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  1. Most likely the same as Steve's Knight. I think Monaco only had one version of the electric step cover. I would send Steve a private message and get his phone number. Sounds like he is willing to talk you thru the process.
  2. Now I see. Good catch. It is amazing what the human brain will tolerate when reading text. You can have half the words drastically misspelled and the brain still knows what the message is. Maybe Bob's fingers got a little silly on the keyboard. Mine do that all the time and if I don't proof read I look like the backward Hillbilly I almost became. Seems as I get older when I type my brain swaps the position of letters like bcak for back. Getting old is not for sissies!
  3. Some here are showing their age. I grew up in a body shop and back before clear coat paint fading was a problem. Often my Dad would have a car with fades paint that needed repair. If he used the factory paint it would not match. If he matched the paint in a year or so it would fade and not match the other more faded paint.. It seems that the clearcoat helps eliminate that problem but presents a new problem - peeling clear coat. If you can keep your vehicle out of the sun you will be way ahead on not only keeping your paint in good shape but also reduce cracking on your tires and clouding of yo
  4. I do not understand your post. May just be me because I don't keep up with society.
  5. The batteries are charging to 100% but they may be old or have damaged cells so the voltage will drop off fast when a load is applied. My first suspect would be the batteries. Keep in mind that if your inverter is a Modified Sine Wave (MSW) Inverter it does not have a sine wave output and you cannot accurately measure the output voltage unless you have a True RMS Voltmeter. Most folks do not own a Ture RMS Voltmeter.
  6. Sounds like and old P30 chassis so I would check for worn parts before getting an alignment or adding the stabilizer.
  7. Paint codes are usually located on a label under the driver's seat but these are only numbers and if the paint shop can't find the formulas they make have trouble mixing a good match. I went thru that. Took the frig vent to them which had all three colors and ask them to match the paint because they could not find the formulas based on the paint codes. The paint did not match and caused me a lot of trouble. I finally got the formulas for the paint codes from Industrial Finishes in Eugene, Oregon and they were able to mix the correct match. Call the them and see if they have the formulas as the
  8. We have and 2006 Diplomat and ours is a lot worse than yours. The roof structure is an aluminum frame with crossmembers. Foam insulation is placed in the open areas of the frame and the entire roof is covered with plywood and fiberglass. The plywood does not seem to be thick enough and over time the roof will sag between the crossmembers.
  9. I have been doing that for many years. Often street addresses will put you in the wrong place for a large coach or just plain the wrong place altogether. If you can take a good look at your intended destination on Google Maps in the satellite mode you usually can pick a good location at the entrance of the campground, etc. and enter the coordinates into the search bar of the GPS. Most GPS's will search for the exact location by coordinates. Before saving the location give it a name. If you don't give it a name you will have to listen to the GPS voice calling out the numbers for the destinatio
  10. Because I am retired I don't have to drive at night anymore. Driving a Class A at night is like being in a fish bowl. We usually hit the road about 8 am and try to stop by 3 pm. I like taking it easy and it is fun to get to the campground early and watch others check in. I know folks that leave on a trip very early and drive into the late evening and then pull off into a Walmart to grab a few hours of sleep. That sounds like work to me and not much fun. Sometimes I wonder if my headlights even work and then I see the daylight running lights in the vehicle in front of me.
  11. You got to love Chris, he always goes the extra mile.
  12. We have had the Magna shades for years. When you think about it the shade is not coach specific but windshield specific. If you measure the windshield like they ask then they probably know the windshield size in your coach no matter what the model. Same goes for the windows. Just do the measurements they ask for and the shades should work. We have dealt with Magna shade on several occasions and they always came thru.
  13. Your post escapes me. What is ppl?
  14. John, I would observe the input shaft to the TRW while someone moves the steering wheel back and forth only in the dead motion zone to verify that the lost movement is in fact in the column spline shaft and/or the universal joints. It is rare but there have been cases of failed TRW boxes that produced excessive play even after adjustment. Another thing to keep in mind is the design of the TRW. The TRW output shaft must be aligned on the marks when the adjustment is made. If not then there will be play in the movement. When the marks are aligned the internal gears are on a high spot. Turin
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