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  1. Gary, Please do post the results when you do hear back from Trace. With an 03 Executive I am sure that we probably have the same inverter. I was just thinking this week of switching to AGM as I have cooked off another set of wet cell. This summer I was not able to check my batteries. In Phoenix we had over 50 days where the temps were 110 degrees and higher. Because of medical I was not using the coach or checking it. My batteries literally evaporated from the heat. I have to admit I didn't see that one coming. Perhaps AGM would have faired better. That being said what are you folks
  2. boy oh boy the day that this is invented for the dometic/duotherm I will be standing in line with my credit card.
  3. Sorry, I forgot to ask, what resort were you staying at (I know there are several in Indo). Not all allow painting on site. I would certainly travel and stay there as it's only about 3 hours from my house. Thanks again, Ken
  4. Looks awesome!! Can you share the painter's contact info with us Dave. Ken
  5. What a great MacGyver fix to get you through the immediate problem. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the link. There is a dealer near me and I have sent them a message to see if they can help me.
  7. Thank you Paul that will help out a bunch of folks. Nice find.
  8. I have an older 2003 Monaco The Executive. While a great coach it becomes a challenge at times to find original equipmento OEM type repairs. One of those challenges is the Sealand Magnum Opus eclectic toilet. The toilet while very nice is dependent on a printed circuit board that is the so-called brains of the unit. Recently my toilets brains began acting up and sure enough I learned that Sealand no longer supports this equipment and all of the circuit boards are long gone and no longer in production. Dang I thought I guess I'll have to replace it with a good 'ole pedal flush toilet. Muc
  9. How does one open a file with a WEBARCHIVE extension? This looks like a document I could use.
  10. Frank, Thank you for the clarification. My rig is connected always to 50 amp shore power and randomly I go out and the chassis batteries are weak and the engine does not want to start without using the batt boost. When fully charged (and I do disconnect to test) the chassis batteries pass load tests with flying colors. The alternator passes all tests also. Most always after a long drive and hooking up to shore power the charger (mine is an older Trace 3000 watt) comes on full charge for quite some time before it goes to float. Perhaps it isn't charging while driving either. I've never kno
  11. Frank, If chassis batteries seem to charge on shore power intermittently do you believe that the Big Boy is the usual culprit? I am a bit confused as I thought that was only to tie the chassis to the house batteries for jump starting. This may be my phantom culprit. Thanks, Ken
  12. I have a 2003 Executive and having been chasing this demon for 2 years. If they used the same headlights on your '02 they are from a 2002 Cadillac Seville. The only new ones I found are $600+, too rich for my blood. I have scoured junk yards in Phoenix area without too much success. There seems to be several on Ebay (used) but for the driver's side only. If you Google the above vehicle you should see pictures and you will know if your rig uses the same headlights. If you have any luck finding a source with a decent price please post your results or message me. In the meantime I have two very c
  13. Thanks for the replies folks but can somebody send a picture or pictures of which one/ones are the starter solenoid. This is not a Freightliner so it is Roadmaster so that probably precludes the Freightliner thoughts. Thanks Ken
  14. My 2003 Executive is experiencing random starting issues. I have ruled out the battery. Turning the key to the ON position all dash lights come on just fine. Turning the key to the START position intermittently gives me nothing. A few times clicking the key back and forth and the engine will fire right up with zero lag meaning the engine batteries are fine. I seem to remember a similar problem on my 2002 Dynasty and I think it had to do with a funky solenoid in the rear run bay. I can't remember which solenoid it was though. I don't know if I am chasing that or if my ignition tumbler/switch is
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