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  1. I got mine believe it or not on Amazon...400 ISL
  2. thanks guys, I'll give it a try again when I get out of storage The switch in the bathroom is on but just blows cool air the switch is on, just blows cool air
  3. Thanks Dave, I have gently tapped on the pump to no avail. From what I read in the manual, the bedroom pump also supplies the bathroom!?
  4. Ok, here is my problem, we have an 04 Dynasty with the aquahot 100 system and everything works great except the bathroom register blows cool air...any ideas on where to look?
  5. I had a similar problem on my 04 Dynasty. It would lean to the passenger side while parked or while driving. I called HWH in Moscow Iowa and was able to talk with a tech who together for over an hour, walked through my system and we were able to diagnose the problem. Turned out it was the "travel" mode solenoid. Bought the parts thru them and installed them myself. Good luck
  6. Ours is an 04 Dynasty with the ISL 400. Just had an exhaust manifold replaced...do mostly my own work on it...no problems with it other than belts and idler pulley... 94K. mileage? Don't really care about it...in my opinion, you either run with the big dogs or you sit on the porch 😉
  7. I use the balance beads, never had a problem...running toyo 144's on an 04 Dynasty
  8. When you disassemble your mirrors, did you have to cut all the wires?
  9. I believe that the question was about the Aquahot 100-02S...there is no control panel with lights...someone already downloaded the correct manual for his model....good luck
  10. Wondering if you have a display that tells you what mode your charger is in. Such as absorb charging, float charging, etc.
  11. I would check to see if fan speed is adjustable as Frank has posted. The new 10 button thermostats should have this...if it was working fine before you swapped out units, then I would start there first...good luck
  12. My friend replace his bilsteins with konis in the front and ended up returning them...too stiff a ride he said...97 Monaco Windsor...Bilsteins are good for 100k..
  13. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and all. Be well
  14. Agree totally with Ivan and Pdugg's comments. After weighing my 04 Dynasty, I run 115 front, 95 drives, and 85 tag....rides well, handles well too.
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