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  1. Wow... sounds like all that might have taken you a couple hours to do. LOL. Thanks for sharing. Something I will try to avoid.
  2. I am also replacing my clearance lights on a 95 Dynasty. The lower ones are pretty easy. Two wires to connect and you are done. The upper ones however have two white and two red and it looks like the old fixture was grounded with the screw to the frame. Anyone have any insight into how to wire the upper ones? I've tried and I'm not getting any light but it does show about 9 volts when I put a tester on it. I think the upper ones have a flash switch that you can use to signal when you pass someone? Any ideas would be appreciated. Jim
  3. looks like someone was a little hung over one morning when they were installing frame bolts. I would sure like to hear more about this. Seems like a straight stretch of road... Wind?
  4. Hey Gregg, I've got you beat. Mine is a 1995 Dynasty. I'd check the fuel filters, simple stuff first. Biodiesel in my area is awful for having all kinds of junk in it that clogs up the filters. I've never heard of that security system so no help on that. Let me know if you have questions... I've become pretty familiar with most everything on mine over the years. HaHa. Jim
  5. I just replace them. I suppose you could gas or kerosene to clean it, but that seems like a pain. Part number is Parker 300200. Jim
  6. BTW it is not labeled. I had no idea what it was until I took all the screws out of it and opened it. I had another electrical issue and was searching everywhere I could... I hope yours is the same. Jim
  7. Mine is a different model year but its in the front fuse box outside on the drivers side.... right in front of the front wheel. Sounds like a good reason to avoid Lazy DaZe... Hope this helps. Good luck Jim
  8. Like someone else mentioned, measure the fridge without the doors on. Most will go through the doorway as long as you have plenty of help carrying and lifting it
  9. so... you guys that have cut and altered your cabinet... what did you use to cut it? I would imagine a very straight cut is going to be needed to get it to look right when you match the pieces back together.
  10. Nice looking job Dennis, However my old TV is a tube type and the cabinet is about 20 some odd inches deep, so mounting a flat screen to the front is going to look pretty silly.
  11. I've taken the TV out, and there are square pieces of wood that are in the joints where the sides and front come together. I've removed the screws from those braces and it is still not moving. I think it may be glued together?
  12. My question is.... how do you get that cabinet out? I've looked at it and really can't find where it is attached. I've considered cutting it in place, but have not gotten brave enough for that yet. 95 Dynasty with the head knocker on the left over the drivers seat.
  13. I have a 95 dynasty and I am the only one that can open the door from the outside. Its a technique of pulling the handle and also pulling on the door at just the right time for it to open. The door opens easily from the inside. From the outside, lots of people pull on the handle and just assume its locked because it does not seem to activate the latch. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong with it? Also, the two PDF files in the post up above look very similar to mine. Any idea if they are the same for my year model? Thanks in advance, Jim
  14. I don't know about compressors, etc in a fridge, but computers and other electronics like pure sine wave energy. In my mind I would think you would need a inverter larger than 1500 watts and you also usually see people add batteries to the bank as well.
  15. Sorry, I searched the site using the box at the top of the screen and after I posted I noticed another post with the same topic. I found some good suggestions in the other thread. thanks, Jim
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