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  1. Maybe give the starter a couple of taps with a hammer if it is trying to engage? Old school, but has work on rigs in the past.
  2. Did you check battery terminals on chassis batteries to make sure they were tight, especially the ground?
  3. I am sure it is, but is the coach plugged in to 120v. I agree with others breakers on in inverter or ground fault.
  4. I would be interested in that deal. Gladly pay for the shipping.
  5. On our 8.3L ISC the book did not have the correct filters in it either. Previous owner had written them in and comparing them to what was on the coach, they were the same as his notes. Since it was running great, I just put the same ones that were on it back on. Yours may be different, but mine has Fleetguard FS5488 and FS1003. I also carry to spares with me.
  6. Would anyone have the tensioner part number? Quick search and there are more than one out there of course. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Getting ready to change out my serpentine belt on rear radiator Knight. Couldn’t find the belt info on any of my books, but did manage to get numbers off the current belt. More of a preventative maintenance so I don’t have to do it on side of road. I have the belt ordered and looking for any tips or tricks to make it go as easy as possible as I know it will not be easy. Oh and if anyone has the belt number for the AC compressor, that would be much appreciated as I did not see any numbers on it. thanks, Steve
  8. That is beautiful!! Your work is second to none!! New flooring is my next mod. I just wish I was able to afford to drop it off and pick it up.
  9. Thanks everyone! Makes a Lot of sense now. I will probably just remove before I go next time. Keep everyone happy.
  10. Just checking to if this is standard equipment or something that was added? My Windsor I had didn’t have it. Oil change place had not seen one and of course they would not remove it. Went to a friends shop in town and took me all of 2 minutes to remove it. Just has me curious. Thanks, Steve
  11. Figured I would wrap this up. kit is installed, ride height is set, bags seated correctly, rear air leaks are gone ( must of been bag or bags) found front air leak is the drain valve on front of coach, which I temporarily capped off until I can get a new one. Gonna take it for a ride on Saturday in to town to get oil changed, looking forward to see how it rides now. special notes removing tires makes the job way easier ( need 1” impact and 33mm socket) rear shocks have limit straps which makes install easy. Install and cut. front shocks don’t and it was all I could do to com
  12. Bob, yes, I had a dumb A*# moment. When I walked out this morning and was staring at the coach parked on the concrete before I was heading to work, thinking I know it is plumbed correctly. THEN I noticed the jack down and the fender gap was more than normal. Then it hit me, Lower the jack! Guess what, then the airbags filled up!! Boy, talking about a DUH moment for sure. I will have to make sure the set themselves when I get home this evening.
  13. I hope so. Got the rest of the front done this evening. Fired the coach up waiting to hear the bags”fix” themselves. Nothing..... no air to front bags what so ever. Was getting dark so I will have to assess my hose routing. With only 3 airlines I “ thought” I had it figured out. Definitely not, feeling pretty dumb at the moment😠
  14. Bob, I said it was no fun, but didn’t say it wasn’t worth it... lol. I agree 100%, no way I would pay someone that kind of money for the installation. That will pay for our trip to Colorado in July plus play money left over! I just could not squeeze under the wheel well so I was between a rock and hard place at that point. On to the front, I probably could have done it without removing the tire, but since I have the impact now, just made things so much easier. Hubs look good and full of oil. Brakes great as well. next was to remove the old air bags and shocks. The top bolt
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