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  1. Seeing this post, prompts me to ask if anyone has used a RV-Boat sales Co, called POP RVs? Last Dec I posted our 2004 36' Windsor on our local Facebook Marketplace, and among the inquirers I received some 4 from different agents from this Co. wanting to list it for me. Our Chicago area was hit with a good snow storm, and with 18" on the ground I pulled the Marketplace ad. But its time to relist it somewhere, and suggestions would be welcome. It has the Cummins 400 ISL, and 3 slides, and 78,000 miles. It saddens us both to have to part with this unit, but as we've reached out l
  2. Many Thanks for the suggestions. I've contacted, crusingforremotes, which is ABS Auto Security, in San Pedro CA, and since they did not recognize the FCC ID, I read off of the back of the fob, they suggested I mail them the fob and they would set up two new remotes. So, its on its way by Registered mail. I'll let everyone know how this works out. Thanks again, Jim B
  3. Security System is by Essex Electronics, and only had one remote, and its buttons are not working, even after new battery. Have called several local shops and everyone says unit to old for fob replacement. Has anyone had to do this before and have any suggestions? Thanks for any help, Jim B
  4. On our 04 Windsor, I did cut through the thin plywood with a utility knife, then the thick styrofoam, and still managed to cut a very thin wire that must have been attached to the styrofoam. I was able to solder this double wire line back together. My rear view camera was buried in foam. I found I could not remove it from outside. Once I dug all the foam off of the camera, it started working again, and has for the last 4 years.
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