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  1. Interesting. Can someone tell me the model number for the 15k Penguin II WITHOUT the heatpump. I'm just interested in the AC function. Thanks.
  2. Just replaced the springs on my HWH jacks. Found the best prices at:https://www.hannarv.com/Get the model number of your jacks first, I found that my front jacks were different from the rear. Here is a chart on spring sizes.https://www.hannarv.com/Content/files/GenCart/ProductImages/v_c15c_hwh%20chart.jpgA note of caution. Per the chart, and upon investigation, I found the recommended spring for my rear jacks was 18" long, however, the distance between the mounting brackets on my jacks when fully retracted was only 16". If I went with the recommended springs, my jacks would never fully retract. I went with a HWH spring rated the same that was 14" long.Here is the data on mine.Front Jacks APP40506 (9000#) replacement springs #R3847HWH Rear Jacks AP8805 (12000#) replacement springs R34692 (14") vsR38956 (18")
  3. If you want to check your incoming water pressure , get one of these. Lowes and HD both carry them. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Watts-3-4-in-Plastic-Water-Pressure-Test-Gauge-DP-IWTG/100175467?MERCH=REC-_-pipinstock-_-205073410-_-100175467-_-N
  4. Here's a list I put together http://www.fivestarrvgroup.com http://www.marxrv.com/rvsalvage.htm http://www.glen-l.com/campers/suppliers.html http://www.visoneautomart.com/ http://msrheaters.com/defrost.html Northwest RV Supply www.nwrvsupply.com Veurinks RV (Sue) 616-965-9619 http://colawrvsalvage.com https://bontragers.com/rv-supplies-accessories/ http://m.rverscorner.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rverscorner.com%2Frvsalvage.html#2800 https://www.azrvsalvage.com/home.html RV Surplus Singletonsrv.com Sullivan RV Sales and Service Alliance coach, Wildwood FL http://www.factoryrvsurplus.com https://www.johnsonssurplus.com/ http://www.rverscorner.com/ http://www.myrvparks.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1656 https://rtrvg.com/blog/2017/07/22/used-rv-parts-and-salvage-yards-by-state/ https://www.rvresources.com/rvsalvage/ https://www.azrvsalvage.com/
  5. x2 on Bradd & Hall. We went to their showroom and tried their products before we bought. Big selection in color/fabric. This is what we bought. Couldn't be happier. https://www.braddandhall.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=1400&idcategory=97 They also sell captain chairs. https://www.braddandhall.com/productcart/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=3
  6. The best/easiest thing to do is to add a separate pure sine wave inverter with a built in transfer switch for the fridge. I would suggest you look at a KISAE SWXFR1210 1000W Pure Sine Inverter w/ Transfer or KISAE SWXFR1220 2000W Pure Sine Inverter w/ Transfer. I haven't personally used this, but I know of others that have and are very happy.The 1000 watt Kisae Pure Sine Wave inverter specs list a idle amp draw of 1.2 amps. That means it will be drawing that much even with the fridge off. Another option is the Xantrex ProWatt 1000 Pure SineWave draws <.6 amps at idle . The Xantrex ProWatt doesn't come with an internal transfer switch but Kisae makes a nice external one.
  7. See if this helps and gives you some ideashttps://rvseniormoments.com/2016/08/...dryer-install/ http://www.splendide.com/compare_specs_stack.htmAriston Dryer TVM63XAriston Washer ARWXF129W
  8. Here are 2 files that may help you adjust your lock Door Adjustment - Entrance.pdf Door Bushing Replacement & Latch Adjustment.pdf
  9. Recently replaced my alternator. I found the best price at Quality Power. I decided to replace my 160 amp Leece Neville with a 200 amp Delco Remy 28SI. The install was fairly simple except on the DR you don't connect the excite wire since it is self exciting. I had my old LN rebuilt and carry it as a spare. https://www.qualitypowerauto.com/category_139/RV-Alternators.htm
  10. Here are some sites that may have what you need http://www.rvlocksandmore.com/ https://shoprvlocks.com/
  11. I like the Daily Digest. What I don't like is that the posts are listed chronologically rather than grouped by post subject matter and then chronologically within that post subject .
  12. With the cost, and problems (especially the reversing valve), on ACs with heat pumps, would you be better off just buying a Penguin A/C without the heat pump and just use your furnace when needed?
  13. Here's a trouble shooting guide which may help you. Smart Wheel Troubleshooting Guide.pdf
  14. Go to the Steele Rubber website https://rv.steelerubber.com/ At the bottom of the page there is a link to some of their video which may help your.
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