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  1. They could have hit a drainage abutment or pole, ditch. Everytime we visit Visone or see a video like this. We realize that our beloved RVs are a split second away from being Trashed 🗑 Junk. 🤭🤫
  2. Everytime we visit Visone or see a video like this. We realize that our beloved RVs are a split second away from being Trashed 🗑 Junk. 🤭🤫
  3. I don't know your situation. But I have the same system. The first thing I do is. Turn the HWH leveling system off. Then I start the coach at normal idle untill the oil pressure drops some. Becomes warm enough to normalize. The sometimes high idle. By then the pop off valve relieces and the unit goes into travel mode automatically. 1. Check the passenger side level arm and valve. 2. Make certain that the HWH is off from the start of process. and it's in travel mode. Green Light. After airing up fully. Then let sit at idle a fee minutes. Do a search. There have been several with the same issue.
  4. They make special filtered tire valves for the old style sand beads. The new ones are larger glass beads They won't stick the valves open .
  5. You say It seems that the tank must be full ? Is it or isn't it 🤔 My overflow is in the center of the coach under the fresh water tank. Are you certain that your ( filling the tank ) Run a faucet and see if you have pressure or not as you fill. You should NOT
  6. We never have. Not on farm trucks or semi tractors either. Be careful where you buy tires. Makes a difference I think.
  7. I assume after sitting for 8 months your bus settled to a low point No air I have seen it take quite a bit of time, and some miles down the road for the rear rock guard to stop dragging. It's not uncommon to see busses leaving out with the rear end dragging 😒 Even after airing up to travel mode 8 months with no air ? Those bags are stiff.
  8. Yes Mine was also, about 60 lbs as I recall. Rustisted out like yours. I spent two - three hours one day removing it all up to the Turbo. The next day a friend and I installed the new simpler version. Fortunately he was a good welder with a nice shop a mile away. . That was a great help because I was in a campground in Florida. Not home with the farm shop available.
  9. I Ordered an Aero stainless Resenator $300. I think ? Maybe $200. That was 5 years ago. Maybe the TOTAL cost $400. At most The rest I got from local NAPA
  10. My wife was following me in Florida one morning 🌄 bright sunshine. She called and told me to pullover Flames out the back she said. I found nothing This happened 3 times. I finally figured that it was the sun's reflection shimmering on the rock guard . Problem solved. 🤗🤗🤗
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