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  1. If the tank is empty, an endoscopic camera with a built in light and a straightened coat hanger. I inspect my water heater for gunk that way.
  2. '05 & '06 Diplomat DST's... we must have been victims to the two bad years in ugly overhead lighting . Good info on Classic Coach Works in Florida. Thanks.
  3. These images are on a Diplomat I found listed for sale. Anybody know the source of the ceiling light fixtures? Thanks.
  4. http://www.custominstrumentpanels.com/monaco.htm
  5. I have used Smart RV Route for several years. https://www.smartrvroute.com/smartrvhome/ Not free, but not too expensive.
  6. I own a Winegard Pathway, and it looks like the one in your picture. I've got Wifi and a ROKU with Netflix so I've only set the dish up 4-5 times in the last 6 years. It locked on every time. Pathway instructions recommend less than 50' of coax between the dish and the receiver. The 1 time I experimented with a 75' coax, it wouldn't lock on.
  7. My alarm goes off when I drive in the rain. The hard it rains, the louder the alarm. I read (probably on here or on irv2) that it is likely an ABS sensor.
  8. When I signed up for a new number thru Visible it was a smooth process. When I tried to port a number over to them, it was a 2 week nightmare. Visible's business model of only on-line customer service is far from stellar. Downright sucky. But once I was able to fight through the issues, it has worked great for 2 years.
  9. Nice set-up with the huge Android screen. I went a different route for hands-free music. There is a dedicated phone using Visible cell service tethered to a small wireless router so the bus has it's own always-on WiFi Network. The original head unit was replaced with a Pyle CD player that has an auxiliary input. The aux input is fed by a Chromecast audio device on the network. And finally, there is a Google Home Mini, also on the network. The result is a voice controlled juke box while parked or going down the road. "OK Google play Elvis from YouTube Music on the Monaco Chromecast Aud
  10. Great work. The site has saved me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.
  11. A Sig & a Tesla? I'd be looking at an enclosed trailer. 50+ years ago I had a generator on my Schwinn that I could engage to contact my tire & spin. The spinning generator wheel would generate enough electricity to light the bulb in my headlamp. The faster I pedaled, the brighter the light. I've often wondered why Tesla can't put their cars in a same generating mode so that while being towed it would charge it's own batteries. Maybe that's why I become a creative guy and not and engineer.
  12. Following. Mine needs replaced too.
  13. I have the same coach with the same engine. Consistently ran at 210, slight upgrade would bring it temp to 215-220. Warning buzzer came on at 215. First exchanged coolant with Zerex ZXPCRU1. (The capacity is in the Owners Manual) No difference. Then bought a gallon of Simple Green and with a garden sprayer. Doused it from the outside, and opened the floor hatch in the rear closet and soaked it from there. Waited 15 minutes and thoroughly hosed it off with a garden hose from the inside and out. It now runs at 181. Towing a jeep up a hill has never topped 190.
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