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  1. Ray, If your batteries are flooded wet cells then you need to check the water level once a month. If the water gets below the plates it will lead to premature failure of the battery. It would also be wise to make sure the solar charger is not over charging the batteries. The solar controller could have failed.
  2. The switch you pull to turn the headlights on. Twist that switch counter clockwise until the light under the television and the map light above the driver's window come on.
  3. Heavens no, we leave the inverter on 24/7 and things like the Winegard Traveler, Wally, Channel Master, Samsung computer, and Samsung frig never miss a beat and don't notice when we change power sources to the motorhome. Just found that I can order replacement chargers for $9.95 from Amazon and one is on the way.
  4. I like the Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush so purchased one for the motorhome in December. We have been in Florida for a week now and Friday the red LED illuminated indicating the battery needed to be charged. I was surprised since I leave the toothbrush on the charger all the time. I assumed the charger was bad and Saturday we purchased another toothbrush just to get a charger. Sure enough the toothbrush started to charge on the new charger. I was reminded that when the toothbrush is placed on the charger it illuminates for a few seconds. Problem solved - NOT. We were at the Florida Super Show
  5. My money is on the Nason switch under the parking brake.
  6. Scotty, I installed about 600 watts of solar on the roof with an MPPT controller. TriStar is the brand name of the controller and that is the remote display for the MPPT charger. Since the LED tank level system that came with the coach was worthless, especially after installing the SeeLevel, I cut out the tank level display and replaced it with the TriStar remote panel.
  7. Nice job Scotty. That is where I mounted our SeeLevel Tank Monitor Display. I put the Progressive display up top where the 5 button thermostat used to be. Don't make the same mistake I did if you move the thermostat. As you can see from the photo below I first mounted the new 10 button thermostat where the black plastic cover is. Like a dumb ass I did not think to check where the pocket door would land. I had previously installed the 5 button thermostat where the plastic cover is and the pocket door cleared. Of course the 10 button is wider and interfered with the pocket door. Had to move it f
  8. Maybe this is what you are looking for. You can put in different widths and lengths. The slide in our coach would be about 10 x 72 so that is what I entered. https://tinyurl.com/y3zfrc7z
  9. Sounds like you may be a Jimmy Buffett fan. I love the line "stepped on a pop top and blew out a flip flop".
  10. We made custom blocks from four sections of 4 x 4 timbers that just fit under the jacks when they are raised all the way up. We chose 4 x 4 timber because we can saw that on our DeWalt saw. We stack the four sections and cap each end with an 8 x 8 square piece of plywood. After parking the coach in the garage we slide the blocks under the jacks and dump the air. That is the way the coach sits until we are ready to use the coach. We have a large dual stage air compressor with an air dryer and when getting ready to use the coach plug the air hose into the coach and fill the air tanks and air bag
  11. We got rid of the Weldex system years ago because it was so unreliable. Changed to Voyager and mounted the monitor above were the Weldex was using Ram mounts. Removed the old Weldex and covered the hole in the dash with a tablet computer running SilverLeaf.
  12. Woody, Get a backup made of the software and firmware for the multiplex system. I believe you could get this done by M&M. Bill Groves also is knowledgeable on the subject. https://www.mmrvelectronics.com/
  13. Be careful with that 07 end range. Everything I read tells me you do not want a particulate filter that requires regen. I think some 07 coaches may have regen. We have an 06 coach with an 05 ISL and it is so nice to pull into a truck stop and skip the DEF selection. We also have friends who were stranded because of a plugged particulate filter. Had to drive their toad back to Florida and wait for the coach to be repaired before they could bring it home. As for trying to time the market, I am the worlds worst for giving advice on that. We tend to buy high and sell low!🙃 We purchased our 2006 Di
  14. ISL-400 with 116,000 miles and the only thing we have done is replace the exhaust manifold gaskets and the tail pipe after the muffler. I was also surprised to see the rear main bearing replacement at only 70,000 miles. What is going on with that? The ISL is a 1,000,000 mile engine before requiring overhaul. CapnDean, you can get the same mileage variation between fill ups at a Sam's Club versus a truck stop. We have found that using the automobile diesel pumps at Sam's Club lets us get a lot more fuel in the tank. I attribute this to the slower fuel flow that results in almost no foam in
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