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  1. I had the Norcold 1200 in my coach and after reading about all the fires I decide to remove mind and install a residential frig. With my opening size I had to use the Fisher Paykel and have been very happy with it. Once I removed the Norcold the char marks on the walls from (getting so hot) made me realize what a great decision this was. I am just glad we have forums like this or I would have never thought about it.
  2. Yes, the one Scotty shared in his link.
  3. I already ordered the Blue Sea. I seen the one you posted (Dr4film) on amazon and judging by the price, I knew they couldn't be very good. Thanks!
  4. What brand do you guys recommend for the main shut off switch? Thanks,
  5. Very nice well kept park in the North Myrtle beach area. About 20 minutes out of N. Myrtle Beach. https://willowtreervr.com/
  6. Hi Jim, I have a 2004 Imperial and the headlights went out on the way to Florida last year. I checked all of the fuses and couldn't find anything a miss. I finally pulled the plastic covering off from around the steering column and found a plug that had come disconnected. I hope this helps!
  7. I installed a Fischer Paykal (about $3,000 which is rather expensive) in our motorhome 2 years ago and have been very happy with the performance. Mine has been running on MSW inverter while traveling without any issues. I do keep it plugged into 50amp service at home so it runs 24/7. I took the doors and hinges off of the fridge and was able to get it through the front door.
  8. Thanks Throgmartin, I am just learning to drive in the mountains around my neck of the woods and this is really good information.
  9. Thank you Kitty, but I have to admit. We have owned our coach for 4 years now and purchased in the hopes of traveling when we retire. I am a member of several RV sites and a couple of groups that are Monaco only. I don't post a lot but read everything I can to educate myself from everyone else's experiences. I am not educated enough on motorhome matters YET to give answers to people that have questions on certain things. This is my way of giving back and saying thank you for the help on crazy questions I have had in the past and for the free education. So this really is just a trade off.
  10. Hello. I would be interested if it's still available. Thanks, Jim

    1. miniedmo


      Hi Jim, I have already given this one away. I have the last one posted on the Holiday Ramblers group and have had no responses yet. If no one responds on that one, I will let you know.

    2. miniedmo


      Hi Jim, sorry but I got a response on the other site from someone that wanted it.

  11. No problem Dennis, I will try to have it in the mail tomorrow.
  12. We purchased a lifetime membership to Passport America and they give us a free year for friend or family. We don't have any friends or family that camp, so figured I I would offer it to someone here. I think who ever responds first would be the fair way to do it.
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