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  1. My Dynasty doesn't look like some of your camera installations. The Amazon ZEROXCLUB wired camera looks like it would work, but I'm not sure how it would mount. I haven't had a chance to get up close and really take mine apart, it's snowing today, again, and cold. C'mon global warming. Hope to get to it soon though. The mounting stud on the rear view camera is what has me confused. Not sure, until I can take my housing apart, how all that will work or if I will have to make some sort of bracket. For those that have installed one of these, did you have to make a bracket for it? Thanks.
  2. My rear view is on all the time except for when using the turn signals. I heard Voyager is a good camera. Nice to know there are options and adapters. I thought there should be. Thanks. Woody Miller
  3. Has anyone replaced their rear view, back up camera and if so were you able to use the old cable? Was an adapter required? I want to replace my junk back up camera with something better. RV shop said the original cable will not match up to any of the newer cameras. Thanks, Woody Miller 09 Dynasty Regal IV
  4. Thanks, I was hoping Monaco had provided a hose listing at some point. Oh well. None of my hoses are leaking, today, that'll probably change tomorrow now that I've said that. I had to use a look and see with Napa on my IH DT466 bottom hose. Someone mentioned about the upper hose and the rest straight. But as luck would have in there is a bottom hose with an elbow. I always seem to collapse those, even with the spring inside. After fighting with the bottom hose on that 466 for hours I'm not looking forward to anymore short elbowed hoses. But I want to replace all the radiator hoses prio
  5. I was born and raised in CA. Today's CA has nothing in common with when I grew up there. I left over 15 years ago and would never move back. There is also a bill working it's way through that would tax snow birders as residents for the purpose of paying CA state income taxes. The state has two main occupants, the very wealthy who shelter their incomes and those that service the wealthy who pay very little in taxes since they don't make much money. The state is constantly on the hunt for more money. My tags for my Dynasty where I live are a little over $100 per year. Also have no state i
  6. I apologize in advance, I can't find the files to check to see if what I'm looking for might be there. Anyway, I want to replace the hoses on my 09 Dynasty ISM 500. They are not leaking, just want to take care of some simple stuff before the next 15,000 mile trip. Does anyone know the hoses I need, or where to find the files that may have that information? thanks, Woody Miller 09 Dynasty Regal IV, ISM 500
  7. I used Speedco once and will never go back, even if they offered free oil changes. They destroyed my generator filter getting off, then told me they didn't have a replacement. They twisted the wires on the water sensor on my fuel filter to the point that it shorted out and that cost me some money since the problem did not show up until I was in another state. And they are not cheap at all. I can't say anything good about the Cummins Coach Care also. I do the changes myself or go to independent shops on the road. Finding good RELIABLE service is getting harder and harder to find. But so
  8. We hardly use the electric at all, 95% on diesel. There should not be any smoke or smell if it's running right. I saw a little puff of white smoke once at start up. Otherwise we never smell it, and I can assure you my DW would be able to smell it.
  9. Thanks to everyone. We might not make into Canada, but we're going anyway. So much to see in this country and so little time.
  10. Heading for Niagara Falls in Sept. I believe Canada is shut off to cross, where is the best place to park for a few days? Best viewing area? Not sure if this is the correct place on the forum to ask this question. thanks, Woody Miller 09 Dynasty Regal IV
  11. Cummin's should know what they're doing, but they may sub it out. As others said make sure all connections to the batteries are completely and physically removed. Takes a good eye, I kept seeing a led on in the FRB after disconnecting the batteries, but there were a couple small wires, 12ga, way in the back hiding. Welders don't like lugging the cables any further than they have to, you might want to help the guy get his ground lead next to the work.
  12. We have the air force. No problems, as I recall, there is a check valve that keeps your coach air system from losing air if the toad has a problem. Woody Miller 09 Dynasty Regal IV
  13. Thanks Frank, good point. I know that the factory set a code that many folks are aware of and could use it to gain entry, if I understand it correctly. We always use the deadbolt when away for any length of time.
  14. Regarding a year range to avoid the regen and DEF, our 2009 does not have the DPF or DEF. It is an ISM500. 100k miles on it now. I think we paid a little too much, but, the floorplan was perfect. It had all of my must haves. The Co-pilot is thrilled to death with it. So we flew to Texas and bought it. We have no intention of selling. Didn't buy it as an investment, it's a poor investment. Time is something you can not buy or get back once it's gone. We don't plan on living full time in it, unless all hell breaks loose. It's our escape from the nasty white stuff in the winter. Many
  15. I have the Winegard traveler. And Dish. We have a the hopper, I bought it, that stays in the coach. I was told that the outside stand alone will not work with my tuner, I would need a separate tuner. I only pay for the Dish when on the road, otherwise there is no charge until I call and activate. There have been several places we could not get out with the roof mounted Dish. Is it true that I can't connect the little remote potable antennas to my hopper 3? Dish might have been trying to sell me something I didn't need. No complaints with Dish so far, we have it in our sticks and bricks
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