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  1. Use a screwdriver in the gap to help lift one end.
  2. Skimmed back through the posts and didn’t see anyone exceeding the CCC of their rigs or their axle ratings. The reason for using a 315 tire is to reduce the pressure by 12 which results in a less harsh ride up front. The lawyers are concerned that someone could put more than 115 pounds of pressure in a 315 which would exceed the rating of the rim not that it won’t work on an 8.25 inch rim. If you needed 115 psi not only would you exceed the rims rating, you would be above the axle rating also.
  3. I had the large sliding side window’s outer pane shatter in WY last summer and most of it fell out. Worked with Suncoast Design in Hudson, Fl and had them make/temper a replacement to my measurements. Schedule an appointment into Hudson after Christmas on way south and stayed in their RV area. Took 24 hours for them to remove the entire window and seal the new glass to the inner pane. Looks like new.
  4. Pretty amazing what’s possible today and all things considered, not that expensive. For local flying I sometimes turn it all off.
  5. Nah, electric is the way to go...at least in mowers!
  6. “Us boaters are famous for over-maintaining our craft. Never want to get stuck adrift somewhere where there is no help.” Dang, I hope someone comes up with that service (Air Tow US) for me and yes I do oil samples on it too. Helps to have the wheels down when landing. Only 2200 hours over 40 years doing most of the annual inspections myself.
  7. Thanks for the lead up... “Reality is, I Change the air filter in my coach annually.” I took a picture of what I do every day with the air filter in my skid steer. I tap the dirt/dust out on the rubber track and put it back in. That filter is probably 5 years old and occasionally I’ll take it to the shop and blow it out with air. They put filter minders on our rig for a reason OH, never mind...change the oil and all filters every year. New tires at 5 years (If cracking Michelin’s probably a good idea) drive it every month and exercise the generator too...only in the RV world..
  8. “My boat mechanic advised I change once in the spring and once in the fall (up north). The idea was to put into storage with fresh oil, and then start fresh at the beginning of the season.” So the new oil sits in the bottom of the pan over the winter. If he drains it out, he probably puts it in another boat as new oil, which it is. How can the boat sit all winter but we’re supposed to run our engines every month...only in the RV world were annual air filter replacement was recently recommended by a manufacturer’s idiot (not on this forum). Folks, do whatever you want as it’s only m
  9. There’s a good possibility that those that change the MH’s oil annually also change the oil every 3,000 miles in their cars like the sticker in the windshield calls for. Consumers reports debunk’d that myth 50 years ago in Checker Cabs in New York City. No difference in engine wear in the cabs that went 5000 miles between oil change. I use 5000 miles because I can look at the odometer to know when the oil needs changing...own to many vehicles. One vehicle recommends synthetic oil so I go 10,000 miles between oil changes in it. If you change annually there is no reason to use synthetic oil
  10. A $25 oil sample will give you better advice than what some are giving you. I take a sample at 15K miles and based on the good results , change at 20K...every 2-3 years. When I shut the engine off, it doesn’t get restarted until the next trip... could be 4+ months. Started oil sampling 50 years ago when Cat recommended 100 hour oil changes ... went to 250 hours as that was easier to keep track of as the oil was still OK.
  11. Your cruise has to work...engage or it will show a fault. He’ll do a software update on your CPU for $350 and has updated CPUs for $1200. rjyblood@gmail.com
  12. Yes #2 on the J12 pug is burnt. Soldered a wire from the board bypassing the J12-2 contact with no change. Can hear a relay clicking when switching from Hi/Low in the VIP controller.
  13. Helping 2 rigs with no low beam lights... high works. Does only the low beams run through the VIP smart wheel controller?
  14. Using the boost switch when starting the generator should solve the need for more starting amps. I’m building six 100AH for a total of 600AH of Lithium’s. Instead of adding a dc-dc charge limiter, I’m thinking if adding a heat sensor to the alternator that will disconnect power to it when it gets to hot???
  15. My intermittent issue was the connection at floor level like Frank posted above.
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