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  1. So I have a serious problem. My alternator isn't charging my batteries. I am by st louis, mo. Heading to decator, il. Going to rev group to hopefully do a tour and to get the ol' girl a good once over. Anyone know where i can get another alternator or a repair shop that can help me.
  2. Seems like a samsung fridge is for the win.
  3. Well thank you. I will need to look harder. I guess I wasn't putting in the correct keywords. I know an electric would be nice but the feel and enjoyment of a true wood burning stove just makes the night in winter, while enjoying hot chocolate with the family or watching a movie or tv show with the wife.
  4. I am looking for a cub or the grizzly which ever, i am just tired of using my propane furnace to heat my rv as it uses soooo much fuel. They are for inside. But they are designed very well and i feel safer with it than the furnace and the norcold fridge.
  5. I am in search of a cubic mini stove. If anyone is selling i am buying
  6. Will do. Hopefully they can tell me which model as mine have lost all info on them. Will do. If not hopefully i can find a brand that makes a similar model that would work.
  7. Does anyone know who made the air suspension system on the '99 Diplomats? I have a leaking airbag on the Driverside, a very tiny hole and will most than likely going to need a replacement.
  8. Trucklite makes several 2 wire amber and red led marker lights. They are bright and easily replaceable when burned out.
  9. yea, I just wish they labeled them so I could put the addon in instead,
  10. thats weird as its a straight line across not two rows
  11. Thank you, and I did see those, I was meaning the black connector with red wires. I hunted it down but it goes through a loom of other wires shortly after the connector and is lost. There is no printed information on the wires either. photo 2, That's not what I was hoping for, I very much hate having extra connectors for no reason especially when the connector isn't on a schematic, labeled, or connected to something. photo 3 I have seen this connector a lot across this RV especially in the dash components. I was hoping it is was for a heat pump or something. I was really hoping s
  12. My main distribution panel on my Monaco Diplomat looks like a drunk person built it. I have three or four connectors I have no idea where they go or if they go to anything. Also I have just a messy box. Any information would be great. I looked on my schematics but just like the rest of this RV, nothing is marked with number codes or stickers.
  13. thank you all for the help I was able to pull it apart and repair it.
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