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  1. He's getting an electrician to install a proper 50 amp RV outlet in his shop. Then him and the electrician are going to check what out what they can before he takes it to an RV tech for further evaluation. I advised him to look into an insurance claim if there is extensive damage.
  2. Well I hope the energy management system helped to prevent damage in some way. Although with the way things have gone it's probably fried too.
  3. The outlet was a long time existing outlet that he had in his farm shop. Most likely used for a clothes dryer or welder. He used a 30 amp dog bone adapter off the 50 amp surge protector.
  4. Question, Could the coach's energy management system have protected anything? Could that system be damaged as well?
  5. Thank you all, I bought that surge protector when we bought the coach 5 years ago. It was recommended to me by a local RV shop. I obviously got some bad advice there. I really pressed the importance to the buyer to read the manuals and before using the coach. I referred to the coach as being like a Boeing 737 and one needs to know what he's doing before operating it. I never considered that he'd plug it into a home power service as we never had the luxury of being able to park it at our home. I'll pass on all the great advice I've received from you all to the new owner. I'll
  6. I'm red green color blind so perhaps I'm not seeing the proper light colors. I feel bad for the new owner. I hope the repair isn't too expensive. So far the washer/dryer is fried and possibly the inverter and transfer switch.
  7. Attached are photos of the 220 or 240 outlet (I'm not sure which). He called it 220. As well the readings on the Surgeguard which show "open ground" and "no surge protection". Is the general consensus that plugging into that outlet is the cause of the issue and there is electrical damage to the coach?
  8. I'll have to get more info from him. I wondered too how he plugged into 220 outlet in his shop with the 50 amp surge protector or the 30 amp adapter plug. The outlet in his shop is probably for a clothes dryer or a welder. I'm thinking he's not a happy guy right now.
  9. The new owner just confirmed he was plugged into residential 220 when the washer/dryer smoked and he lost AC power to the coach. Not good! I guess that would explain everything. He says now there there is only partial power at the 120 and 240 panel when on inverter or generator. What should he do now? Have an electrician go through the whole thing and see what's fried. I'm assuming most 120 appliances can be shot hey? Including the inverter and transfer switch?
  10. Chuck that's a good question. He was plugged into 30 amp supply in a large heated shop on his farm. I hope it's not a 220 outlet. I'll relay that to him. What all could he have damaged if on 220?
  11. Ray, the washer/dryer that smoked and flipped the breaker was the splendide unit in the coach. According to him the 30 amp shore power he was using had "an open ground" light on the surge protector. I'm pretty sure that washer/dryer is 120 volt AC.
  12. Hello all, After reading your posts I got to thinking that when he did his voltage checks at the breaker panels that maybe he was unknowingly running on inverter power. I've sent him a text to confirm it. So if he has inverted AC power but no power on shore or generator then would that indicate a bad transfer switch?
  13. Hello everyone, I just sold our beloved Windsor to a nice couple. They took it home a few days ago. This is their first motorhome. I said I would help them out for awhile if they have questions or problems. I'm currently stumped on a problem that they have encountered. Problem: No AC power on shore nor on generator. The inverter panel says "Waiting for AC" when on shore or on generator. They said they have not had shore and generator on at the same time. Background: The new owner had unwittingly been using 30 amp shore power with an "open ground" (according to
  14. Thanks Dr4film, I have a cube relay that I changed and still nothing. Thank you for the latching schematic. It appears the coach's complete water pump schematic is hard to find. Thanks DavidL, I installed my backup pump and still nothing.
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