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  1. If it's not their check the front run box not at my motorhome right now so I can't look sorry
  2. My tail light fuses are in the last compartment on the passenger side
  3. I am going to use Simple Green Pro HD it is safe for aluminum?
  4. I am getting ready to clean the rear Radiator on my motorhome Does the Back Grill come off the motor home to get better access to the radiator Mixing up a solution of simple green HD Pro and water to spray on the radiator I have an 08 Holiday Rambler Endeavor thank you all
  5. Where in Oregon right now and I have noticed all the TA Travel Centers only sell 20% bio that is where I get the biggest discount on fuel but I stay far away from them
  6. When I fill up my motorhome I usually try and find biodiesel 5% ULSD I noticed most of the truck stops are selling 20% ULS biodiesel Can someone explain what the difference is between ULSD & ULS I have ran 20% ULS and it seems like I lost power & fuel mileage Thank you
  7. RV Glass Solutions (888)777-6778 They might be able to point you in the right direction
  8. Don't forget RV life & Park advisor
  9. I bet you there's a false wall behind that upper cabinet
  10. I have an 08 Holiday Rambler Endeavor with a 400 horsepower Cummins is there any way to tell how many hours the motor has on it without taking it to Cummings and having them hook it up to a computer thank you
  11. Just curious how many miles do you have on your coach and how do you force the regen do you let your coach idle a lot My coach has a DPF filter and the first time it did a regen was at 32,000 miles
  12. I have always had good luck with Speedco for lube and oil change
  13. This is in the rear passenger compartment my chassis is the RR8R might be different chassis than yours
  14. My fuses for the turn signals are in the last Bay on the passenger side all the way in the back
  15. How do you tell what diesel they sell without looking at the pump?? Thank you
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