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  1. Glad you found it. It will make you better at finding Easter Eggs also.
  2. I just barely used mine before I developed a big air leak in the Valid manifold. We were not in the coach for a couple days when that happened and apparantly it burned the aux compressor pump up. From the little time we did use it, I didn't notice it being loud at all. The only time we really use it is if we are on an unlevel site and need to keep the coach level. If the site is pretty level I usually just dump the air and call it good. I don't have jacks at all, don't know if you do or not so I need the compressor at times to keep me flat with the world.
  3. I had to replace my aux compressor and went with a Viair this time. It works fine but now my pressure switch is bad so I have that ready to put in, but got to thinking. The Viair compressor is weather resistant, but not water proof. In it's current location behind the generator way up high I doubt it get a lot of actual water and probably isn't a worry. BUT what would it hurt to move it to the the front run bay? I have the chassis multiplex system in there, but plenty of room for the little aux compressor. I don't think heat or anything would bother either. Thoughts? 09 Signature
  4. Everything reads off of the #1 AC control board. In my coach I only have one thermostat. In the cases of there being two the hidden board will be near the living room thermostat. I have yet to see or hear of on NOT very close to the main thermostat.
  5. Has anyone had a front windshield magna shade done for an 08/09 Signature? I talked to Magna shade and the only templets they have are for an 04 but I don't think the front glass is the same. I know the front cap isn't.
  6. I just went through this same thing, but I have three AC's and 4 zones. I replaced all three ACs and the thermostat. From everyone I have talked to the hidden control board which is also the AGS board will be behind a false wall right above or right below the thermostat. On mine I had to take the false wall out of the pantry and it is right above the thermostat. I suspect yours will be as well. Most have been able to remove the thermostat from the wall and look in the hole and see them. About a 5x5 metal box.
  7. I just found it. It was behind the thermostat in the behind the false wall in the little pantry.
  8. Where is your TV on that floorplan?
  9. Well actually I did list the year, coach and floorplan......BUT I will list it again.....2009 Signature Cambridge IV
  10. Ok, Just changed out all 3 AC's to new Dometics and changed the thermostat to the new 10 button from the old 5 button. Now We can't get zone 4 to pull up on the thermostat. My rear bath is zone 4 for the AH furnace to work. All other zones are working. Is there another control board somewhere, a missed DIP switch or what? 2009 Signature Cambridge IV
  11. We try not to travel in places we need the heater on....lol
  12. I had a thought the other day after talking and thinking about this. Somehow the system between dash controls and AH are tied together (I still suspect the AC control module I saw but have not opened the dash back up to get the numbers off of). Anyway I wondered if I were to just turn the ignition on and not start the coach, then turn the fan speed to hi and back to low a time or two with it in the heat chest position if that may reset somehow either the blower door or the module. So I did that and then turned the AH back on so that it would cycle and sure enough I now have hot air again blowi
  13. Yes when I drive the zone 1 appears to be shut off, at least to the dash vents. I have not had my wife check the vents under the kitchen counter. All other vents operate as normal while driving with HH on. I am thinking this AC module may have something to do with it. I will do some more investigating in the am.
  14. Ivan K, they appear to. If I switch to mid body that is where air blows from, def, same and feet same. Now I know that I can see what says to be an A/C control module in the dash that has a couple 8/10 pin connectors one a board of some kind (hard to see) and and actual module about 4" square. I am wondering if this has a control over door positioning? I simply have no idea. I am going to look tomorrow and pull info from that module and see if I can find any online info on it.
  15. When engine and ignition is off it worked all of Oct/Nov and Dec. then we made it to FL and didn't need heat until a couple nights ago. Now no air at all coming out of heat vents when HH is on. I can hear the fan running in the dash, but no air exiting. I have to assume the octopus box with all the heater hoses is also where the HH fan resides. I can't see any water lines going to it, but it is very crowded in there.
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