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  1. Curious how much and the length. Thanks Steve
  2. Thankyou Bob, I just got my trw gear box from Weller. I appreciate your advice. Steve 07 Endeavor 40sft
  3. Sorry just saw yor question. fcmcelr@comcast.net.
  4. Hi Bob, Could you give me the part # of the trw gear box? Mine has play also. thanks, Steve 07 Endeavor 40sft 93 Chevy 4x4
  5. Did the air switch screw up on the parking brake? Frank has a wonderful fix. Everyone should do it, even preventable ahead of time. steve 07 Endeavor 40sft, 93 chevy4x4
  6. Thanks for everyone’s help on the ceiling fold down 📺 mount. Staples sells an electric one with remote that is good up to 66 lbs. and 55” size $179. From their pics With tv in viewing position it it is several inches down from the ceiling so size shouldn’t be a problem. I bought the Black Friday wallyworld special for $299. It is a 65” and only weighs 50 Lbs. I would like some advice on attaching it to the ceiling and ideas on safety straps to secure it when stored against the ceiling. Steve 573-216-0252 07 Endeavor 40’sft 93 Chevy 4x4 Honda
  7. When they were making them, they were electric and $4,000. Does any one offer a manual one, maybe with lift struts? thanks, Steve 07 Endeavor 40sft
  8. How many lbs. of Freon in chassis a/c of 07 Endeavor 40’sft? Every time I log in, site makes me reset my exact same password??? thanks, Steve
  9. Thanks Bo but they don’t have one that stores that stores tv flat against the ceiling when not used. Still looking, steve
  10.     Thankyou Bob for your post on replacing the piece of junk park brake air switch.    Happiness is having jacks working correctly.   The directions were even easy for somebody from the 'show me' state of Misery to follow.   For less than $20 and three hours of shopping and installing  I never have to worry about whether the jacks will lower or raise again..    what a bargain!    I think everyone should do this simple fix before the Nason switch craps out.   Should have been a recall.

        I just replaced all 8 airbags, none were leaking, but all were showing signs of weather checking.   Changing  all eight for the price of having one changed in the middle of nowhere is a no brainer!

         Any other of your preventive maintenance ideas I would like to do.

    thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge,


    07 Endeavor 40sft, 93 Chevy ext. cab 4x4 with Honda st1100, Suzuki gxs 1000

    1. Bob Nodine

      Bob Nodine


      Glad to be of help. We have not had any issues since making that mod but I just had to order a new parking brake valve because after 118,000 miles ours has started to leak air. It has gotten so bad that last week we stopped in a rest area for 30 min and when we got ready to leave the air pressure had already dropped to 60 PSI. It should be here tomorrow.



  11. I am trying to find a ceiling fold down mount for a 70" tv. Anyone have any ideas on where to shop? thanks, steve
  12. I have several wiring diagram books for 06 to 08Endeavor, Diplomat, Scepter Camelot and Windsor. The last page is chassis wiring which helps on Alison. Some are purposely blurred on purpose. But the one for 06 Endeavor was enlargeable. Call if that would be of help. I don't know how to post it. steve 573-216-0252
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