls that will fail. Anyone ever have a res refer rebuilt? Can get to the backside of the refer with no problem to change the compressor. My first cab-over camper had the Nevercold, and the travel trailer had one, too small and they never worked well. Love the Frigidaire. Woody Miller 09 Dynasty
  5. I have safeco. Not a full time policy. It's an agreed amount policy @ $200k for total loss. Just went up to about $1600 per year after a $400 dollar increase with no claims. Liability limits at $300k with a $2 million umbrella. Had one glass claim that ended up costing them $4,000 for the driver side fixed window replacement, or Safelite paid after a faulty workmanship claim when the first window almost fell out. DrDon4u, if you wouldn't mind sharing your coverage details, I'd like see if I'm paying too much. I think I have a $1,000 deductible, and $300k liability plus the umbrella. But as stated, it's an agreed upon value policy which I'm sure adds to the premium. Woody Miller 09 Dynasty
  6. It's very hard to pay a lot of money on tires, but it's important. It is not fun to throw tires away due to age and not being worn out due to mileage. All 8 of my tires had thousands of miles left in tread. 6 had hit the 7 year mark and the other two were new Goodyears that I did not want on the coach based on reputation of the tires and not science. Now I have peace of mind with 8 new TOYO's and less money. In the process now of trashing the braided valve extenders. Woody Miller
  7. We have the gen running all the time while underway for the refer, so we run the rooftop A/C's as well. Economical?? A 50k pound beast being fed diesel is a hungry beast to begin with, I don't think I'll worry about dash A/C, which we do use until the heat overwhelms it, or roof A/C, about which is cheaper to use. Comfort first, it the reason we bought the beast. I'll pay the fuel any day to avoid lugging the DW's 80 pound suitcase into a hotel room. I have a bad back. And I'll be damned if I want to take off my belt, shoes and empty my pockets to get on a plane. Woody Miller 09 Dynasty
  8. I bought 8 TOYO's, 16ply, out the door all taxes and fees at $4,000 online. Had to pay a shop to install and add beads. Finding the tires right now is quite a challenge. May have to pay what ever their asking and take what you can find. Not a good time to need tires. Woody Miller
  9. Vito, yea, I see where the washer and A/C share the same breaker. That being the case the dryer is a separate animal and would not be part of the load sharing or shredding. At which point it would be a matter if a 50 amp service could handle 3 A/C's running with the dryer going at the same time. So, that would mean that the dryer running would not stop the 3rd A/C from running at the same time? There was some thought that the I would have to manually turn off the third A/C at the T stat in order for the dryer circuit to energize. In reality I don't think the 50 amp shore service could handle the load of everything on at once. We do as a matter of principal turn off the third A/C at the T stat before doing laundry so I don't have to go out to the pedestal and reset the 50 amp breaker. Woody Miller
  10. Trying to figure out if the third A/C has to be turned off to use the 230 volt clothes dryer. Looking at the schematic it appears not. The clothes washer does appear to go through the system, and the third A/C is turned off. My reading is the dryer connects to lug only in the subpanel and the circuit protection is a separate circuit breaker panel located near the dryer. I have also heard this system referred to as an "EMS" and is located in the bedroom wardrobe closet. This is for a 2008-9 Dynasty. I say 08/09, registration says 09, some chassis stuff say 08 which I will say is most likely just the rolling chassis. We have the dreaded Kongsburg Chassis Multiplex and dang if I haven't lost another switch module, the front windshield visor is having a constant 12vdc applied to the motor in the shade. Temporarily Joe Mageed that until I can get to Coberg and have the REV techs plug their laptop into the CADET system. d*** the luck. My question is just for discussion since it is causing no problems, just curios if I'm reading the schematic right. Thanks, Woody Miller 09 Dynasty Regal IV
  11. Check ALL your circuit breaker connections in the rear run box. That was where I found my problem with what you describe. One lug on the load side of a 150 amp breaker was so loose it all but melted the lug. Tightened everything up and that was that. I have since replaced the circuit breaker, they're cheap. The heat from a loose connection can melt copper. Woody Miller 09 Dynasty
  12. I replaced my dated headlights and got them from WalMart of all places and the price was incredible. Great projector type lights with LED surrounds. Now, do they have lamp adjustment shops anymore? Woody Miller 09 Dynasty
  13. To the gentleman using zip ties, I suggest using the black ones and good quality if you haven't. Cheap ties will not last long, even the black ones. UV will eat the cheap ones in a couple of years. A shop used some cheap crap to hold a small box on our toad and they broke and the box dropped. They were 3 years old and the thick ones, 1/4", but cheap. I replaced for the time being with Thomas/Betts black ties, which are high industry standard zip ties. I have thought the same thing about all that wasted space in front of the gen. Great place to store something for sure. Woody Miller
  14. Something also to consider: tire shortages. Good luck finding TOYO's right now. I just bought 8 and that took me a few days of looking. Had to buy them online and had them shipped to me. So, will the price and availability improve over the next year or get worse? My money is both will get worse. Container ships are stacked up like cord wood and can't get unloaded. Inflation will add a $1,000 to the set of 6 new tires in my opinion depending on brand. My tires were right near the 7 year mark on the drive and tag, the steers were less than a couple years old but they were Goodyears that I was stuck with while stranded in New Mexico and it was all they had. All tires had good tread left, but supply and inflation led me to believe it was the time to bite the bullet. Then after buying 8 TOYO's, I opted for some Bullet Rye Whiskey, which didn't lower the cost of the tires, but I felt better. Good luck on your project. Beware, 315's would not fit on the steer position on my Dynasty, they rubbed, also the tire chart said 295's for all 8. Lot of money for 8 tires, but have you been to a body shop lately and priced just a paint job? My 8 TOYO's cost me $4,500 installed, delivered, taxes, disposal fees and balance beads in all tires. Now, where's that bottle Bullet Rye? Woody Miller 09 Dynasty
  15. Thanks for all the responses. I went with the shade sails. Just got the shade sail today, waiting for the support poles. Very windy today. Our table and umbrella blew over and the umbrella was not open. So now I need to just find an anchor point on the coach. About $100 for a 20x16 shade sail and two support poles, much cheaper than replacing an awning. Thanks, Woody Miller
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