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  1. I changed-out my original stereo that was connected to the CD player, DVD player, TV and had GPS built-in. The thing is it was so complicated I could never understand it. I also replaced the drop-down TV with a smart tv. I gave-up on CD's, DVD,s as streaming is my future. I found this Alpine single DIN with a large screen. Now I plug-in my iPhone and use Apple play, bluetooth, Google maps and it is constantly updating and plug and play. So much easier! Here is the unit I installed, I highly recommend it. https://www.crutchfield.ca/p_500ILXF259/Alpine-Halo9-iLX-F259.html Cheers!
  2. I have my coach in storage and know that I will have to replace the LPG when I take it out. FYI, I added Nest smoke, carbon monoxide detectors to the basement and interior of the coach which operates of my wifi hot spot and alerts me if there is an issue. I would get an alert well in advance of a potential issue being noticeable to a passerby.
  3. I had something similar once and it was the Nason switch on the air brake.
  4. I had something similar occur so I removed the filters in the ceiling and washed them. The foam was old and degrading so I have since made new ones.
  5. Could it be the thermostat that is not operating correctly?
  6. Great job and thanks for the documentation. I have the same slide covers and awnings and will need to do some work on them one day.
  7. I bought many replacement LED bulbs from this company and they sell strips/ropes as well. Call them to get exactly what you want. https://m4products.com
  8. Ron, When replacing the original television in my drop-down unit I had an issue with it not going up or down, luckily, it was stuck in the down position. I found that the plug for the motor had worked loose. Prior to that I checked the wall switch and fuses and found them to be good. Elsewhere on this Forum there is a discussion about the TV lift and there are new replacements by current manufacturers for the lift if it has stopped working. They are quite robust so I would be surprised if it died. I was in Indio, CA at the time and had a very experienced Tech helping me, I hope you s
  9. Chet, How did you power the induction cooktop? I know they take a lot of power when on high. Cheers,
  10. Thanks Paul, I agree, a bearing is a bearing. I am certain there is a way to replace the bearing and put it back together. I would go this route but my wife just wants new units!
  11. I had something similar in a 2004 Signature, it turned-out to be a cracked solder on the board that powered the HWH in the LF box, mine was upper left. Power was not going across the board to the fuse, an RV Electrician ran power from the 'powered' side of the board to the non 'powered' side, it worked for me. I bought a new board and will install it when I have time or when the 'fix' stops. Check to see if you are getting power to those fuses.
  12. Do you have an exhaust brake or an engine brake? My 2004 Signature has an engine brake but no exhaust brake, also with a foot pedal. Detroit 60 w Cummins 4000.
  13. I can't get to my motorhome right now to photograph it but here is an article Vito wrote about changing the original 37 inch tv for a 50 inch; in the photos you can see the ceiling mounted apparatus. You might find a unit from a wrecker? The housing would hide any ceiling material removed to make it work. https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/50-tv-install-in-overhead-lift-signature-executive-dynasty-and-navigator-362163.html
  14. 2000 and up era Signatures and some Beaver products came with fold down ceiling screens that might be retrofitted. I recently removed the original TV and was able to fit a 50 inch perfectly. Its not 70 but its very nice.
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