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  1. We have two hoses one 50' 5/8" and one 75' 3/4". The 50' I purchased from Home Depot it is black and rolls up flat but I can't remember what the brand was just know it was from Home Depot and was in a clear plastic tube like container. The other 75' hose is a ZeroG Pro. This is the second ZGPro that we have had. The first one started to leak at one of the ends after about a year. Zero G just needed me to cut the ends off and send a picture and they sent me a new hose. The new one has not leaked, yet. I like the larger 3/4" for flow but wish they came in a 25'
  2. Blufire is another monitoring option. It links via bluetooth to several different types of devices iOS, Android and windows. We use it on an iPad AirPro It does take some time to create your personalized screen/gauge cluster or you can download other clusters that others have built. I had a scanguage but it was too small for me to see very well and could only display about 4 things on the little screen.
  3. You could have an IP conflict between the two devices or if for what you thought would be convenience you made the passwords the same that could also cause an issue. Just a thought.
  4. Do you have the original A/C units? Did you have to change out your boards on the units for the new thermostat to work?
  5. I took ours apart cleaned and adjusted the contacts and that was two years ago and been fine every since.
  6. Yes, sorry, should have been more specific Simple Green Pro HD (purple stuff).
  7. That is how I clean my except I use a power washer with the tip set to 45 and don't get any closer than 3-4' or from what I understand the pressure used too close could damage components. I went from not being able to see any light through it to seeing allot of light and the engine running cooler. Allow the engine to cool down completely, make sure you let the Simple Green sit for 15-20 minutes and then spray again and let set for a a few minutes then spray. You may have to do this a couple or three times to get it mostly cleared if you haven't done it before. I put a large
  8. Is the sound like a screeching metal on metal sound when going down? If you have never replaced it, that is likely your hydraulic motor. I just replaced our last spring. Not a difficult task at all. This was the one for our 2000 Diplomat. Yours may be different. https://www.rvajack.com/RVA-MTR-01-RVA-Pump-Motor-for-16A-22.5-32-Systems Alan with their support was very helpful. Alan (Support) <help@rvajack.com>
  9. Sounds like maybe one spring is broken. Ours did the same thing, replaced both springs(one was broken) and all good since.
  10. Good to hear you got it figured out. Hopefully now you can start to use the Blufire device and have some fun with it.
  11. We have a 2000 Diplomat and it works great. It is J1708 on a 6 pin under the dash. We get trans setting, current gear and tenp. That is what we see.
  12. Have you checked iRV2 Forum? There are a couple of threads related to Blufire. Do you have the 6 pin adapter or 9 pin. I thought coaches after about 2001 used the 9 pin j1939 communication protocol. You might also send an email to Mark with Blufire. He is pretty good about returning emails within a couple days.
  13. I've been using BlueFire for a couple of years now on an iPad Air and it has worked well. Has had a few glitches over that time but not any real major issues that have stopped me from using it. Follow DavidL's link above to iRV2 there is a lot of info there.
  14. I have an opportunity to get a Winegard Carryout Anser pictured below. Is anyone else using this dish and what has been your experience? Thanks,
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