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  1. There wer several residential refrigerators that would fit my current opening with only minor mods. I decided on a Frigidaire FFTR1022QB which, once removing the doors, fit thru my door opening. (current model FFET1022UB)I did a ton of research before replacing my Norcold RV refrigerator and this one came out #1 by far. If you plan to make the conversion, here are some things to consider.1. These fridges are not built-ins and will require clearance for air circulation. The Frigidaire needs only an inch on either side, which is probably all you'll have anyway. The back only requires 2" clearan
  2. Look in the Downloads section. I uploaded the Firestone Aire Spring Replacement Guide which will help you decided which airbag is the correct replacement.
  3. See if this helps. Carefree Spring Chart - Change & Tension.pdf Carefree Omega II Install & Service Manual.pdf
  4. Just ordered the following item which looks simple and relatively inexpensive. Missing the voltmeter, but can always use a voltmeter if needed. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088D2JVN4/?coliid=I3Q8M56ZEA2O87&colid=2SKIZ1L3ZC7J5&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it&th=1
  5. I'd be interested in making the pedestal tester you made. Could you please post the parts list and instructions to make one. Thanks!
  6. Ramps and jack stands are the best/safest way to go. This is what I bought. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sxt-1522a
  7. Contact Paul at AZPETE on the Irv2 forum. He works for HWH and can answer your questions. His email is pfmaddox@att.net and his phone number is 602-549-3638. He is a Commercial Member of that forum and has posted that his phone is always on, and if not answered, leave a message.He has helped others on that forum and I am sure he can help you.
  8. Here's a good source for replacement seals https://www.steelerubber.com/camper-rv At the bottom of their web page (under Resources), there is a link to their videos which may help you.
  9. Question. For those of you that bought from Stone Vos, did you get the vinyl or the acrylic fabric? Why?
  10. Had the same problem this past summer when at a campground but cleared up once I got on the road. Called TST and the problem is caused by interference with others at the campground that have the new unit. Told TST that I use the system to check my pressures before I leave and having to remove each sensor to check manually is not acceptable. If your older monitor is less than 2 years old, TST will send you a new monochrome display AT NO CHARGE.
  11. Here's a pdf that may help you. Door Bushing Replacement & Latch Adjustment.pdf
  12. Another thing to consider is the door hinge/swing. From the picture the Samsung has the hinge at the end. Make sure there will not be any interference when you try to open the door. The Sharp has a spacer between the door and the end of the microwave to allow the door to open even if it is next to a wall.
  13. veraken

    Tire Valve Stems

    I have the non-flow thru sensors. I removed the "theft lock" by just removing the 4 screws holding the cap. This makes it much easier to put the sensor on.
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