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  1. I created a blog to build on what I have here. I will be cross posting what I have here to there. Military RVers
  2. I just started the blog but, I have alot of posts that will be past, many new posts that are current, and hopefully future posts that show a fun and enjoyable way of life. Military RVers
  3. Yea... it's starting to look that way. The wife is more inclined to even leave Martha here now and come back in June to pick her up. Securing a site on post is a no go. The on post rv lots are seasonal and they do not allow you to stay there for more than 60 days. Thank you. But unfortunately, it seems the wife would rather live in on post housing even though we miss being full timers. I truly believe I can make Martha hot and toasty in the winter and be fully self sufficient without the need to bundle up inside as that is her biggest scare.
  4. So I am looking at my headlights and they are very dim. Plus they are yellowed out and just not what I am going for in this RV. Since I am remodeling the inside, I might as well remodel the out as well. I have an 08 Suburban that I have already done a headlight upgrade too and kept the originals for when or if I ever sell her. Well today I was looking and you wanna know what? The Suburban original headlights are just about the right size, now yes there is a bit of a difference and there will need to be a bit of hacking and sawing to get them to fit but they are almost spot on. The only foresea
  5. I have already called them. They are seasonal and do not allow full time rvers.
  6. So as some of you know, I have a family of 5 including myself and are FT RVers, well we were. We are wanting to get back into it, after we finish our RV remodel, but I am hitting roadblocks left and right. It seems that most if not all RV campsites are seasonal and shut down during the winter. Does anyone happen to know of locations in NY near Fort Drum that are year-round? Or any where I could park the RV and live out of there? Thank you all.
  7. What are you gunna do with your old couch?
  8. That couch looks amazing! I like the fold out it has. Do you still have the old couch?
  9. **** Update****** I have pictures of the current damage. and I have a ton of questions and in need of help. I have wires that were chewed and connectors that I do not know where they go. In the last photos I am showing where I found humongous mice nests. I mean they were big, it took every bit of my 6.5hp vacuum to suck it all up. I found items from all over Martha in there as wells as items not native to Martha. And lastly I know, I know, Jon you shouldn't have a bullet heater in the RV. I got it. I am trying to dry out the wet wood and dry out the mold.
  10. Geeze at least I didn't have that issue. I am fortunate on that part, well maybe, the mice were kind of thieves, they ate my wiring and removed sections of it to new places so I am playing which wire goes to which wire.
  11. I have created a list on vinwiki for all Monaco RVs. The app is called Vinwiki, it's mainly used for cars but it can be used as a way to show the maintenance history, or just any kind of history of the vehicle. I'd love to add some other Monacos to the list. Hope to see you on the road!
  12. YES!!! I would love this. GenCon did this and it was a complete success. Many conventions have done virtual this past year with limited failures.
  13. Chris, Sorry for the late reply, but I believe it is the entire roof area. As I walk along both sides, it is soft and very forgiving, I know on a roof that this tells me the wood underneath is bad and needs replacement so I am using the same logic here.
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