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  1. So here is an update. Yea it’s running! Turned out to be the new points. After hours of trouble shooting other things I took them out and sanded them and cleaned with acetone and it fired right up. I should have done that before I put them in. Thanks for all the help and input. On to the next project
  2. They did tell me that’s what the other one was for and thanks for all the input from everyone.
  3. It has one of each . One on each side of the coil. The parts catalog said one was the condenser and the other was a capacitor I have never seen that but I replaced them both just in case Ray, thanks for the diagram. I may have miss spoke about which side of the coil these wires go to but the points and condenser are on one side and the capacitor is on the other side and because the coil is all the way in the back I obviously thought the points and condenser we’re on the positive side but that must be the negative side I will double check in the morning thanks
  4. The condenser body is grounded and the wire goes to the positive side of the coil. The capacitor body is grounded and goes to the negative side of the coil. I have the points gapped at 20 I have also tested it without the capacitor on the negative side of the coil. I also stuck a screwdriver in the coil and touched it with my finger to see if the spark was weak but there was nothing
  5. There is a capacitor on the -side of the coil that I replaced as well
  6. I actually have a 2nd coil and plug wires but still no spark
  7. I have a 1986 Oman gen set 6.5 with no spark. New points new condenser new plugs all gapped and I tested the coil. I have power through the points and power to the coil but no spark. I am stumped
  8. Thanks I will check it out Can you please tell me where to go to download this info l couldn’t find it thanks
  9. How do I find out what shocks are on the front and rear of my motorhome . I have had no luck online and also there is what looks like a 3 ft steering stabilizer that I would like to replace as well as the ball joints. Thanks
  10. Anyone out there that might be able to help me figure out why I can’t get spark in my 1986 Oman generator. I would love to call someone who would be willing to help thanks . I also messed up my point gap as well
  11. Being a virgin motor-homer l left my awning out and we had a pretty good wind storm and the awning ripped in half and bent the bracket on one side and pulled the other bracket off the motorhome.
  12. I have a 1986 governess and I am trying to find out what company the awnings came from I need some parts. Any help would be great. Keith
  13. Any suggestions on how to tighten the lug nuts when you put a wheel back on without a torque wrench
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