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  1. Hi there, the item you identified is an over pressure relief valve. That style of dryer has issues and when it gets obstructed- either the purge valve won't quit leaking, or it locks up causing the blow off valve to discharge the excess pressure. Replacing the air dryer assembly will take care of the issue and many others (if it recently has not been done) in the future! It can be found at any Freightliner and is most always in stock. Best of luck, Nick
  2. 1.I am looking to replace my tires with a new set of Michelins and would like some info on the "best" place to purchase and have installed at the best price. The coach is in Jax, Fl. 2. I would like to replace the couch with a high end leather sleeper sofa with under storage. Price is not an issue, quality is! 3. All the interior lighting will be replaced with led lights/fixtures, suggestions where to purchase? I will do the install myself. 4. I would like to replace the tile/hardwood flooring in the coach, but the repair companies quote me yet never show up. I am mechanically and electrically inclined, but have never done flooring. Can anyone point me to some awesome videos or how-to, step by step DIY tile removal and reinstallation? I don't have the time and would love to pay somebody, but they won't take my money... If anyone knows of capable people/company that are competent in RV floor replacement, that won't take 4-10 days for the job- DM me please! Thanks, NIc I could also use new tail lighting, I am having a difficult time finding exact replacements. Has anyone replaced the tail/turn assemblies on an '02 HR Endeavor? Thanks, Nic
  3. Van, That is awesome to hear! I am fortunate enough to have been trained by some of the brightest and finest in the industry, and do most of my own repairs. I have friends that work on Cat, Cummins, Detroit, Allison and so on with 18 bay shops and know what they are doing. I am concerned when I venture out of the area, and get stuck on the side of the road, that I am fortunate enough to run into an ethical shop with a Jason. 🙂 I had a tow west of Dallas five years ago, or so, 60 miles to a Dallas shop was $720. A week In the shop, 2 injectors later was $6,000.00. I was taken to the cleaners for sure, but that wasn’t the end of it. I made it 300 miles to Lubbock and had those injectors fail. A new 6 pack and I was rolling at an out of pocket cost of $6,100.00. Never had another issues. I always say if you have 1 injector fail, you will most likely going to replacing more in the near future, so while you are at the shop- have them al replaced and warranted. If you are able to, I would try to review his shop on Google and any applicable sites as well. An honest review is worth its weight in gold, he will be forever grateful. I wish you success on your repair and many thousands of miles trouble free! Take care, Nic
  4. Tom, that is great advice. I would like to thank you and Dennis for the help with pretty much-everything that comes along on the forum. I am a newbie on here but have 20+ years of RV’ing under my belt along with the trials and tribulations of repairs. 🙂 There have been a few folks that have contacted me via DM, and have been wonderful. This is a testament to the quality of folks In this forum. Okay, back to the original reply: yes, the wabco is roughly $250ish, and was super easy to install if you have tools and are mechanically handy. Anyone can do this, carefully of course. I would also recommend replacing the air governor $40-$80 if you have an air leak and cannot find it. This is the culprit that no one checks since it is “supposed” to always work, right? I can’t tell you how many I have replaced and had the customer call a few days later stating “I still have air pressure,” and if it has never been replaced In a 15 year old coach, it is peace of mind. The check valve weakens over time and allows air to escape. Also, if your coach has an issue with building air- this is the first thing to check, 99% probability based on years of experience:). One last tip: drain your air tanks people! Condensation builds up and believe it or not, you will have water come out when drained- in massive amounts. This will also happen if your air dryer filter hasn’t been changed In a while. The air tank has a pet cock (drain valve), mine was changed to one you can pull the cable from a few feet away without having to get under the coach, just makes it super easy to drain. Thank you all for the help and have a blessed day, Nic
  5. I would greatly appreciate it, and in fact would pay the shipping and a “thank you”. Plz message me when you can. nic
