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  1. Wow that is a lot of batteries!!! I get 5 years out of my chassis battery. I always keep a trickle charger/conditioner on it when its parked. Sorry, no idea what is causing the short life on yours. I'm starting to regret responding to this post, because I have a feeling I'm going to go out and find my chassis battery needs replacing. LOL.
  2. I have had the problem in the past and rigged up a pump and a house water filter to cycle the fuel through in order to clean the tank and fuel. I got the pump from harbor freight and the filter from home depot. I just used some old garden hose and clamps to hook it all together. The filters came in a 6 pack and by the time I got to the 6th one the fuel was pretty clean. It can be a messy process especially when changing out the filters, but it worked. I replace the fuel filters often and use a fuel additive in every tank. I'll add some more if it sits for a month. I also carry extra fuel
  3. I used the Dicor products on my roof this summer and it turned out great. The application of the paint is the easy part... you just roll it on and let it dry for about 3 hours then apply another coat. timing is key as its not supposed to get wet, even with dew. The hard part is the prep. I cleaned the roof, removed old sealants, etc. then sanded with two different grits of sandpaper, then washed with the special Dicor product. Taping up the entire coach and enclosing with plastic is important as the Dicor wash will mess with your paint and other surfaces. I would not say its an easy jo
  4. The DEF issue is why I picked that range of model years.... there are lots of 07s with 2006 engines out there. I have a diesel audi that uses DEF... my first and last experience with that!
  5. Like most of you that have one... I'm looking for my last RV. Frankly, I would not really even consider upgrading if the old 95 had a slide out in it. Its a 34 footer and really just not enough room to spend a month or two in comfortably. I've got a fairly specific coach in mind as to length, year, etc.... so my plan has been to just keep an eye out and be ready to pull the trigger when the right one at the right price comes on the market.... but again I just wonder what pricing could look like a year from now once the effects of a changing administration begin to take effect.
  6. Hey everyone, Let me start by saying that I absolutely am not looking for a political discussion. However, the political wind is changing and I'm curious how and/or if you think it will impact RV values. In particular, the ideas of reducing/eliminating the internal combustion engine, fuel prices and the overall health of the economy. I'm only a couple years from retirement and currently have a 95 Dynasty, but have been thinking of upgrading to a new to me 04-07 Monaco. I have the luxury of time at this point and I'm curious what you think will happen to RV values over the next 2 y
  7. mine is an older coach... 1995, but I second the alternator check.
  8. This really is the best discussion board I've seen. Thanks to you and all the unnamed behind the scene people. Jim
  9. that is a nice pay day... however I do suspect quality will go the way of the Monaco brand after its assets were acquired.
  10. I've had trouble finding a replacement ladder at any cost. My advice would be if it fits, pay the shipping!
  11. I am just beginning the search process for the next Monaco and found one online that was about 100 miles away. I was willing to take a drive and go see it, but it had a very high selling price... I mean $75k over what book value would put it in the ballpark. It was listed by POP's RV which come to find out is a broker. They replied to my email with wanting to know what my offer was? I guess I'm old school, but I don't make an offer on something I've only seen pictures of and to someone I have no idea who they are... Anyway, we went back and forth for a while and the guy finally said that
  12. Please let me know what you find out on this. My 95 Dynasty has similar issues... dash lights work, but not the dash fans, sometimes the cruise control. I've always assumed it is a ground or relay somewhere and just have not taken the time to go through them all.
  13. Hey there!

    I purchased a 1995 Dynasty a few weeks ago in Kingport TN. I am taking it to Morristown tomorrow to have the windshield replaced, first adventure. I live near Asheville NC. I am very excited to get this thing out on the weekends. Take care!


    1. Jim Bob

      Jim Bob

      Longer than mine an different color scheme, but looks very similar. I've had mine for many years...  let me know if you have any questions.  I may have some insight into it from past experience.  If you don't mind, I'd love to know some of the particulars like mileage, etc as well as what you paid for it.  Not being nosey, just planning on putting mine on the market in the next year or so... would like to have an idea where to start my pricing. 

    2. OCelate


      It has 150,000 miles and I paid $12,000 for it. I will put together a post about the entire thing soon. It has an oil leak and an ac compressor issue, neither scared me from buying. Both of these helped me get it down to that price. It had a cracked windshield, but that was fixed Saturday (why I was in Morristown). It has quite a few interior mods that help make it modern, which I will post about. New flooring and wall surface. Painted cabinets and new hardware. New toilet, shower and sink. New washer and dryer. New range and convection oven. Seating was removed and a new sofa and dining table. Curtains were replaced. It has the expected wear and tear on the exterior of a '95, but that is what I wanted. The "blue book" value was 11-12 thousand. But as you know, it's "What is it worth to you"? I hope this helps. Best of luck. And thanks, I will have questions. It's been fun learning the systems and how they work.

    3. Jim Bob

      Jim Bob

      Thanks for the update.  I think you got a good deal on it.  I would not worry about the mileage at all if it has decent service records.  The mechanical injector engines are supposed to be pretty much bullet proof.  My coach has about 77k on it and all original interior except I did replace the tile floor.  I've learned a bunch over the years... feel free to ask away.

  14. I have not heard that Roadmaster and Freightliner were a partnership... possibly after Monaco went belly up? A good shop is very difficult to find. Good luck in your search.
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