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  1. By any chance is it for the water pump? Does it have three wires?
  2. My 2000 Diplomat ISC also has two senders as described by BennieH, and I similarly had an intermittent gauge. If my memory serves me, the slip-on connector at the oil filter mount needed to be squeezed a little bit to make a better connection.
  3. If the WD40 doesn't work as easy as you want/need, feather the air brake to drop the pressure way down and you will be able to connect the hose. I learned this thru the air tools I use at home.
  4. I would suggest you get a stud finder to make sure. I installed a Splendide W/D Combo and blindly went ahead and cut a 4" hole thru the wall which was marked by Monaco as the right spot. It was for the superstructure but sadly was two inches off for the vent position in the W/D. Stupid me. I was able to satisfactorily adapt the mismatch with flexible vent hose, but know have to check it each year to make sure it is not gathering too much lint. I should have known vetter.
  5. I replaced my B/W with a color system from RVCAMS. They were super helpful, and led me ot the correct cable adapter. Straightforward job and not much work. I have no first-hand experience but a few on this forum have said to shy away from wireless systems in case you're tempted.
  6. I had this same problem on my 2000 Diplomat. It's a huge pain to fix, and helps if you are on the flexible, slim side. I did two things: Installed flexible coupler, the type with screw clamps, which extends the hose a little to relief the stress; and, changed the attachment point where the flexible hose is clamped to the slide to relief a little more stress. It's still right on the edge of whether it's going to hold, but I think I'mm OK. It's been a few years with no failure. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  7. I assume you have RVA Jacks in which case you may want to try opening up the t-handle on the hydraulic pump for that jack a little and try again. There may be a restriction in that valve.
  8. I don't have AquaHot but is it possible the hoses were reversed at the source?
  9. Hi Woody, Can't remember where to camp. It was several years ago. Unfortunately the best viewing is from the Canadian side. However, you can get several spectacular views from: Walk behind the Falls. cross over to Goat Island where you'll be right on top of the edge of the American Falls, Maid of the Mist boat. Also, view the Falls at night from a park with gorgeous flowers. You'll never forget it, even if you never get to Canada. Woody, and everyone, If it's a very cold winter and you are in the area, the Falls and the surrounding ice and frost are spectacular. The HUGE chunks of ice
  10. Bob Wightman, Bryant's RV has an excellent troubleshooting and repair manual for the ice maker, including how you can manually cycle thru the ice-making cycle without having to get it to freezing temperature. If it's broken and you need a new one, Lowe's sells it for a good price.
  11. I find occasional (about half a dozen) black flecks and styrofoam flecks falling from the ceiling ac vents in the bedroom only after the motorhome has been unused over the winter. The black flecks appear to be very thin plastic/mylar which could be a covering off insulation. The ac has not been running for months when these show up so I'm guessing they are from mice because I catch one or two a winter. I just get the mice and clean up the flecks.
  12. Ivan, I taped my dash door permanently shut with aluminum muffler tape and am 100% pleased with this solution. In both the hottest of summer and the coldest of winter. I have found I want only max heat in the winter and only max cooling in the summer. The only function I am missing is fresh air which I never used and still see no need. I still can control heat level and the fan speed with the dash control. I also taped misc leaks in the under-dash area such as around the sliding step cover, around wire openings thru the firewall, etc.
  13. I don't have AquaHeat but it sounds like a vacuum motor for the dash vent is not opening.
  14. I was able to lever them up by leaving the switch in the Retract position. There also is a T-handle, one for each jack, back at the reservoir, which you can open to relieve the pressure.
  15. Sounds electrical to me. Do the red/green/yellow lights give you any clue? Repeatedly activating all switches/buttons may clean their contacts. To trace where you have/don't have 12v you can get at the jack switches by removing the console panel with the switches (you also may have to remove the brake switch from the panel to get enough working space to access the jack switches). You have the same configuration as I do but I've never run into this problem. I've been in this console area to fix other problems. Sorry I cannot be more help.
  16. It's possible the shiny piston surfaces have to be cleaned and lubed. I spray carb cleaner and then oil them and wipe off the excess. I also carry a six-foot 2" iron pipe to raise them if they do not fully retract; I've had to do this twice in 20 years until I could clean them up.
  17. Don B, If you still need one I just had a chance to find a spare I don't need, it won't cost you a penny, and it's free.
  18. Bob U, Thanks. I didn't realize there are so many hoses in this area. I'll keep an eye on this topic in case someone has a diagram in case I run into another problem..
  19. Bob U, I also have a 2000 Diplomat that had the same lift pump problem that was corrected by tightening the bolt. It still is OK. But I'm curios why you want the fuel system diagram if your problem is fixed.
  20. Hi Bob, I inflate the fronts to 105 and the rears to 110 (I don't have a tag) which I obtained from the chart for my axle weights. I don't have individual tire weights. It turns out my weights are just about at max.Because these pressures are much higher than for the Michelins I thought these pressures would be harsh but they provided a softer ride than the Michelins aired to what the chart said. My opinion was based on comparing the ride driving to the tire shop on the old tires versus leaving with the new tires (all aired to 100 as you mentioned) on an Interstate. Also, going over crack
  21. Not answering your question, but you may be able to fix the problem by polishing the sensor tip.
  22. Mike, I'll give you my experience with couple of your items: (1) Tires: Toyo's are considerably less expensive, have a good reputation, and via my experience have a smoother ride than the Michelins I replaced. Lot of divergent opinions about the entire topic of ties. (3) Steering Stabilizer. You'll get a lot of divergent opinions on this but I'll give you my experience with Safe-T-Plus. I got it to keep the RV from veering off into the boonies with a front-tire blowout, and to do less fighting the steering when trucks passed or getting blown about by crosswinds. Steering stabil
  23. Jim J, I had the same leak about 4 - 5 years ago, tightened the bolts and zero leaks ever since, many tens of thousands of miles later.
  24. Just a stab in the dark, but you may want to try unplugging and replugging the data cable. This is like powering off and then on your computer when it acts weird.
  25. Thanks, Richard. Photo now shows. Bob Dinsmnore
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