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  1. Find the openings to the outside. Foam the smaller holes and stuff fiberglass in the gaping ones. If you have a TV in the slideout make sure it is sealed to the inside (ours required a custom panel to be fabricated. Vacuum behind the cabinets, under the bed, behind the walls like where the cables and plumbing enter the slideouts. Have the carpet cleaned. Have the furniture cleaned. They both hold a lot of dirt and dust. Call heating and air and have your ducts cleaned and sealed😊. But really you should have a filter. Maybe go outside and vacuum behind the access panels.
  2. If you have a pressure washer, this is an excellent alternative to replacing the 3M film every few years.
  3. Well, after all this the DW decided to get a boat! Will have to save a few pennies now for the next adventure. It was an interesting discussion. Thanks all!
  4. Discovery is being used by my daughter's family as it is a bunk model. We are looking for a part time couples coach. The Discovery was very nice for full time living. No hurry to buy, as the market looks like toast in the near future so prices should plummet, but along with that the cost and difficulty (parts) of proper maintenance might not be worth it. Just looking.
  5. You get what you vote for? It’s Not Who Votes That Counts, It’s Who Counts The Votes
  6. 2004 Diplomat 40PDQ for $80,000 in Irondale, Alabama Diplomat 40PDQ RV for sale in Irondale, AL for $80,000 | 243968 (poprvs.com) What things should I particularly need to check for?
  7. You mean the roof is supposed to be white?
  8. Both Microsoft Edge and Google chrome are based on the same code now. Either should work as well as the other.
  9. Heard from kids at the playground: "That guy must be rich", watching a 30 foot Class A go by. Reply from parent sitting on the bench: "Used to be".
  10. I am looking for a coach with steel frame, active steering, IFS, active air suspension, stainless steel countertops and backsplash, induction cooktop, convection microwave, dishwasher, residential 3-door refrigerator, 15k A/C w/heat pump (3), freezer in the basement, stacked washer-dryer, vinyl plank flooring throughout, seamless slides, dual-pane windows, generator of course, and run flat tires. All this for under $300k! I'll buy it.
  11. Good $185 Better $260 Best $320 eTrailer.com pricing as of 8-30-2021
  12. Sorry, just saw this. We have been shopping for another coach. The MaxxAire fans are much quieter, but other than that there is no reason to spend $300+ until one fails.
  13. Or check with Monaco Motorhome Parts | Motorhome Salvage Parts RV Exterior Body Panels Used RV Parts For Sale - Used Motorhome RV Parts | visonerv.com They may have a replacement.
  14. Have you thought of replacing the panel with some form of sheet goods available off the shelf?
  15. The only difference between coach tires and truck tires is the compound has treatment for UV to prevent cracking from the sun. Typical RV use is low miles so the treads never see enough wear to prompt replacement. We are due for replacements at 9 years, kept indoors the whole time less camping. No cracks. Goodyear G670 275/70-R22.5 Sept2012 Looking at Continental and Michelin for replacement, soon. Would consider any quality tire except if made in or by chyna.
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