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  1. found one. Radiator Supply House Factory OEM $534 Thanks for the help!
  2. Anybody know where I can find a replacement condenser for my 2009 Camelot? Its a RR10S Chassis. Radiator is on the side. The Condenser is easily accessed for replacement. I would like to find the factory unit rather than to retrofit one that goes on a big truck. It's 18X28" in case anyone has ever had to find one.
  3. Ok guys. AH it is. No heat pump.
  4. Here in South MS it seldom freezes. However we are in for a hard freeze this Monday night. My coach stays in the barn on my property and has 50 AMP all the time. I plan to run the heat pump starting about mid day Sunday to get her up to temp on the inside. I understand that should the temp drop low enough, the heat pump doesn't have any heat to pump. The system calls then for the furnace to supplement and in my case with the AH in the OFF position, it wouldn't have any help. My question> Would it matter? All I seek is for the Heat Pump to keep the interior war
  5. Sounds to me like you changed the fuel filter. Before doing a whole lot of trouble shooting, hit the prime button and run the primer for at least 30 seconds, Do this about 5 times and then try to start. See what happens.
  6. I ran boats in the oilfield for years, we never used any sort of biocides or additives to the fuel. We often got fuel that had been pumped to us from God knows where - BUT: We used some pretty thorough filtration. The best is a centrifuge, but next to that I would recommend a FASS system. The FASS system includes a pair of filters, a primary with water sep and a secondary (fine) filter. Here's what is so good about it.... It pumps roughly 90 gallons per hour and returns to the fuel tank what the engine doesn't use. Our engines use roughly 7 gallons per hour under load, they return to the
  7. Well, as it turns out... It was the pressure switch all along. A new switch and it works like a champ. It also shuts off when it is supposed to. 96 EVO thank you for the suggestion, I already did that in my efforts to cure the leak. it worked. I used just a squirt of Kroil - It did the trick. I am still not sure how the mini compressor plays with the main engine air compressor. I do know that the running the main will air it up so that the bags have enough air to level. I do know that as the bags bleed down and the coach levels by letting air out until it is level. Obviously
  8. In addition to a bad pressure switch, I have discovered that there is a slight air leak at the intake air filter of small air pump. I confirmed this by removing the threaded in air filter and blocking the hole with my finger. I’m afraid that this means a bad diaphragm in the pump. Not completely sure
  9. Learning as I go. While anchored at a rather notso level RV park - The small compressor that is there to bump up the system went off and wouldn't stop running after an extended period. Ultimately I killed the power to it in order to shut it up. I know that I have EITHER a bad 90-120pressure switch OR a compressor that is not building pressure. In my troubleshooting efforts, I got to thinking.... It would take forever for the small 12V compressor to air up the coach from scratch. I am trying to understand the process here so let me get this straight: The air bags are inflated by the mai
  10. New to me Coach. Best I can tell the AH has never been serviced. It works great but I plan to tackle it anyway. Anybody got any pointers? It should be pretty straight forward yes?
  11. Thanks Guys..... I live in South Mississippi. We never winterize. In fact Winter is Camping Season for us, Summertime is Yachting Season,,
  12. We just upgraded our 2002 Discovery 37T to a 2008 Monaco Camelot 42PDQ. Logic is that I have retired and my wife is close to retirement. Once she's retired we won't need to be shelling out more $$ for repairs etc. This 40K mile unit ought to last us until we are too old to enjoy it. Value retention? Not a factor. Coaches have a one way value. It goes down from the day you get it.
  13. Small tank located behind wet bay in fresh water pump area, it’s empty. Anybody know what it’s for? im adding a check valve because I’m filling fresh water tank while connected to city water.
  14. I'm a diesel guy. My pickup's are diesel, my lawnmower is diesel, I have 2 diesel tractors etc... I know the importance of clean fuel and good fuel pressure. Has anyone replaced their stock filters and installed a FASS setup? I am considering doing this and I am interested in seeing if anyone here has plowed that ground before me.
  15. 2008 ISL 400 new to me. 40K miles. I do all my own maintenance. Getting right at 7 mpg. Funny tale, The first time I topped it off to check mileage, I fueled it where it sits. I fueled from my work truck slip tank. What I didn't think about, was that the coach was listing to port ever so slightly. I brimmed it, when I put 500 miles on it and filled it again at a truck stop, it only took 50 gal. For a minute I was thinking WOW 10 MPG for a 40,000 tag axle rig? But subsequent fill ups showed me the error of my ways.....
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