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  1. I would not rely on just a quick connect on a propane line… add a ball valve before it.
  2. 130 psi is not high pressure… I would weld it.
  3. Removed the oven/ cooktop and installed a induction cooktop plus storage below. Bought a single burner propane portable that we use inside hooked to the unused rubber hose … valve and a type C quick connect. Type C because I use my airline to supply propane to a portable campfire and the burner if using outside off the propane outlet in the fuel bay. Yes, I blow the air hose out before putting air in a tire.
  4. Only the second time I’ve seen where the house separated from the chassis on a Monaco/Beaver, but it’s a aluminum house bolted to the chassis on rigs below a Dynasty… S-10 chassis are all steel.
  5. No, GassBuddy is a APP that finds stations based on the filters you add. You can pay with cash or any credit card but the Sam's MasterCard is the best I've found for fuel...5% back at any station other than Costco. Each February I get a Email that I can get my cash rewards at a Sam's Club...half mile away in Florida and they count out the hundred dollar bills.
  6. It's a trucking fuel discount card that diesel RVers can use. Most of the time GasBuddy's prices are better (usually at Sam's) and I can use a credit card that gives me 5% back... TSD debits your bank account. If you are a truck stop only person, it's worth getting but in 2 years I've used it maybe 5 times (3 times in Oakley ^^^). https://www.google.com/search?q=tsd+logistics&oq=tsd+logistics&aqs=chrome..69i57j46i175i199i512j0i433i512j0i512l3j46i175i199i512j0i512l2j0i433i512.12751j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Another option is BudFlap that I signed up for but have not used mainly because I'm not paying with my 5% back credit card... 14 cents additional off today. With MudFlap you get a discount code before you get to the station (mostly truck stops) and give that code to the person who then turns on the pump at the lower price. https://www.google.com/search?q=mud+flap+fuel+discount&oq=mud+flap+fruel+&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0i13j0i22i30.9458j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Using Kansas City as an example: TSD best price is $2.93, MudFlap is $2.90 and GasBuddy is $2.60 less 13 cents credit card so $2,47. The $2.60 price is right off of I-70 and if you can’t get in-out of the pictured station ???????
  7. The last reasonable diesel (filled up in both directions) is in Oakley, Kansas on I-70…under $2.90 with the TSD /EFS card and only place I used the card all summer.
  8. Looks like the west bound deck’s railing is gone… likely only the east bound (lower level) will open with one lane each direction.
  9. Changing the oil in my Onan 10K with a Kubota engine. Balked at the $30-$40 prices for a 187-1000 filter and decided to look in my shop for one. Had a Kubota HH1C0-42430 on the shelf and other than being slightly longer it’s a exact replacement. EBay has it for less than $15 and Amazon for $19. Going to scratch the # on and hours on the filter as it’s only on the wrapper.
  10. I put a bent in half small tie wrap in the drain hoses…keeps a bug from building a nest but lets the water out.
  11. Only reason to take 40 was to be behind our daughter if they had problems… they made it home shortly after we got back.
  12. Had a choice of using either from CO as the mileage was almost the same…50 miles further on I-70. Having used 70 on the way West in June, decided to use it again as it’s in really good shape…. at least from St Louis to Denver. Daughter was using 40 and said it was terrible and had lots of construction zones with stop and go traffic. Never had to slow below 55 on I-70. Other than it being really hot and a couple of idiots that have to pass on the right and then squeeze into a hole barely big enough at 70 mph. Even laying on the horn, when they are along side, didn’t stop them. Fortunately traffic in front didn’t slow down, all of a sudden, as it would have gotten interesting. I do run a dash cam for just these idiots if something happens.
  13. Just completed a really hot trip… CO to GA. Did most of Kansas at night but still had to run the 2 front ACs as the dash stopped cooling. After 12 hours on the road, got a CG with 50 A power and ran all 3 ACs. Open the engine hatch as the back floor in the BR was 110 degrees. Front stayed fairly cool but the back took 4 hours to finally cool down and that took closing the front ceiling vents to force more cool air to the back. We run the bathroom vent while on the road to help get some on the engine heat out.
  14. Common problem…seems to take 10 years. Suspect corrosion on the plug’s pins builds up, creating a high resistance situation. I bypassed the burnt plug by soldering 2 new wires to the back of the board. A new controller is $175 from VIP
  15. 5 oz of beads is the recommendation for a 315/80/22.5 that weighs over 115 lbs. That’s a 0.0027 ratio which says a big tire is well made. Sure, if I have a vibration I’ll do something to fix it.
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