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    Moe & Ella McKnight, East Bend, NC

    ‘05 Monaco Signature Chateau IV, DD60 engine, towing ‘01 Suburban with Ready Brute Elite II tow bar.

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  1. Hi Rick, I had to replace a leaking water valve on my Whirlpool and thought I’d never get the refrigerator out of the cabinet. It was not bolted to the floor at all. It was secured at the top by the cabinet trim piece and a metal flange. It was VERY hard to get out of the cabinet because it had fiberglass insulation wedged on each side making it extremely tight. I had to have someone push from the back while I pulled from the front.
  2. I had the same issue with burnt contacts at the SW board. With the help from others here, here is the solution I implemented:
  3. We just had our first experience with a 30 amp hookup and no soft starts. We were able to run two ACs and residential fridge but turned off one of the ACs if using the microwave. Hot water heater is another draw to be aware of. Overall it was not difficult to manage if you monitor the amps being used. Of course you could always start your generator if you really needed to power everything at once. Welcome to the group and happy camping!
  4. Great outlook! I needed that! 🙂
  5. Thank you John! That’s good to know about Coach-Net...I’m hoping I never have to call them again!
  6. Update: Josam has completed the repairs. What a great experience there with Barry and his team! Coach-Net was awesome as well! Now I’m at Lazydays in Wildwood for the slide repair!
  7. Paul thank you for this! I was glad to see my pressures are correct!
  8. I spoke to Barry at Josams in Orlando when I had them change out the Airbags and Shocks and had him check the fix. He said they do a similar fix.

    1. Mocephus


      Rob that’s good to know. I hear nothing but good about Josams. Thank you for the follow-up!

  9. Yes, according to the motorist who flagged us down, it looked like a 4th of July celebration under our coach. Sounds like you ended up with a great fix!
  10. Yes, I had planned to. While they’re under there I’ll also probably have them lube the chassis if they don’t charge too much and check for anything else that may need servicing (bushings, shocks, air leaks, etc.)
  11. Thank you David, I’m feeling better each day with the decision to take it to Josam!
  12. Fortunately I didn’t have to pry the fixture loose to get to those bulbs, the lenses unscrewed easily. If you have to lower the fixture, try using something plastic and thin, like an auto trim removal tool. I’ve used that successfully to pry fixtures from the ceiling. You may also be able to access them by removing the floor of the cabinet above it. It’s a false bottom. Not sure what it would take to get it up though.
  13. Hi friends! So, just in case anyone else has struggled removing the glass lens on some of their puck lights, here’s an easy solution that worked for me. When replacing our incandescent bulbs with LEDs, I ran across two or three lenses that I could not work free even after lowering the whole assembly from the ceiling so I could get a good grasp on it. After you lower the fixture from the ceiling you will see two thin strips of metal on opposite sides of the housing. Those act as springs that hold two small plastic pieces that ride in the channel of the glass lens, so that you can unscrew it. They are supposed to spring out when twisting the glass lens so it can be removed. Sometimes they don’t and get caught on an edge in that channel in the lens making it near impossible to get the lens off without breaking it. So, to release the tension on those plastic pieces, wedge something non-conductive (to be super safe), like a toothpick or piece of plastic or even a piece of napkin like I did. Once both sides are wedged out a little, the lens will come off super easy. I’m sharing this because I’ve said enough bad words trying to twist off stubborn lenses and I’m hoping to save others from a similar emotional breakdown.
  14. Passenger side front slide. The left side of that slide is living room couch, the right side (the one with the broken rollers) is the kitchen.
  15. Thanks Bob, I sure will. Thanks Greg, while I was at Talin RV last week they checked all of my slides, and especially the one with the bad chain. Only the one with the bad chain needed adjustment. You are right, it doesn’t make sense that there aren’t more rollers on that big kitchen slide! Sadly, I bet it came down to $$.
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