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  1. I too had a tank load of "ALGAE". I couldn't go 100 miles till she clogged up...400 ISL. Shocked the tank with KILLEM. Bought many primary and secondary as well as aqua-hot filters...it eventually cleanup. Now I run a conditioner with each fill up. When my tank reads 1/2, I fill up. When it sits for any length of time, I add KILLEM. Good luck.
  2. Got my tank at Source Engineering in Oregon. Jim was very helpful in info and it bolted right up to the existing holes
  3. Just had mine changed and flushed at cummins. They used GREEN antifreeze with SCA. I have an SCA filter that I change twice a year.
  4. Great news and thanks for telling us
  5. My 04 Dynasty started to lean to the right in travel mode. After a lengthy phone call to HWH, the tech walked me through some diagnostics. Turned out, it needed a " travel mode" sensor...bought 2, replaced myself, and good to go. HWH was very helpful but don't wait for them to call. Call again! Had some friends who made an appointment while in Iowa. 5 star service he said!
  6. I replaced mine on my 04 Dynasty from Source Engineering. Like Rob said, talk to Jim, He and his crew are ex- monaco guys. They do a great job!. Also replaced the 1 wire coolant level sensor..they make their own....
  7. I believe you can't have one on furnace and one on heat pump. Both units must be on the same
  8. Not sure if this will help, but Jim at SOURCE Engineering in Oregon is very knowledgeable on older Monaco's. He and his crew all worked at Monaco. He may be able to help. Good luck
  9. Call Jim @ Source Engineering in Oregon. He and his workers are all ex Monaco people. Great guys and very knowledgeable. He should be able to help you.
  10. Check the dip switches...sounds like the unit isn't communicating with the thermostat if you don't see it on the screen
  11. Thanks Chuck and everyone for your help. Was able to get #'s from what Chuck posted...Thanks again!!
  12. Awesome, I'll give it a try....thank you No joy on the vin #...thxs for the try
  13. Hey Chuck, hose I'm thinking of is the return hose from radiator to the engine. Looks like rubber hose to the metal pipe back to metal hose back to rubber to engine. Thx for the reply
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