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    2002 Monaco Caymen 36' pulling 2011 Chevy HHR
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    I am a single active and healthy individual. I love driving my rig. Being a single guy, I get to do ALL the driving which there are times when I wish I had a little help, but I get through it and don't mind.. I have had my Monaco for 4 years and have driven it to Maine and all the way to Glacier Park. I've had putting 26k miles on my rig since I purchased it. I pull a 2011 HHR toad.

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  1. Hello, I am having the darnedest time finding the part number for front wheel seals on my 2002 Cayman. I have called several RV places and they ask for the last 8 of the vin and then point me somewhere else. Maybe they won't make much money so they don't want to bother with it, I don't know. If I had the actual part number of the seal it would be helpful. I don't want to take the wheel apart (I can't do that anyway) to pull the seal and leave it unattended until the part comes in. Does anyone have the part number handy or a company I can call to obtain them? Oh, even Kenworth service had p
  2. I wanted to thank all of you for your responses. I did purchase the Batteries at Costco. $198.28 for two GS2 Interstate Batteries. The is by far the best price for batteries. If you don't have a Costco membership, get a friend that does. Well worth the effort. I saved Almost $200 bucks. Happy New Year everyone.
  3. Thanks Ray. Great Tip. I have pictures from when I cleaned the cage, but no harm taking them again. Don't know why they don't, maybe "tis' the season", and making room for better selling stuff. Don't matter, I'll have them next week. Thanks for the tip. Happy New Year to ya!
  4. The two 6V Interstate batteries were installed 6 years ago and they just died when it got cold. The same ones can be had at Costco for $99 each. Decided to go with the same thing.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I ordered 2 of them. 7-10 days to get to the Costco store. Sam's carries Diehard. So, I can wait. They are $99 each now. You saved me $150 for 2 as opposed to buying from a dealer. Thanks again.
  6. I have to replace my House batteries. They are the Interstate battery 6 volt deep cycle gc2-xhd-utl. This is the first time I have to replace the house batteries. Does anyone have any recommendations of a equivalent brand battery or should I stay with the same. They run about $170 each. Was hoping to find something just as good but less expensive. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  7. I've never been there so I have to ask a couple questions. I assume there is no power hookups and you have to rely on generator and Solar for power? What is the approximate cost to stay for 2-3 months for the site location?
  8. Thanks for the help. I do know about the T-handle and they are retracted. I ran all three jacks down and red light cam on indicating they were down and used the T-handle to retract. The switch part is the only problem. The green light comes on when I turn the switch to the on position. The yellow and red light comes on like they should at the right times and also beeps. When I push the "all" switch or individual switches, nothing happens. It used to beep until all jacks were retracted. When I release the T-Handles, the light go back to normal. I had a problem with the Bong sensor and supposed
  9. Thanks for the help. This just happened all of a sudden. Never had a problem before. I think I will let it warm up first before I start taking things apart. It's just weird. I don't think I can retract the pads if the hydraulic fluid can't be reversed to allow the springs to bring them back. I'll keep you posted. Jim
  10. Maybe I should clarify my problem just a bit. I have a 4 position switch. When I turn on the switch to engage the hydraulic extensions, the north side of the switch engages and I can hear them working. When I press the south side of the switch to retract, nothing happen. It's dead. No noise nothing. I depress the south button "all" nothing happens, but all north side buttons engage the hydraulics. I think it's electrical not mechanical at this point. Hope that helps explain it a little better. Thanks. Jimybe I should clerify my problem just a bit. I have a 4
  11. This is the first time i experienced this problem. My hydraulics worked every time. Today, I heard the bell sound when I came to a stop and wondered what was up with that. I turned on the hydraulic and pushed the up buttons and nothing happened. When I pressed the extend button, they started to extend. Now the retract button on all 3 don't work they all engage to go down, but not up. Someone said to extend all the way down and it should correct itself. I hesitate to do that because, I won't be able to move the MH if all are extended. Any suggestions before I try that fix. It got cold here in
  12. Thank all of you for your replies. I now know what NOT to do. Thanks for the insight.
  13. Try checking the switch behind the brake peddle 1st. See if you have power to the switch. Make sure power goes thru the switch. If you don't, ohm out the switch. If you have power to the through the switch. See if you have power to the bulb, if you do, you probably have a ground problem. Place a temporary wire from the bulb to the ground. If no power to the switch or bulb, it's probably a cut wire or relay. Don't forget to use the chassis for the ground, not ground wire. Hope this helps.
  14. Well, I did follow pretty much what you said. I found a lot of dealers are selling my pristine Vintage 02 Cayman for a couple thousand more than me. Mine has been garaged (other than driving it 117k miles) all it's life, a transferable warranty on engine tranny, gen, seals and appliances as well. So, obviously, I think it has a high value because of that (I know......). NADA is what all the lenders seem to use to value the rig and their pricing is absurdly low compared to what everyone is listing theirs for. So, maybe I'm out of sync with the valuation or I'm looking for value in the wrong p
  15. Good article. I decided two months ago to sell my 02 Monaco Cayman. I finally got it all polished up and ready to sell. Where would you go to place an ad for selling my MH? Where can I get the value so I can price it correctly? It still has an extended warranty thru next August or up to 160,000 miles and transferable on major appliances, engine, tranny and seals. I think that by itself is worth a lot, but I'm not sure how to price it. It's in excellent condition with 117,000 miles. Any suggestions? Jim
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