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  1. Hello Group, I have a 2004 Monaco Knight with 8.3 L Diesal Cummings and two slide outs. The safety protect will not allow you to operate the slide outs with the engine running, however it will allow you drive the coach with the slide outs in the out condition. This seems odd to me as when we are packing up to come home I like to warm up the big Cummings diesel while we are getting things put away, the last thing I want to do before we leave is to bring in the slide outs...which I have to shut the motor down to do. I want to bypass that protect circuit so I can bring the slides in with the
  2. Hello Group, I have a 2004 Monaco Knight with a 300 HP Cummings & Allison transmission. On my last trip I noticed transmission fluid on the ground when I parked at our site, figured something was loose since I just had the transmission serviced. Checked pan & filter bolt tightness...found a few a little loose, tightened & cleaned and thought I was ok...until I got home and the pan was wet again. Cleaned it off and did some checking, found one of the cooler lines was bubbling from the compression fitting on the hose and check lines/cracks in the hose so figured I'd just remo
  3. You can buy the replacement microswitches (on eBay as I remember) for about $20 bucks. I replaced them on my last RV and it fixed the problem...and thats what they do when they "Rebuild" them. Took me about 30 minutes total to replace the 4 microswitches using a standard pencil tip soldering iron, solder wick, and radio/TV (thin gauge) solder.
  4. I had sorta the same problem on my last coach, which was a 1997 Ford F53 chassis gasser. The problem is that the transmission was getting hot, turned out the transmission was a little low on fluid, had the transmission serviced (fluid change & filter) and it fixed the problem. Don't know if thats whats going on for you but it's somewhere to look.
  5. Zigman64, that picture looks like a newer & nicer version of the one on my 04 Monaco Knight...but it defiantly looks like a Carefree of Colorado awning. That metal cover is what protects the fabric, and is what the "Hooks" on the tractioner grab onto to push the awning away from the side of the coach. Once they push it out that firs 6-8" then the gas struts push out and help keep the fabric tight as it extends. I don't see those tractioners in your picture and I think you need them. Carefree has a pretty good website with repair diagrams to where you can lookup how its built to see if
  6. If it is a Carefree Awning with the metal protective cover jenronn is correct. I had the same problem and thought it was the struts, replaced them with no luck...but I had taken those tractioners off not knowing what they were to install a screen in the extra roller track. Those tractioners actually grab on to the aluminum protective cover and push the awning out to where the gas shocks take over to push it the rest of the way out. And you don't want to have to change those struts if you don't have to, they are expensive and a real pain in the butt to change.
  7. If you still have the curtains I would be interested in them. 

    1. jim.hamblin


      Sorry Bob, they’re gone. 

  8. I did sort of the same thing to my electrical cord basement door, wanted to buy a new one but couldn't find one anywhere. I checked all the online salvage yards, you see what your looking for on their website but those parts were stripped and sold long ago but they don't update their pictures. I took mine apart, bent everything back to sorta flat (came out pretty good) and reinstalled it. If I ever find a salvage part I will replace it, but I would take Jim Byrd's advice and go to a sheet metal shop and have them duplicate your old one and get it painted. What I found on salvage "If" you c
  9. On my 2004 Monaco Knight the cap is 10 pounds. I just went through all that as I am a new owner to this coach and it was missing, was getting ready to order a new one and then found the original stuck in the frame below the tank. I expect that either the previous owner or the mechanic I took it to for service before bringing it home set it on the tank when adding coolant and it fell down inside, you might want to look around under the tank in case its still there. Bob
  10. It turns out that my mirrors were from Ramco (even thought the owners manual says they were from Velvac) so I returned the convex mirror to them and ordered the correct one from Ramco. FYI to anyone else having to do this, if its a Ramco mirror their name is printed on the glass. Ramco was very helpful and easy to deal with (so was Velvac), just got to know what you've got before you order and online research is not always 100% accurate. I don't have a manifold like that in my coach and all other water sources work fine. Found the shut off valve under the fridge behind a louvered wood
  11. I'm a new owner to a 2004 Monaco Knight 34PDD, when we got it the refrigerator did not work...Just got that fixed. While doing so I noticed the water supply tube for the ice maker was broken and not connected to the water supply solenoid, fixed that too. Now fridge is cold but ice maker is not working, ice but water supply has to be shut off somewhere. Water line goes down behind the furnace but don's see the line when I open the cover, checked under the kitchen & bath sinks and its not there either, and I don't see it over by the pump on the water inlet side of the coach . Does anybo
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