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  1. Something isn't right 🤔 Your creating massive Heat. Ground Shorted out wire Something If it's that hot and that obvious They should be able to diagnose the problem 🙄
  2. Sorry The way I read your post. You appear to question having your unit plugged in. Maybe as a negative. It should never be a negative nor the airbag comment? Just trying to understand your dilemma 🙃
  3. What did you do to get it fired up ? You will help someone 🙂
  4. So why do you think being plugged in has Anyting to do with your starter ??? Starter solenoid??? Mine has been plugged in continuously since new in 99. 125,000 miles Original Starter. Low voltage on your chassis battery can burn up a starter but ??? Not likely your issue. A good trick mechanic should be able to troubleshoot low voltage or other issues that kill your starter. If your realy killing them. I question your issues all together. ???
  5. Fortunately we had airstream trailers from the 60s to the early 90s Then diesel pushers All AC, DC power wired. It is a learning curve and if you don't use your rig or trailer consistently one can forget or get somewhat confused 😐🤔 Our houseboat has a AC and DC bulb in every ceiling fixture wired specially. No shore power No generator running We use the DC switch When on shore power or the generator is running We use the AC switch, bulb 💡 When guests are visiting 😍 It's common to find both on at the same time.
  6. Personally I'd get it in a shop or have a mobile tech change it out.. T h e parts are common and a big truck mobile tech can change quite quickly. Good luck
  7. Looks like the leveling valve. Should be 1 in front 1 on each side by rear drive axle. They are common and sell for 70 to 100 $s NAPA or a truck store, truck shop.
  8. Your advice above is right on. If your hydraulic motor is not leaking and runs slow when cold. It's probably good. Change your hydraulic fluid and hydraulic fluid filter if you haven't recently. I change mine annually. Yes, overkill. But I have never had any pump or hydraulic motor issues. I have two hydraulic motors with two fans. Good Luck Keep us posted.
  9. Yes This was just discussed in a threat the past few days.
  10. Your thinking correctly Good viable options All of them personal choise
  11. Something is fishy about this case. I would wait and see the outcome of the investigation. Also I was advised since the 60s Never finance a recreational vehicle Most of all ( Don't let the dealer finance your recreational vehicle. ) Easy can be disastrous Use your credit union or personal bank. With a very Big down payment.
  12. See if you have a single wire running to the panel where your big boy is. Is there a single wire ? Wired hot with a 10 amp fuse down 10 to 14 inches heading toward a spliter ? That feeds the back of your plug ??? Look around I blew that fuse and lost all 12 volt to my trailer 7 way plug.
  13. His website and forum website were discussed last week. He also has great prices on parts and tec help available 😀👍 Someone will chime in with what you need if you can't find a recent aquahot thread Try Google search Roger Burke.com home
  14. Yes Could be a few thing's Pull your burner motor and see what's leaking. When I purchased mine, someone had stripped the nuts threads on the banjo fuel lines to the pump and created a leak. Misfiring will create a leak. Check your fuel pump and connections. Mine was in dire strates back then, 15 years ago. So I sent the burner to Roger Burk for a complete re build and a great education 👍 $800 & a 3 day turn around time. Several great youtubes available also.
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