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  1. How does the flexzilla hose work when bent over the edge of the water closet facing coming out of the reel. Also will a75ft 3/4 in fit on that reel in my 07 Diplomat? TIA
  2. Can anyone chime in on the replacement of the 100 gal fresh water tank on my 07 Diplomat. I just was at a shop that refused to do it because he said it was a 30 hr job and he didn't have the time. Is this that big a job and if so what's a reasonable cost to replace.
  3. Thanks Chris, done and dimensions look really close since mine were just estimates. Thanks again, you guys are so easy to work with.
  4. Chris T, Jim Mcgarvie indicated that your surge tank was too large for his bus. Do you think I'll have an issue with mine in the 07 Diplomat? Didn't measure when I spoke and ordered from Ingrid. I won the lottery with the last of the Mohicans in your supply. Hat to find out its too large for my application. Call if needed. 516.840.8268 thanks
  5. I have lifeline now going on 7 years. 4x300ah that are still holding and taking a great charge. $450 con pro long life
  6. When you say surge tank are you describing the Antifreeze plastic tank with the radiator cap in the left rear engine compartment door. If so that's what I am in need of. Can't find someone to find and install on my 07 Diplomat in SoCal LA area. Following this thread. Thanks
  7. I can see the repair options as a diyer project but no shop is going to attempt a patch work and put their name on it. Thanks Gary but don't go too far out for this I don't know how reliable the measurements will be something to go on for my 07 Dip. Thanks again.
  8. I got the diagnosis by one dealer who didn't repair it or replace tanks. Richardsons in Menifee CA, brought it to Simi Valley Rv for other work and they tried finding the tank for replacement but I didn't want to leave coach there or wait for their findings so I left and got a call today stating 50 miles away, that tank is obsolete and could I get them dimensions for them to look further. Supposedly break is on top near fill connection I can't see it but it is leaking. Can I get some constructive advise rather than how bad the shop is. Thanks I can see the repair options as a diyer project
  9. I have an 07 Diplomat and my fresh water tank, 100gal, is cracked and has to be replaced. The shop found it to be obsolete and discontinued. He needs me to get dimensions of the actual tank. I can't get under there does anyone have, by chance, the actual dimensions. Or if anyone with an 07 Dip can measure theirs it would be greatly appreciated. TIA Joel
  10. Wow, David, thank goodness I don't have to go thru that this is my fourth replacement. Two outside damage, one my doing with an inside object on dash and the fourth when leveling. With with the cost of that coach why don't they have accommodations for the owner. You'd think they'd have someone come to your location to do it. Well stay safe y'all and let's stop busting windshields. And yes BTW, Geico is willing to pay but being of principles I fight even where even when won't do the proper thing.
  11. Dennis, this is not nationwide insurance company it's nationwide RV Glass. They go thru satellite glass or local glass companies and hook up the Rv'er with a local company to fix and install. They do the warranty and get a piece of the bill to broker the repair. I don't think they are associated with nationwide Ins.
  12. Thanks Jamie, where else can we get the word out to make them listen?
  13. So, for what it's worth, I had nationwide arrange for a new windshield a few months back. During the install, the tech had to remove the mirror, not done on 3 before, and over did the caulking and adhesive when installing. I've been advised that the one piece large windows should float in the rubber grommet around the windshield with very little if any sealant. Their answer, is "this is the way we do it." That being said, while auto leveling front down first as I've done for 13 years, the bottom right corner shattered and came off the frame. Similar to a stress situation but in my opinion ca
  14. Scotty and David, this site has grown since the Colonel first started it and Fred et al. I've been with you from 2008 give or take and the vast knowledge amassed over the years is invaluable along with countless hours in sourcing. With that in mind, I don't feel there's anything amiss with suggesting using our resources, files, manuals etc. If someones feathers get ruffled from that suggestion, that may I add is politely offered, then maybe the rules of the site have to be reread. I heard in David's voice, a bit of annoyance, he had every right to be. This, over the years had been said hun
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