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  1. First a BIG THANKS to Paul Maddox aka azpete. A lady friend had a hyd cylinder fail on the big slide 2004 RR10S chassis. Failed and jammed at an angle with access only to the outside end of the failed cylinder. Lucky in that it was possibe to R and R the cyinder...then what? Without being synched in or out would only jam further...argh! Bad wx coming and I was able to push the slide in with the blankets over the spare tire of the Hummer and gentle end...end switching pushing. Trick learned on another friend's failed electrc motor slide Tiffen. Now how to synch with slide in??
  2. I too grabbed pages for our Dynasty. They are specific to 2006 Dynasty model year but some will certainly cross. Happy to share on a new clean flash drive. This is over 100 pages, with pictures and part descriptions, and as Jim mentioned lots of vendor part numbers that are sometimes relatively easy to search for AND FIND currently.
  3. I block mine same as Jim but use 4x4 1/4 inch steel square tube. 11" long fits just fine when you air up extra height, place blocks, air down just until contact, block wheels, shake it real good. One on each side never a problem. Bonus... the 4x4 stacks next to fuel tank on the pass side so they are always with you. Gave up the flip flops and wearing Crocs for comfort. 😁 Love the site since leaving Yahoo... New Years Resolution, No writes on the RV.net, only Monaco on Irv2, and then concentrate here.
  4. Country farm odor goes away after a few thousand miles, washes, rain runs. Smells like $avings to me. Just a side note I remember at one of the Orlando Rallys back in the heyday around 2004 or so some of the show coaches were sporting 315's. As the snowflake heritage proves consistently this may or may not have ever become a production item.
  5. Those are the ones I bought...the tire height 40.1 and load capability is what was looking for...80s were not available at the time, and the 75s are closer to 11r size which would be easy to find on the road if necessary. Just a choice. I replaced 12r's that I was running and they were a little to tall, they would be on the frame in some leveling situations.
  6. For whatever it's worth my Aladdin shows 7.1 mpg over 140K. The 315 even on the 8.25 carries plenty on the 14,600 axle. COMFORT...no pounding on crappy roads is more important than mpg. I do check my tite temps on walk arounds and the fronts run within 5 degrees of outside duals and tags consistently.
  7. That is the total price per tire...no additional taxes, free shipping. They have had the free ship for several years, did the deal first on Lady friend's Panther in 2018. They come banded on skids so a tow motor or cut and toss. Not sure what happens if you try a residential delivery, I used direct to tire shop because I didn't want to load/unload the beasts. I guess if someone ships to Calitaxia there could be additional taxes??? I called and spoke with them first and had them check stock for tire dates. Very helpful folks on the phone. AND...neat tracking for the truck carrier, no
  8. Have been running Firestone FS400 315's on our 2006 Dynasty for about 8 years now....thanks Dick! I did have to shift the right front air bag a little bit on the mounting plate and grind about 1/2 inch off the plate for clearance. No problems since. Running 100psi and Koni's from birth and there is almost no bumping on transitions, way less than the other two RR10's I drive occasionally. AND...like Ivylog I talked to lots of tour bus drivers that come through Yellowstone in the summer FS400's and Continentals are the two top choices of company owned coaches as well as owner operators.
  9. Outside Porch Light is a Thin Lite D-160A Try this number.
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