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    Finally Retired-60% Time in Motorhome 40% in Park Model Mesa, AZ
    2000 Dynasty Regent, 8.3, Banks Turbo, McCabe Racing 5" Diameter Exhaust, 475 HP 1425 Torque 11+MPG towing 05 Pilot 700W solar & E-Bikes

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  1. When my wax valve failed the fan ran slow. That's why I had the over temp problem.
  2. I agree with Frank. I also had to replace my wax valve when my fan was not running correctly. It’s easy to test by disconnecting both small hydraulic lines off of the valve and capping them with brass plugs. Running the engine with these two lines capped will run the fan wide-open. Good luck with solving the issue. Tim
  3. I had my Turbo rebuilt in 2018 (complete, new impellers, seals, only housing stayed) $1050. Massy Diesel in Phoenix, AZ. And this is a large Banks Turbo. Tim
  4. Mine are on the A/C compressor in the engine compartment. Tim
  5. On your new thermostat did you reset it after plugging in the phone cable? You do that by Plugging it in, Turn it off, Push in the top and bottom buttons at the same time and turning it on while holding the two buttons in and then release the buttons. You should see FF in the screen. Then just turn on the mode you want. Tim
  6. On your battery maintainer (green on right side of picture) you should have a green light on when your generator is running or plugged in. Is it? Tim
  7. Also make sure your slide mechanism is mounted tightly to the floor. With use they seem to work their way loose. If it is loose it allows the slide to cock and bind or strip gears. It happened to mine.
  8. Merry Christmas to All and may God Bless You and Yours!
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