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  1. It would be cool to know how far from the last one I have. No idea how to figure that out though. Last 8 of my VIN are 91049124
  2. Paul, please put me down for one as well. I do not have any backups and have a failed switch pod. We typically don't roll through OH to visit M&M so we have had a failed switch pod for several months. I am also interested in the KingKong CCM (my word for it) for anything to help us with that system. Brett BTW, where are you located, we may be rolling by you sometime....lol
  3. Frank, here are the two codes on the trans shift pad. D1 U 0103 - U0103 Loss of communication with the first switch gear ON. Remains in the selected broadcast, monitors signal a change of direction. Display goes off on 10 sec, then shows-/-/- D2 P2793 - P2793 An error occurred while communicating with the switch gear ON. Ignores a PWM (pulse width modulation) signal via CANbus also lost, blocked the last selected direction With that, I am not sure exactly what it tells me...lol I don't know if this also then triggers the ATC and check engine lights, or if one of those triggers this light. Then I don't know what would cause whatever triggers what. Probably should move this to the engine/trans forum.
  4. I have done that already using your video. I feel both sets of batts are charging fine. No reason to think they are not. Only code I am able to pull right now is from the transmission shift pad, and it shows low voltage as the only code. Let me see if I can pull it and can give exactly what it says.
  5. Frank, would this hold true when the trans codes show low voltage? I am going to see if my code reader will pull codes fromt he engine ECM, but have not yet.
  6. Got ready to leave Friday and the slide topper over the main living slide would not retract. Got a ladder and was able to pull the topper completely out (unroll) and was able to figure out how to remove the fabric so I could get the slide in but the roller still doesn't retract. As I pulled the fabric out the roller felt like it was catching on a gear about every 1-2" of fabric pull which I suspect is correct, but it will not rewind. Pulling out was absolutely under tension. I was able to remove the fabric without locking the roller in place and I just drove 1000 miles and the roller is still locked in place. How do I get it to retract.....lol what happened while the slide was out that locked the roller from retracting and how can I fix it......lol
  7. I figured out what I had and was able to order new from Steelrubber. I was able to buy a 1/2" wider sweep which will fix my issue. New should be here Tuesday.
  8. Not sure what section this should even go in...lol We picked up our current 09 Signature last Aug. After getting a few minor bugs worked out I started having issues that I have yet to be able to figure out, or even where to take the coach to have it looked at. This started last November after running from AZ to OK. Everything was fine when we shut down and sat for a couple weeks. When we started back up the trouble began and has not stopped. When I drive the ATC, Check Engine, and Check Transmission lights come on, Sometimes they come on all at once, sometimes it will just be one of them, sometimes none. They will randomly blink in no specific order. Speed or RPM does not effect anything. Obviously when the ATC light is on I have no cruise control or engine brake. They just randomly blink on and off, stay on, stay off......who know what they will do. When they do this the transmission shift panel either goes blank (not showing gear or gear selection) or I get the two horizontal lines with the diagonal line through each. The couple times I have been able to pull the codes via the transmission selector it says low voltage. I have checked every ground I can find, I have been under the coach and unplugged the trans ECM and checked it. I have checked everything I know to no avail. I have the Chassis Multiplex system. Would this be an issue with that? Is it a possible ground that I can't find somewhere? Where do I take it to even start to troubleshoot, knowing the multiplex system is basically a dead horse in finding anyone that can do anything on to it or to diagnose it. I just need a starting point on trying to figure it out. When all of this is blinking and beeping nothing is effected other than the cruise and engine brake. No codes, no loss of power/speed. This tells me it is purely electrical/electronic in signaling and not true faults or issues. Any help is vastly appreciated. We love the coach, but damn if this aint frustrating. 09 Signature with the chassis multiplex
  9. graphics and lines all line up perfect across the face as well as the slide ends. After lookin again on the ground I guess it is a bulb wiper and not just a flat wiper. It just differs from the other three slides. The other three slide the bulb is facing out where you can see it and this slide the bulb is behind the wiper where you can't see it.
  10. I didn't see anything out of whack or worn or odd. That is not to say the adjustments have not moved. The slide comes in and out pretty much perfect. I am not even sure what I would check for proper adjustment, meaning what is adjusted correctly and what would be considered out of adjustment. With that said, it would take .25" for the seal to make contact and at least another .25" for it to actually be able to have a sweeping effect. So I don't think the slide is .5" dropped as I think that would be seen in the in/out movement or something somewhere else.
  11. Ok, on my main living room slide (drivers side) I have a small leak from time to time at the top of the slide. I can see it is coming between what looks like two pieces of aluminum. Anyway I got up there today and was a bit surprised at what I saw. On the other three slides I have a bulbseal/sweep all the way around the slide. On this main slide it is a sweep all the way around that is not a bulb and then behind that is a flat seal. The sweep across the top is the same as the sides and is basically a 2" flat sweep. Across the top the sweep is about 1/4" from even touching the top of the slide. With all of that said, does anyone know a source or part number for the sweep seal on the main slide that would be at least 2.5" wide? Also, how does this sweep attach, is it in a channel similar to the bulb/sweep? 09 Signature
  12. Susan and I plan on attending as we winter only about 45 miles from there. If you need any help give me a shout.
  13. I am wanting to upgrade the camera system in my 09 Sig as I think the factory switch is having issues. The system seems to be a bit lack luster in quality, so looking at solutions. My question, why do I need a switch in the first place? I rarely look at the camera in the bedroom, and I don' tknow that I have ever looked at the Triptech info on the video monitor. So why couldn't I just change monitors, with a 4 screen monitor with the trigger switches and be done. I think the cameras are all pretty good. I have a brand new CabCam 4 screen monitor at home, only issue I see is they use a 4 pin plug, where I suspect this current system has a 5 pin. So not sure if I can splice the camera wires to work on the monitor. From my understanding Intellitec does not make the switch any longer and if you find one elsewhere they are pretty lackluster as well and why Intellitec stopped making them. Thoughts?
  14. I pulled the center section off the steering wheel, it just pops off. Identified the hot wire (there is only one feeding the VIP portion) I THINK it was the J26. Then went to the forward run box and in the J1 bundle found the J26 wire. Then found the J27 wire. All of the wires are labled....Now to go along with that each of the wires in the run box along with the J numbers also said hot and ground, or something to that effect. I can look later on today and see if I can get a clear picture for you. I think J26 is hot and 27 is ground, but don't take that for fact as it has been long enough that I don't remember...lol After thinking, it seems the hot wire in the wheel is red. So I got under the dash where the bundle came down and found where the red was spliced into the actual coach bundle and there I was able to identify what J# the actual wire was.
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