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    A life long Agricultural history.
    A true farm boy the past 70 years

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  1. Ammmen David Hello Moderator 👋 Pkease help Change my coach and year to Monaco Signature 1999 Thank you much as I had no clue as to how?and how to correct
  2. Ohhh boy 1999 My poor mind 😪
  3. I cant run 3 acs and the washer. I have a switch in the kitchen. By sink It says Washer dryer Or Ac.
  4. We also use them in all of our semi trucks and fire truck's
  5. I like the New are $600. Nothing cheap about maintaining rvs, boat and aircraft as original. Im sitting at Visone right now. Quite a selection of everything 👌
  6. Ivans correct I think you would have to be plugged into 50 amp service. Or have your batteries connected to a charger system of some sorts.
  7. So how are you planning to equalize them Steve
  8. What you describe is from low battery voltage is why I ask . Not being plugged in to keep batteries charged. And you didnt say what your batteries tested. With what you were trying to use. Heater and all Your way overloaded. sorry I read evos thoughts ????
  9. Are you plugged into 50 amp. What do your house batteries test now ?
  10. Those lighter cables burned out many a starter.
  11. Great and critical information Frank. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Personally I see no negative issue for your compressor. New fuel line section. New air hose. Run the engine and compressor and observe, listen. You should be good to go.
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