  6. Chris, Thank you for the insight of current industry trends. I purchased an ‘02 Holiday Rambler a few months ago, my dream coach, older than I would have liked, but absolutely pristine!!! 2 owner, climate controlled storage 8 months a year, 50k miles, little to no surface rust, never seen northern states in winter, 8” thick file of every service ever done, etc. I was extremely fortunate to find her!!! This was a blessing for sure. I spent a week looking at garbage coaches on the upper end of ridiculous price spectrum... Roof leaks on every single one, some were trashed, and worth half of asking. $79k for a $15k coach... it was bad. Then I found this On the last day, when I was about to give up. The market had bottomed out at that time, so we were super fortunate to find such a clean coach at that price. One other benefit was being able to pay with cash. I asked the couple why it hadn’t sold, the response was “it’s too old of a coach and no one would finance it, no one has cash, or it’s too big“. I would have loved to find a 45’ Monaco or prevost, which I will, but I will be enjoy my new toy over the 4th of July holiday for the first time. Please keep posting updates if you would, having the knowledge from an industry insider is great. I am always “looking” for a deal and never satisfied with what I have.:) I am new on the forum and have benefited greatly from the knowledge and expertise of all who contribute. Thanks, Nic
  7. I would say you’re probably correct. We are absolutely stunned with the lack of spots available. I had assumed there should be “some“ availability, not a single spot as of right now. On to Plan B. Thanks, Nic
  8. Hi Jim, Much appreciated sir! I assume the one you are referring to is in Destin FL? I will be on the east coast of Florida, but if I ever get out to the panhandle- I will for sure. I spent a while trying to call places I was graciously given, and no success with anyone answering. It is Sunday, but still all the lines were busy. I will keep doing research and keep fingers crossed. Nice coach btw, I hope my HR Endeavor grows up to be a Monaco someday... I just love these coaches and purchased mine not to long ago, it is RUST free and I hope to keep it this way. Never have been to a beachfront RV park, so, if all goes well no matter the hurdles, I hope to wake up on the fourth looking at the majestic Atlantic ocean, thankful to have been blessed enough to have been born an American! It is time for a vacation! I knew you guys would have some solid answers!! It is much appreciated, I will be doing some research now, google didn’t have much, same with GS and PA. Thanks, Nic
  9. Ah, nice. I have only found alliance with an 18 mo warranty and I was a fan of the interstates, until a batt died and they wouldn’t warranty it. Just curious what class of battery do you have in your coach? Originally, this had two sets of four and they installed them in different bays for weight management. Where did you get the Duracell? Btw, there used to only be 4 or 5 manufacturers in the US that made all the batteries so I am kind of shocked to find one with a 4 yr warranty. Even if it’s $50-60 higher, a non prorated warrantied batt would save money in the long run as long as that unit will outlast the warranty. Thanks for the Info! Nic
  10. Hi guys and gals, I know we have some very knowledgeable travelers on this forum, I would like to know if anyone has had any luck with any of the beachfront RV Parks from Jax, Fl to Palm Coast Florida? I would love to book one for the Fourth of July and preferably dog friendly:) all of the searches have come back pretty scarce. Any suggestion is welcome! Thanks in advance, I am new here and love the group so far! Thank you! Nic
  11. Hi Biljol, The boost is a cool feature and usually does help, one issue people have when they press, they don’t give it a few seconds to allow the current to flow from the other bank of batts that are charged, so the engine slowly turns over. It is kind of like a quick charger since you have such a large gauge cable going from one set of batts to another. You can definitely leave it off and do not have to use it, but if you ever are in a pinch where the coach won’t start, and don’t have a battery charger- you will wish you did:). I have a buddy that repairs RV’s for a living and has seen so many cheap isolators go bad from one or two uses so when folks press the button and they still can’t start the engine, they believe the boost feature isn’t working. I am confident the Battleborn BIM is quality and we won’t have issues. The cheap Import (Chinese) isolators are Atrocious, I was purchasing what I thought was good years ago for a project and he talked me out of it. Back then it was roughly $150 from JC Whitney when they sold RV supplies. I miss those days... Hope this helps, and please let us know how it all works out:). Nic To add one more point That I totally forgot in your last post, yes- your 2 1,000 CCA batts are good but in extreme cold and if those batts were not kept “topped off“, you could potentially have a starting Issue but unlikely. If you full time and are always moving or using starting the coach, figure replacing the starting batts every two years, just to be safe. Most of the interstate and alliance batts made for starting have a warranty of either 18-24 months for that class of battery, and I have had a set for bad after 2 years. It’s kind of like cheap insurance, at $100-150/ea, do I really want to be in the middle of no where at 0200 and my coach won’t start, heck no. Lol I did have to pay for a road call from a truckstop and that was $200-300 plus over priced batteries when everyone was closed, go figure, that’s my luck. One of the batteries decided to blow a hole in the plastic, shocker because I have never seen that one before. Nic
  12. Hi Biljol, I am installing a large Battleborn lithium bank as well, that is a battleborn BIM I am pretty sure. The picture is pretty grainy when zoomed In on. From what I recall, the upper left silver bolt is IGN (ignition), the center is gnd (ground), and the right is SIG (signal) which is the “battery boost” I believe. It is all labeled on the BIM. On your current solenoid, since it is not labeled- you are going to have to do some work. 1. Grab your voltmeter and check the small terminals on the solenoid first, as a base line to make sure they are dead/hot until the key is in the on position. 2. Have someone in the coach turn the key to the first click, or ignition position, on one of the wires you should have switched 12vdc. This is your ignition wire. You can have them turn it back off then on a time or two just to make sure this is it, for your own peace of mind. 3. I believe the BIM should have the ign wire fused from what I remember, (5amp fuse?) but do your due diligence, don’t take my word for it. Check, recheck, then check again. 4. The SIG terminal should be the “boost” Feature On your BIM and will be the last small gauge wire on your solenoid. Same process for this, someone in the coach, while you are applying your probe to The old solenoid terminal, have them press the boost switch and when you have your 12vdc- and they release it, it should go back to zero, you have your last connection. This is all low voltage DC, but high current. Use caution as you normally would and if you don’t feel comfortable- STOP! Get qualified help. Safety first! If you have any other questions, please feel free to reply to the board or shoot me a message, I am glad to help. ***safety first, this is just a helpful reply, I do not know your technical level and am not responsible for your actions, proceed at your own risk*** Good luck sir, Nic
  13. Hello Military RVer- first of all, thank you for your service! I have an ‘02 Holiday Rambler with 2 Dometic (15k front and rear) I believe, they have heat pumps and were top of the line back in the day. I am in the process of a complete coach battery overhaul, getting rid of the FLA batts which are garbage, going Lithium, new inverter and planned on replacing the a/c for 2020’s that are supposedly “more efficient “ and draw a few less amps. Not sure where you are in the country, but I would love to see these find a new owner, since they are quiet and still work really well, rather than sit in my shop for God only knows how many years until I have a project. 🙂 I am working from an iPhone, I am not sure how/ if I can direct message- so, if you can DM me, I will shoot my contact info and we’ll go from there. Thanks, Nic
  14. Chris, I would first like to congratulate your company in a successful lawsuit. I run a small business and can not afford a negative smear campaign via social media, and worse yet false accusations. I have “made things right” over the years, learning to “pick your battles” carefully of course, but some folks are down right vicious if they don’t get their way- no mater no wrong they are. I have a few atty friends that have represented us pro bono with firing off lawyer letters, to fend off attempts of “if I don’t get my way, I will ruin your business,” that seems to die down when they realize I am willing to do what is needed to keep a good name and not cave in to threatening us. We are a veteran owned company where integrity matters and we would NEVER “screw” over a customer. It just drives me crazy! Okay, I am off of my soapbox now. Thanks for letting me add my $.02 worth. You have made my night sir! Take care, Nic
  15. Hi Bill, BMK stands for Battery Monitoring Kit. Typically, people like to Install a product from Victron such as the BMV-712 to monitor the SOC (state of charge) and current draw. Bmk’s are a quick way to “at a glance” monitor your battery bank. I haven’t purchased one yet, but it seems to be one of the best bang for the buck on the market. Have a great night, Nic
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