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  1. Wow! I am not going to lie. I thought I would have got way more bad feedback. I apologize if you were offended by this post as that was not my intention. It stemmed from a recent post by a user who needed help and 3 of the replies were "read the manual duh." I could see if they cited a page number and spot to look as an attempt to aid but my manual took days to go through and most spots I had to reread to understand. I think it's like 5" thick. I think we can all agreed to disagree that everyone should make an attempt to read the manual b4 posting if they have 1. Also posting "read the m
  2. Can we ban ppl that say check the manual? Like honestly this is a friendly group and most ppl won't post something if they have the manual. Also most tips learned aren't posten in " the manual "...
  3. I know these are two different topics but now I'm intrigued. I always thought the fan pulls in through the side and out the back. Seems like if it pushed out the side radiator it would be fighting wind resistance and dragging hot air over the block.
  4. Grab a cold one and enjoy the weekend , also dont eat yellow snow 😃
  5. Legit mine came on last year. Then stop engine. Everything Ran fine and fluids were Perfect. Have to take mine into Cummins turned out to be an oil pressure sensor there are 2 on Monacos. One for the motor ecm and an extra for Monaco's dash cluster. My dash oil sensor was bad that why it still ran fine but had a stop engine light. Seems like everything was doubled on our coaches kind of unnecessary but that's the way these were made.
  6. Intersting, like long term or by the piece? Totally would do 7 days. How much for a week? Ryan
  7. Going to be in this spot this summer. I felt like 2x12's stacked up would work. But have the top landing at least 2 feet long for small movements from air dropping.
  8. Bummer u had to spend the money$$ I love when ppl get closure! Thanks For coming back in posting!
  9. Never knew that! Awesome fast response. Thanks for the info! So much helpfull useful information on here!
  10. So interesting. The other day my 2000 signature my tach was cutting in and out. Does that mean the alternator is going bad? What voltage should we be getting at the battery with the motor running? 13.0 - 14.0 right? Going to have to check this out. .. man I love this site.
  11. I'm curious how did the alternator affect your tach?
  12. 100% agree ground issue. Were u hooked to a trailer. May have popped a turn signal relay. Trailer ground can cause that. Look for your turn signal breaker. It's not a fuse, looks like a relay. Big square one.
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