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    Brand new to RVing so looking for a good source of guidance.

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  1. Thanks David, was wondering the difference between R and S.
  2. Update - I took off the old shocks and they were Monroe 557034 and 557035 (all shot). After searching the web I found a few sites that pointed me to the Bilstein shocks that were made for the RR8R chassis (24-186605 and 24-186612). Not sure how that all happened, now wondering if my Windsor has an RR8R chassis. Purchased and installed with minimum effort. Thanks for all your help!!
  3. Lance, do you know what chassis you have?
  4. I want to replace the shocks with Bilstein but when I go online the shock they say to use with a Windsor has an eye connection on the top and bottom. The ones on my rig has an eye on the bottom and a bolt on the top. Not sure how to proceed. Any one dealt with this before? Thanks so much Ken
  5. Thanks so much. Did you see a big improvement on drive stability with this product?
  6. I need to find the model so I can get a Watts system but not sure where to get that information. I sent a request to Monaco but no response yet! Ken Lein
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