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  1. Thanks jeff but have some clarification needed_-Per Cummins parts the FS stand for Fuel waster Separator so what you are running then is 2 fuel water separator filters. Are these the # from your owners manual or something that you changed? My book says both should be 10 microns but the PN FS19596 is rated at 7 microns per Cummins parts not the 5 microns you stated nor the 10 my Monaco owners manual says is this correct?
  2. Fuel filters for ISB 300 04 Monaco Cayman I am looking to replace both my primary and secondary/water separator filters with the correct ones but seem to be getting confusing info from the coaches manuals. Cummins says only one filter installed on their engine per S/N. there should be only 1 filter Fleetguard FS 19896 water separator and its a 7 micron filter Monaco owners manual says: Secondary is as above a Fleetguard FS19869 Primary is Fleetguard 53201P but Cummins says no such animal??? tried 2 differe
  3. In my 04 Cayman 34 pdd w/cummins 300 HP I accessed the belt , compressor n adjuster rod from closet engine hatch. Remove the closet slider doors put cushion over track. Take 2 Aleive , chill n it will be done. Lots more work removing Rad draining antifreeze removing charge cooler, trans cooler. PS reservoir adds about 6-8 hrs to the job. If you choose door 2 and take it all apart then change hoses, Rad n charge cooler, thermostat. Serpentine belt, tensioner etc all hoses on engine about 8 others big n small on mine.
  4. My 04 cayman has a large one that covers from Radiator fwd to end of oil pan and is about 3 ft + wide. Lit has 4 easily accessible nuts on studs that are welded onto the coaches frame. Like yours it takes only a few minutes to remove. No shop has ever charged me extra to remove it. Down side is it protects the fuel filters too so it's not easy to drain fuel/water separator, but can be done without removing cage.
  5. You might try some heat on the fittings. When I replaced my Radiator I had to disconnect the Cooler hoses. It was difficult. used PB blaster penetration oil but not much help. Just brut strength not much area to work or a good angle to get the wrench on the lines B nut. Had to walk away several times and retackle it and it finally broke loose. Good luck!!
  6. For me I prefer an independent tood brake system from my coach. So when there is a bar and saftey cable failure the emergency switch is activated using the toods brakes. I use the Roadmaster invisabrake which has an independent compressor n cylinder that pulls a cable on the toods brake peddle. There are other portable power packs that do the same by pushing on the peddle and they are portable so can be used on another vehicle. The invisabrake is activated by sencing an independent 12 vdc signals from each of the left n right brake lights wiring and progressively activates the toods brakes,
  7. Please Include some photos of issue
  8. As John said take it to a good BIG RV or truck shop familiar with the RVs n Roadmaster Chassis n have it looked at for worn steering components and an aligned as needed. Also check the road heights which you might be able to do if you are a DIY person and adjust as needed this will affect handing not necessarily sloppy/worn steering components.
  9. That may be because their focus on sustainability and non polution. I lived in so by the beach for over 25 adult years. When I moved there in 1972 I used to scuba dive off Palos Verdes n up n down the cost you could not see your hand in in front of you mask. Due to efforts my many and against big business. Within 10 years the waters along vastly improved along with the health of the marine environment. It all begins with us!
  10. RUN RUN RUN who knows what's wrong with systems, engine, drive, train, coach leaks etc just the engine could be $30,000 to have replaced, generator $10,000 - RUN!!!
  11. Response to: question #1 - a new or or new core in your aluminum Radiator will cost you about $2700 - $3300 keep in mind shipping costs unless one of the big suppliers are near you. Q #2 not sure on your 8.3, as mine is a 300 HP 5.9 Cummins, but it took me 2 hrs. to remove and about same to reinstall. I am 72 so I had help lifting it out n back in only. Had to disconnect and remove trans cooler, un mount Power steering filter can and move to side, Charge Air Cooler is on top so just supported it with tie wire. had to cut off air filter minder bracket so radiator would lift UP and
  12. John, that's always the issue with RVs n things. As you can see looking at any one post, there are lots of opinions, guesses, and way off the charts ways to repair somthing and many, many.. levels of workmanship by owners and even certified repair presons/shops. As with anything be educated in it: Buyer Beware !
  13. Awesome job!!! Exterior looks better then some of the $700,000 coaches, great new modern look. John, can you post the solar system up grades and install info pics etc. when you have time.
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