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  1. It's the 20amp duvac fuse that is blowing, comes off the alternator also across from the ignition (key). It use to be in commercial trucks along time ago and apparently the rv shops know nothing about them I've been to 3 of them and all I get is a dumb look.
  2. When I bought it 2-2 1/2 yrs ago everything worked, picked it up a month ago inverter charger dead, batteries dead, and alternator dead and still fighting the alternator and possible have an generator issue that I haven't looked at yet. Shore power works great with the new inverter charger and still waiting on other devices for the inverter charger for a complete upgrade. But decided to take it to a big truck shop and see if they could find what I'm not finding.
  3. This is with the + disconnected and still blew the fuse.
  4. No I can not get the original alternator back, the house side is fully disconnected, and house and chassis batteries are less than 6 months old. On the Leece Neville 2824 I have the +,-,key, tach, and duvac. I even ran a new wire for the duvac with fuse hooked to the chassis batteries, and even had the tach and key wires disconnected just the +,-, and duvac connected, no matter what the fuse keeps blowing.
  5. Does any know why the fuse would blow at start up on a 2000 Monaco Diplomat Leece Neville 160a alternator. Unable to find anything wrong and have tried everything I've been told and on 3rd alternator.
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