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  1. Mine was from a peterbuilt truck. Came standard equipment from Monaco. Just like my Alternator is. NAPA searched the model and serial mumber and up came Peterbuilt OEM. Had a new one that afternoon.
  2. Source engineering knows Monacos chassis Good deal.😁
  3. Fantastic Great news No No breaks 🤣
  4. Get your house batteries tested. If they are that low ??? Even if new A dead cell will keep them from charging at all.
  5. The only time you would turn the fuse off is to service the generator. It has to be on ALL the time otherwise. Happy Birthday Pennzo 🥳
  6. Different year But My aquahot has a ground strip. And guess what 😳 My toilet is grounded on that aqua hot ground bar. I have several in the electrical bay under the drivers side window. Do you have an electrical map, scematic AC and DC ?
  7. Guessing ??? People ? Its in the manual Bob 😉
  8. If the green light is on solid. Your running AC off the Inverter. If your generator is running. You should not be running off the inverter, House Batteries. Generator running Green light should flicker. Generator runnibg All AC appliances should be working. A.C. units TVs 110 lights 110 outlets should be Hot. And you should be charging the house batteries. Turn that switch back on with the generator running. And see of your still inverting??? Check the on/off switch on the front of the generator Next to your gene
  9. First off Shops do turn the battery switches off to service rvs They certainly did to replace your batteries. But 12 volt runs both ways, always. So if your using the DC. energy, power from the hoyse batteries. You battery switches must be on. So do you have A.C. current, power while running your generator. 120. There is also a on, off switch on the generator. This is a simple starting point to diagnose your problem. Then Your inverter , converter charger may have fuses.
  10. Wowwww Sombody realy messed up your coach if youhad all those issues. Fan blades Dirty radiator Plugged cooling tower. Leaking hydraulic motor. Your lucky you ran as long as you could with no good and thorough servicing.
  11. So sorry to read that the engine blew. So where did the coolant go 🤔??? Did you see a leak of coolant ? Did the engine temp start upward ?
  12. Source engineering You have had great advice. I call source for radiator, suspension and many oother chassis questions They know their stuff and they are Honest.
  13. Its very easy to change the dip switch settings 👌 They are well marked. Good luck.
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