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  1. No it works, this whole thing started simply becasue I couldn't and still can't understand why Monaco didn't simply put an unlock button in the front of the coach at the switch bank at the passenger seat. I can unlock the door and then go outside and key in the code on the entry handle to unlock the bays, but by that time I can get the fob. Both require two pushes to unlock the bay doors. The more I think about it though I have to wonder, at least on mine if the reason there isn't one is becasue the door/bay locks are tied to the house multiplex sytem and all of the switches at the seat are on the chassis multiplex system. Beats me. Oh well.....lol Life moves on. Heck it took me a year to figure out how to turn off all of the dash switch back lights.....lol
  2. on my 09 it is with the other buttons next to the bed, lights, gen start/stop, doors lock/unlock....etc
  3. Only place on their webpage is Ormond Beach. I have been looking at them. I have heard they did pretty good work.
  4. Does anyone have any reccomendations for coach remodelers in the Tampa/Orando/Ocala, FL areas? Need, or rather would like to make a few interior changes. Thx
  5. I am nice, I asked a legit question in hopes there was something I wasn't aware of. I do not play well with assholes in my sand box though. Sorry, I live by the saying if you have nothing good to say, say nothing. I asked a specific question about a Sig, I keep getting berated by someone that don't even own one....And for Richard Smith, nowhere did I emply that I wanted a buttor or any other device on the outside of anything. I suspect you may have some valuable information for someone but damn man you need to learn how to read before you start offering.....lol Now, let's have an icy adult beverage, kick back and relax on this fine evening. Peace friend
  6. I only have one fob. Not sure I can buy another or not. Have not looked into it. But I guess that would be a remedy. Velcro a spare with the switches at the passenger seat. Agreed, I think there are only like 3-5 keys for RV's out there.
  7. And Sir if you would read the second line of my original post, which shouldn't be hard as there are only 1.5 lines instead of being a jackass you would see that the 2nd, 4th and 5th words of that line clearly say door and bay doors.....But that's ok. I will take your advice as noted and carry on.
  8. You and me both. And before someone says well you have a push pad you can unlock the bay doors from on the outside........I don't even use that to unlock the main door.
  9. And while a deadbolt is very secure, it doesn't matter how many deadbolts you have, it won't lock or unlock your bay doors. So instead of worrying about whether your door is locked let's go back to why isn't there a door/baydoor lock/unlock button of some sort in the front of an 09 Signature. In order to unlock my bay doors if I am outside, I have to either come in, sometimes dirty and sweaty and walk to the bedroom, OR come in and find the keys and fumble with the fob to unlock the bays OR carry a bay door key around my neck so I can unlock them....lol
  10. Why in the world would Monaco not put a door lock/unlock button in the front of a Signature baffles the hell outa me. Key fob or go to the bedroom to unlock the door and bay doors. SMH There should be one up front somewhere, like maybe by the passenger seat.......
  11. Does anyone know if an 09 Dynasty or an 09 Executive and an 09 Sig would have the exact same front windshield?
  12. I have a readout if any of the bays or the gen or the steps are open or out. all are closed and working properly.
  13. nope, not it. Everything is dead on the hwh side for slides and gen slide out.
  14. Got up this am and none of my hydraulic slides will come in, any thouhts? 09 Sig
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