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    From a Wesfalia VW to our second coach, more of a winter cottage.
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  1. I can't get to my motorhome right now to photograph it but here is an article Vito wrote about changing the original 37 inch tv for a 50 inch; in the photos you can see the ceiling mounted apparatus. You might find a unit from a wrecker? The housing would hide any ceiling material removed to make it work. https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/50-tv-install-in-overhead-lift-signature-executive-dynasty-and-navigator-362163.html
  2. 2000 and up era Signatures and some Beaver products came with fold down ceiling screens that might be retrofitted. I recently removed the original TV and was able to fit a 50 inch perfectly. Its not 70 but its very nice.
  3. Thanks for edifying, I dread the day I need a tow.
  4. What does it mean, "removed an axle"? Do you have a photo of the backend of the coach when in tow position? Thanks
  5. Bruce B


    While we are talking tires, what is the maximum age of a new tire you will purchase?
  6. Hi Paul, Yes, every chance I get but it seems they are building the cabinet to fit their choice of machines. The ones I have looked at are all larger than what I have, I think it is a trend.
  7. Are you plugged in to 50 amp or batteries and generator only? If you are plugged in Are you getting two legs of electricity from 50 amp? Check Transfer switch if not.
  8. I had something similar on a ‘04 Signature. For me the board in the left front run box had lost power to the HWH. A Tech ran power from one side of the board to the other and it worked. I now carry a spare board. Why this happened I have no idea. Good luck, I’m sure you will find the issue.
  9. Thanks everyone. Currently Whirlpool does not make a unit of the same dimensions. The Splendide stackers are a good idea when I exhaust replacing just the washer. There is a Blomberg unit that is 23 5/8" in width so its very close while the other dimensions work. This winter when set-up I may pull the washer and see if I can match the bearing from another source otherwise replace the both units. Cheers
  10. Hi Everyone, I have a 2004 Signature Chateau 4 and my washing machine bearing is sounding like it is wearing out. It is the original stacked combo washer-dryer from Whirlpool. The dryer is fine so I am looking for a replacement washer or, if necessary, to replace the combo. The washer is a Whirlpool model LCR5232 HQ1 #VLM5011629. This was a compact unit for its day and measures 22 1/4 depth, 33 3/4 height and 22 1/4 width. It is a top loader. Has anyone found replacement stacking units that fit into the original closet of their signature and if so what models were they? I have tried finding parts for the bearing but they are long discontinued by Whirlpool. Thanks for any advice.
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