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  1. Our front A/C unit on our 04 Dynasty quit and we ordered a new 15k BTU low profile Dometic from a local RV shop. 4 weeks later we had it...there is some delay due to the pandemic they say...
  2. Mine was so old and the rubber was iil soaked. Bought a new 1" easy-grip and replaced it. Just unscrew the old one off, it may be hard to get past the stops they use to prevent the dipstick from falling off. Screw on the new and take a chisel to spread the threads so it doesn't unscrew. Easy job, and a whole lot cheaper than trying to find a new dipstick
  3. Had similar problem and turn out to be the ignition coil. Bought one thru John Carillo and haven't had any problems since
  4. If I'm not mistaken, my 04 Dynasty rides on 10 air bags
  5. Just have someone put a bead of weld on it. They can tell when they weld if there is enough "meat " to weld it.
  6. Had the same problem with my 04 Dynasty, removed sensor on expansion tank, and replaced mine. Threads were severely corroded. Works great
  7. Your doorbell is hidden under sink in the bedroom....what usually goes wrong with these is the button outside. Got mine at home depot, works like a charm....04 Dynasty!
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