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  1. 2014 Cadillac SRX is an easy one . Lots of them for sale in the southern states. We bought ours in SC in 2017 and like it.
  2. Last April Fools day I sold My 2004 Signature to Camping World for a ridiculous high price and on the next day took delivery of A Foretravel iH-45. Both tranactions in Nashville. The Sig was nice and in fair shape, but the iH-45 is a whole next level. So I have been enjoying reading this post. Keep it going!
  3. Might as well use your tickets to start a fire. I bought the correct numbers a few hours ago.
  4. I owned a 2004 Signature for 4 years. Repairs came to 40K over those years. It does get better. That is, it does get better when you purchase a Foretravel. I did and now I have new challenges. Too many miles to drive and not enough time to be everywhere. Josams is a one of a kind sensational repair shop. I had cross bars and a watts link installed a month before selling my Signature to Camping World. Then we went to Olympia Luxury Coaches in Nashville. They lightened my pocket in exchange for a very nice 2015 iH-45 Foretravel. Try it, you will like it.
  5. White House hydraulic in Scotland is where I got mine for my 2004 signature. I have the old pump and a rebuild kit. I can supply you with a photo of the pump for the part number or I can provide the used pump. It was working fine when I took it off proactively. With the rebuild kit it should be fine.
  6. Aquahot reset on the control board probably located in one of the basement compartments. Reset with a tooth pic inserted into the reset hole.
  7. Thanks David. Me thinks I am trading this project vehicle for a Newmar Essex. Do we know of any weakness In those vehicle’s ?
  8. One was replaced. But all three suffer the same. It seems like the roof has collapsed some.
  9. Not what I am asking about. When it rains or I wash the roof I see a pond around the air conditioner that doesn’t drain off. My condensate drains work fine.
  10. While cleaning my roof I discovered that water accumulates around my air conditioners. I would have expected that water would flow away but instead I believe this indicates the air conditioners have settled causing a low place around them. How to repair this? 2004 Signature.
  11. OK Folks, the noise was somehow coming from my dead Kenwood radio, GPS and disk player. I removed the radio head and the amp for it and now silence is golden. Thanks for your suggestions.
  12. The noise is in the ceiling speakers closest to the front. These are the speakers for the Kenwood Dah radio which is dead.
  13. Yesterday I was in my coach and discovered that two ceiling speakers are putting out a form of noise similar to a radio that is between stations (white noise). If I turn on the Aladdin the noise is reduced about in half. Same noise if the engine is off or running. All radios are off. Vehicle is in storage in a large garage at my residence. The noise is the same with shore power connected or not. Even more strange is that I went into the coach late last night and could hear faintly a radio station. Repair history is that recently the coach was in the truck garage for a replacement of a defective alternator and new power steering hoses. At that time we had the shop install a DOT 7 wire harness from the rear run box to the passenger side of the dash. This is to be preemptive for any failed circuits in the future. Any ideas to silence this are greatly appreciated.
  14. Yes, those are the locations of the rod ends that you can adjust. Also, I just adjusted my door. The inside of the door is covered with a heavy vinyl fabric which is glued to and covering a heavy plastic door skin. I was able to pull this fabric loose and then drill a 2 1/2 inch hole just below the bottom latch to adjust the lock release. The top one can be accessed by removing half of the window molding and then finessing the door skin back. My top release was more than 1/4 inch out of adjustment. This was completed without any sign of the access hole because I just re-glued the fabric and replaced the window frame. The door now works better than ever. That's the way is is on my 2004 Signature.
  15. Contact Paul Whittle. He is great on figuring out the problems with your toilet. BPP
  16. Paul, I am having a problem with my Sealand Magnus Opus toilet. AT the Gathering last winter I spoke with you about the contraol board that you are manufacturing. Well, prophesy come true. My toilet is not stuck with the ball open and will not flush. There are three lights on the board and one flashing. Does this mean the board is deflective or is there another problem? Brad Perkins
  17. I drilled mine straight through and used stainless stove bolts washers and nuts. Works very well .
  18. Remove the strainers from the faucet clean and reinstall
  19. I have repaired mine twice now. The cable broke each time. It is silver soldered to the stainless. It is a challenge to get it just right but can be done. Lubrication is, as you all say, very necessary. I used assembly lube on the one that I soldered and will use oil on the other one simply because I can pour it in from the top. New assemblies are available (or they were a year ago when I checked) for about $1500 each. ouch! I think one would want to be sure the oil doesn't drip inside the coach when the slide is in. The system is not perfect as I can still hear some wind noise when driving. Just my thoughts to share.
  20. NAPA has similar rivets. That is where I got mine.
  21. Another member just paid $970 shipped in from England. 5 or 6 days delivery. I'm thinking the limies also sell a rebuild kit. Perhaps I get a new motor and rebuild my old one as a spare?
  22. I have my radiator and other cooling units out for service. Thinking that I will repair, clean and restore all before they fail on a trip. Question is this, Should I replace my Hydraulic fan drive motor at this time as a proactive effort? It is not leaking and works as it should. Coach is a 2004 Signature with Detroit Series 60. 85K miles. We are replacing all hydraulic hoses, cooling hoses and pipes and a two year old exhaust system that is rusted through. ugh. It is a Saur Danfoss that was built in January 2004 according to its tag.
  23. I thought mine was missing and eventually discovered it was all the way back in the wall where the table recesses into the wall. Quite by accident when pulling out the table it appeared. I suggest you pull the table out as far as you can and look with a lite yo see if it is there
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