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  1. On my 04 Cheetah Safari in the outside compartment under the drivers seat there is a small pc board related to the abs system. On that board is a red push button in which the contacts get dirty. I spray that switch with contact cleaner and the dash random on off abs light goes away. Hope this helps..
  2. Thanks Joel I joeliacono@yahoo.com
  3. Perhaps the remote control panel invert on off was inadvertently set to on? We never used ours in the invert function, I’m going to check ours today and simulate your experience and to see if it works lol....
  4. Indeed you will need the ability to move the trailer with something other than your motorhome. I do not like parking my trailer in remote areas of a campground, sometimes they tend to vanish, hope it never happens to you or I. Safe travels!
  5. Please explain the Dyno mode, what is it and how to clear it. I don’t think I put mine in it when I washed my switch with contact cleaner but I’ve done crazy things before lol!
  6. I had the same problem and sprayed under all over the test diagnostic button with contact cleaner, worked the button several times and problem went away. That button / pc diagnostic board is located in the road side front compartment under the fuse panel on my 04
  7. Your house batteries are soft, meaning not holding a charge, if being charged at all. I agree with a previous comment to check all of your connections, also check your hi current fuse to the batteries from the inverter, (mine was open once and gave me the same symptoms that you mentioned) replaced that fuse problem went away. Put a volt meter on the batteries, take a reading then plug into shore power. You should see 13.8 to 14.5 volts and hear the inverter humming!
  8. Interesting comments indeed. I recently purchased new tires from a Goodyear Truck Center and they inflated all to 115 psi. I then took my Safari across the street to a truck front end alignment garage and they suggest running the steer tires at 125 psi which is max on the tires. I noted a much harder ride and subsequently adjusted these back down to 115 and the coach got smoother again. Not so sure about the front end alignment suggestion and frankly, these new tires will get outdated way before I wear them out.
  9. Analysis, paralysis lol. Take your time, have a few beers along the way and tackle the issues one at a time with a multimeter. Our 2004 Safari is not multiplexed however I have never failed to resolve numerous electrical issues being a retired EE. Come to our 13 acres in southern Tennessee with large driveway, southern hospitality and plenty of extension cords and we can fix your issues, I am sure and make new friends.
  10. Heat pump blower starting capacitor 

    Our 2004 Safari Cheetah has a sick starting capacitor on the blower fan our front Duo-Therm ac heat pump. I can get the blower started by hand from inside reaching in and spinning so I know the motor is still good. Has anyone replaced theirs and if so do you remember the capacitor value? I’d like to have the replacement in hand when I go up there to replace it. 

    Thanks in advance

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