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  1. I will look for the switch on the ABS board and clean it... Thanks
  2. Driving home yesterday the ABS light came on in the dash. Next place to stop I read the manual and states the brakes still work but no ABS. Cleared codes and all was well for 40 miles then ABS light came on again, drove rest of the way home. Any ideas what could be wrong??? Safe travels Dave
  3. I found on my coach that if I wait till full air pressure then release the brakes mine works as designed... Safe travels Dave
  4. Sorry about the delay, was traveling... The radio is a Pioneer AVH-3300NEX... It is 2 yrs old but probably any radio with "Camera View" would. I got it to play Sirus radio while traveling.....
  5. I replaced the dash radio with a Pioneer unit with a flip up screen. Got to thinking how good the screen was so I had the back up camera plugged into that unit so now I can have the back up camera showing all the time. When turn signals are used the Aladdin screen in the Sony monitor shows left or right cameras. Safe travels Dave
  6. On my tach the needle would bounce up and down by at least 500 RPM's. I removed the hatch on the dash and with a nut driver I loosened the grounds (white wire) on every gauge, wiggled the wire and retightened them all. I saw 2 ground blocks on the sides and did the same to all wires there. That cured the problem and has lasted for 6 years...... I also opened the transfer switch and tightened everything I could find there. Some were not very tight.. Make sure shore power and inverter are off for that...... Safe travels Dave
  7. We spend the winter in Desert Shores Resort...... Safe travels Dave
  8. His info: Carlos Leyva 951.796.0461 I saw a brand new Newell pulling into the resort and he side swiped a workers trailer and scratched and dented the entire side of the coach. It took 4/5 days to complete and it looked as good as new when done..... Owner told me that is the only painter Newell recommends........ Safe travels Dave
  9. No, 2 screws are removed from the frame and then reinstalled to hold the door in. Holes lined up exactly right. The twist latches are not needed. You can see the screws in the finished pic. Safe travels Dave
  10. I replaced the NoCold with a Samsung fridge a few years ago and love it. I was always concerned about dust and water getting into the back of the fridge thru the outside access door. I purchased a solid steel replacement door (unpainted) from Newmar or Tiffin for $40. Don't remember which one though. Most doors are the same and this door fit almost perfect. I had to file a little to make it perfect. It even had the screw holes in the perfect place. Found a guy who does body repair and paint at your site in Indio, CA. He did an incredible job as it had different color stripes right thru
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